ACC Basketball Update(1/11)

Georgia Tech 74 Duke 63

For the first time since 1995, Duke is 0-2 in the ACC. In fact Duke has four game losing streak in regular season ACC games after dropping the last two games in 2006 and the first two this season. Everyone’s favorite whipping boy Greg Paulus had another unimpressive game with six points, three assists, three turnovers, and four fouls. Of course I have heard it suggested that perhaps Josh McRoberts should be castigated a little more for his failure to seize the role of #1 offensive option. One can only imagine how much that might actually help. As for GT, I was not aware they had dismissed Lewis Clinch, the team’s third leading scorere. Obviously this impacts their depth and their offense in general since he was contributing about 13 points per game. Tonight GT came close to giving the game away but eventually put Duke down to get their first ACC win.

Miami 63 Maryland 58

Maryland, Maryland, Maryland.

I kind of wish I could have seen Gary Williams during this one. Miami is 2-1 in the ACC which is a better conference mark than a lot of good teams. Going to College Park and winning is actually fairly impressive and sad for Maryland who looked really good at time during the early part of the season but now is 0-2 in the ACC. Maryland shot 22% from the floor. Miami only shot 31%. I guess when your opponent shoots 22%, then 31% is really getting it done. Maryland now gets undefeated Clemson which means something has to give.

Virginia Tech 74 UNCG 51

The Hokies came back following their big win over Duke with a solid victory against UNCG. Hokies get UNC at home next.

UNC 79 UVa 69

A bad game which still results in a win is probably the last thing the rest of the ACC wanted to see.


7 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(1/11)

  1. Displaced Heel says:

    RE: Dook’s record as of yet: Wonder if K’s back is going to go out on him this year since his team is not playing well. I am sure he would hate to have this on his record when he could pass it off to one of his assistant coaches (except for WoJo–couldn’t do that to him!).

  2. Dan says:

    The saddest part about that Maryland game, is that those in attendance were seriously wondering if the two teams would even break 100 combined points. Maryland’s post presence is pathetic (they scored a layup with 9:something left in the game and didn’t score another field goal until 2 seconds left) as only Osby seems to be legit. Basically, it looks like they’ll spend all year hoping Mikes Jones and DJ Strawberry can get 15-20 points each from outside the key.

    Also, I feel sorry for Maryland fans when Will Bowers gets matched up against Psycho T and B-Wright.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Well at least everyone is still academically eligible at MD….for now.

  4. rbl says:

    This is shaping up as an enigmatic hoops season. When Miami wins at Maryland and the Hokies prevail at Cameron, pigs must be flying.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Pigs have bee flying since Wake beat FSU 30-0 in football.

  6. hhn111 says:

    Don’t look now but Seth Davis of SI is picking VT to beat UNC this weekend >
    Talk about pigs flying! Let’s see how UNC handles the hostile road crowd. Anything can happen. I thought Justing and Cameron would be together forever *sic*

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Definitely a huge test given as well as VT is playing right now and the first hostile ACC game for the Heels.

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