Commercial Roy

850 the Buzz brings us a new Coke commercial from none other than Roy Williams who decided it was time to go out and snag some of that sweet, sweet endorsement money Coach K has been raking in for years now.

Obviously this will draw comparisions to Coach K’s commerical ventures as well as the debate over whether this gives him a recruiting advantage.  I am convinced that these kids make the decision to attend a Duke or UNC based on the history and a little thing called winning not because they saw Coach K driving a Chevy or Roy Williams drinking a Coke.  Of course Joe Ovies had the best take on it:

However, could this be a recruiting disadvantage? What if that five-star senior is a strict Pepsi kid. Or worse, mom doesn’t let the kid drink soda!

I am sure Coach K has similar problems when trying to recruit a kid whose parents are die hard Ford driving MasterCard users.


6 Responses to Commercial Roy

  1. Tremont Farrell says:

    Today during the ARIZONA game was the first I had seen the commercial, and boy did it make me feel good! Finally someone with a heart, some feeling, and character gets the commercial. I’m so tired of the Coach K commercials which have no message, no feeling, or anything for that matter other than confirmation to the world of what a selfish, egotistical person he is. Roy does it right with this commercial. I could watch it all day.

  2. Lawrence Kansas says:

    That Roy Williams commercial on devotion and loyalty sure goes over big here in Lawrence Kansas, let me tell you.

  3. […] that Roy Williams commercial has got to go. […]

  4. Hank Bowman says:

    Roy sells out once again.
    I encourage any KU fans to buy or make a KU postcard, tape a dime to it and send it to: Roy Williams / Smith Center / 1 Skipper Bowles Drive / Chapel Hill, NC 27514.
    Label it Coke Advertising Revenue Distribution (or something like that) and add your own sentiment.

  5. DukeBlue200 says:

    Roy said that he would give “every cent” to get UNC into the Final Four at his press conference last week after losing to Georgetown. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have any money left for a Coke.

  6. Dean Forever says:

    It is quite ironic that a Dook fan should even post a comment on here. At least there was no rediculous “I am a teacher who happens to be a coach” line.

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