Introducing Butch Davis

North Carolina has scheduled a 3 PM press conference today to formally introduce Butch Davis as head football coach for the Tar Heels. Of course this all comes with the backdrop of NC State starting the same process UNC undertook in late October. The Davis hire, if anything, raises the ante for NC State in their search for a new coach. Settling for alums or even assistants at more prominent programs may not cut it anymore. As for Davis, the debate that most often comes to the surface is how long he intends to stay at UNC and whether or not UNC can hold onto him with offers for other jobs floating around. At present that debate has been put aside because the coming of Butch Davis stirs up excitement in and around the program. UNC football has a credible winner and recognizable name as it’s head coach. The program now moves forward with renewed expectations as well as the idea that they can be a player in ACC or even the national scene. No one knows what will happen down the road but right now UNC football has the coach it needs to be a difference maker again.

And despite my own objections to the hire, it is difficult not to get excited about seeing this:



6 Responses to Introducing Butch Davis

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve got to say, I was initially in the same boat as you: Skeptical about Butch because of concerns that he’ll leave the program when someone else comes calling. But I have to believe the University would not have come to an agreement with Butch without a sizeable buyout clause that would be enough to keep him around. I’m also heartened by the comments coming out of Dallas that Gruden, and not Butch, is the chosen one to replace Parcells.

    That said, I’ll feel a lot better if the team announces a big-name offensive or defensive coordinator to take over quickly if Butch jets. Cutcliffe maybe?

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I do not think Cutcliffe can recruit, at least that was the word on him while he was at Old Miss. I personally think Phil Fulmer will lie down in front of Cutcliffe’s car before he lets him leave again.

  3. Kevin says:

    I agree this ups the ante for State but I am wondering whom of the stature of Davis is
    available? Cowher’s name floats around but mainly in blogs and in fans fantasies. I have not yet heard him mentioned as a serious candidate.

    It will be an interesting off season.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    AG pointed out on the 850 blog that NC State will probably pursue Cowher until he officially turns them down. Of course this all will happen behind the scenes with Chuck Neinas working his contact list.

  5. Dan says:

    On the surface, Cowher seems like a good idea, but is it really a good idea when they’d have to wait, at least a whole month before he could take over as head coach? That’s a lot of (very crucial) time that could be used for some desperately needed recruiting completely wasted.

    Seems to me it would be better for them to try and avoid a month-long debacle in the vein of the Barnes-Calipari-Lowe that could lead them to something like what we experienced in 2000, especially for someone not proven as a collegiate coach.

  6. Kevin says:

    David Glenn has said they should have an answer from Cowher very soon if it is no. Apparently he has expressed more interest than I had thought in the past.

    It still sounds like a long shot but who knows. He would have to take a pay cut because there is no way NCSU could match the NFL so it depends on how much he likes the money he is getting.

    I think if he says he is coming their recruiting will go well just based on his name and reputation even if they have to wait until the end of the NFL season.

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