Sources: O’Brien to NC State

850 the Buzz is citing a New England Cable News report out of Boston that Boston College head coach Tom O’Brien will succeed Chuck Amato at NC State.  David Glenn has confirmed the report which means, yeah, it’s true.

This concludes what has been a strange 24 hours in Raleigh.  As everyone was turning on their Christmas lights last night it appeared that Navy’s Paul Johnson was the odds on favorite to coach NC State.  As of this morning LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher had his interview canceled which I would characterize as one of the funniest things I have seen considering Fisher’s lobbying efforts.  850 was also reporting that the love for Johnson had cooled for reasons that were not immediately clear and O’Brien had moved to the top of the list.  I would be interested to hear what happened in the course of NC State’s discussions with Johnson that soured that deal or if the report that two Navy players were suspended last season for using steroids had a role.

Whatever the case, I agree with Joe Ovies, this raises numerous questions about coaches jumping within the conference as well as money.  Having lived in the Boston area I can safely say that Boston College football is about 37th on the list of things Boston sports fans care about.  In Raleigh, Wolfpack football is around 2nd or 3rd.


2 Responses to Sources: O’Brien to NC State

  1. Kevin says:

    Sort of a surprise since his name hadn’t really come up as a front runner yet. I think a solid choice but I’m hearing mutterings of “another Herb” coming from some WP fans. I guess BC fans viewed him in a similar fasion and are not upset that he is leaving.

    I think he will get more out of the NCSU talent than Chuck did.

    Given his age maybe he’s the interim coach before Cowher comes some of the blogs talk about.

  2. thesportsidiot says:

    THF, I don’t know what happened with PJ, but I do think the steroid scandal played a major factor. Sure TOB was the “safe” hire, but given the man’s record I am pleased with his selection. The best sign of all of this is that despite all of the chatter on how the State job wasn’t that good, and that State was kidding itself by shooting high, a lot of really good coaches seemed to have interest (to some degree) in the job. State got to choose who they wanted, rather than settle for who they could get, ala Miami.

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