Does UNC Have a Leadership Problem?

First of all let me say I am by no means pressing the panic button on the UNC season nor do I believe the loss at NC State means UNC is suddenly a horrible team.  That being said, how much of this lack of intensity/focus be contributed to the absence of senior leadership like a George Lynch/David Noel type?  And by no means am I directing criticism at the players on this issue but there is a certain point where a team leader can push his teammates past the motivational point established by the coaching staff.  There are points in certain games where a player on the floor can either hit a big shot, grab a key rebound, or even say the right thing in the huddle to calm nerves or kick the rest of the team in butt to get them moving.

In my opinion this team really lacks that one emotional leader who can certain things to push the team over the hump when they get into a tough battle.  I also do not think it is too late for that guy to step up and start carrying this team through the tough stretches of games.  The only unanswerd question is who might he be?


5 Responses to Does UNC Have a Leadership Problem?

  1. Mark says:

    Frasor seemed to be the “leader in waiting” prior to his injury. I think that has eliminated him. You can’t expect Terry to step into that role anymore. Wes Miller does not play the minutes necessary to take the role. Lawson seems most likely considering his increased level of play, but I have no idea how the rest of the guys respond to his vocal leadership.
    Who would you say the leader of the 2005 team was? Felton? Jawad? May?

  2. Andy says:

    In 2005, I felt like it was Jawad Williams a lot of times. But on that team, you had a whole crew of seniors and juniors that could catch fire and pump up the whole team.

    This year, the senior starter (Terry) is a pure basket-case. The guy is a hell of an athlete; don’t mistake that. But when it comes to the mental and psychological aspects of the game, he is just completely inconsistant. When he’s on, look out. When he comes out and commits fouls and takes himself out of the game, like he did Saturday, you know what can happen.

    I’m not sure who will step up as leader, but this could be a long year if Terry can’t find a way to get up for games without completely psyching himself out.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Sean May was that guy both in terms of play and leadership. He seemed to be the anchor for that squad, especially when McCants was out late in the reg season. May was very vocal about wanting to win the first title for Roy and I think his tone in that respect set that team on the right path.

    No argument from me on the senior trio that season, they definitely played their part as told by Will Blythe in his book.

  4. Tom says:

    Yep. There is somewhat of a leadership vacuum. I think Lawson will eventually be the guy, but for now, he’s just now realizing what lied ahead of them before the season started. For guys like Ty and Brandan, they’re used to being the man, and having their way with anyone. Not that dissimilar from when great college players go to the pros and find out that 1-everybody’s fast, and 2-mostly everyone has great ability at least in some aspect of the game.

    If it’s not Lawson, and Hansbrough doesn’t become more of a vocal leader, we may have to see if Frasor snaps back.

    Don’t count on Terry. He’s an enigma. If only I could use my brain and his talent… Wow!

  5. hhn111 says:

    I think Psycho T was very intensed and passionate in the game…it’s too bad the other guys didn’t show as much.

    Terry needs to really step it up in terms of on court leadership. The team tends to play to his level of apathy.

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