Roy on the NC State Loss

We talk constantly about never allowing anyone to catch a length-of-the-court pass for a layup, and yet they did [Gavin Grant’s layup at the end of the first half]. I can’t explain it. We’re too fat and sassy right now. We thought we could win just by showing up, and you can’t do that. Every team in this league is good.

There is going to be adversity all the time, but you can’t just let people jump up and shoot the ball right in your face. There’s a certain amount of toughness needed to play this game. They didn’t give us the trophy last week when we beat Arizona. We went out today and got our butts kicked

Do you think practice in Chapel Hill is going to be a pleasant experience of the next couple of days?  I actually think it is going to be a living hell.  There are various facets to sheparding a team through a season and developing them.  On the technical side of on-the-court play and execution UNC is probably 85% there.  Unfortunately what we saw today fell more in the other 15%.  Some of the other areas of development have to do with the intangibles such as focus, passion, toughness, and the will to win in the face of adversity.  This is the area that tends to be hit or miss with UNC at times and they also tend to show up in a trap game like this where a team is caught looking ahead and not taking the team on the court seriously.  Roy’s concern, at least by his quotes, is that the Heels tend to shutdown if they get challenged in an unexpected way.  The three losses have been similar in that they have been facing a team which shot extremely well but also created problems with the way they ran their offense.  The burden falls on the players to psychologically push past what is happening on the court and on the coaches to make the necessary adjustments.

Consider this game another hard knocks lesson for the young Heels and God have mercy on them during practice over the next three days.


8 Responses to Roy on the NC State Loss

  1. Chris says:

    I actually only tuned into the game while riding in my car, and there were about 5 minutes left and we were down 6 or so. So I’m only talking about the end of the game. My first thought at the time was why in the world did Roy have the combo of Wes Miller, Frasor, and Ginyard playing with Wright and Hansbrough? This went on for at least 3 and a half minutes. Maybe I missed something but with the load of talent on the bench this seemed to be a rather odd choice of players in this dire situation. Other than that I guess the cliche that any team is capable of winning on any given night rings true, especially when you’re on the road. Fla State-Duke today should be inter-

  2. hhn111 says:

    NC State played a great game. They control the tempo and really shot the ball well. The fact the UNC was still in the game after coming out so flat is a tribute to their talent level and the Ty & Tyler efforts. I think that the players will learn a lot from this loss…just in time for Duke. The beauty of college BBall is that a midseason loss doesn’t automatically eliminate your chance of the final prize.

  3. hhn111 says:

    Roy is a genius. He has the players’ attention for the rest of the season with this loss.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Chris, I think it was a matter of having the best defensive players on the floor and that is generally Miller and Ginyard for sure. The fact of the matter is the defense was really not that bad, NC State hit almost everything they put up in the second half and honestly what can you do about that?

    hhn111 is correct. I expect this crew will be fully focused from this point on. Heading in to play a Duke team nursing a 2 game losing streak only adds more drama to a game which really needs no more.

  5. william says:

    The defense was indeed bad. Williams himself said it was bad. State shot well, but Carolina seemed genuinely perplexed by State’s motion, resulting in several three point attempts which were more or less uncontested.

    The second thing, which Rashad said last year from the pro’s , once again speaking out of turn, but truthfully, is that this year’s and last year’s squad do not have the swing man scorer that has been so important to Carolina success in the best: Charlie Scott, Walter Davis, Michael Jordan, Jerry Stackhouse, Vince Carter and Rashad McCants could all score when the game was on the line and the team needed a basket, plus they could create their own shot. I like Danny and Wayne but they have not shown the explosive scoring ability that we have had at the position in the past. We can’t always go to Hansbrough; he had three guys on him at the end of the game. I really had hoped that Ellington would be more like the guys above; instead he is more of a Hubert Davis, a good player and shooter but not able to carry the team on his back.

  6. Tom says:

    If Ellington turns out to be Hubert Davis, I think Wayne, Hubert, and TarHeel nation will take that.

    Let’s don’t make a mountain out of a molehill folks. OK? NC State could have been shooting from two steps inside the RBC center doors and it would have fallen. Give credit where it’s due, but understand the NC State game (and the Duke games for that matter) are not what will define this season…

    Roy (and the vomit bucket in the corner of the DeanDome) will help these guys keep their eye on the prize.

  7. Edison says:

    It’s not all about the boys – some of it has to be laid to Roy. Zone and controlled tempo games are not Roy’s strong coaching domain – look at the losses and you will see this pattern. Explain these lapses: almost no full court pressing in the first half to disrupt the tempo despite the depth, and very late use of the press in the 2nd period despite it’s clear effectiveness; long period of Wright on the bench without foul trouble to speak of; no sign of plays in the 2nd half to drive plays toward Atsur, the key sparkplug for State. Yes State played very well and executed Lowe’s game plan. Roy did nothing to show that he understood that plan or attempted to disrupt it. Loyal Tarheel fan with 25 years Dean dome experience – this was not about player enthusiasm – this was about coaching complacency. Wake up Roy – there will lots more coaches noting how to beat you.

  8. Tom says:

    You’re right. There was certainly no reason why we should not have pressed the entire game with Atsur dribbling the ball upcourt like a 6 year old trying to keep it away from his 9 year old brother (you should see my kids do this).

    As a side note, this is definitely not the same Brandan Wright that dominated pre conference. We expect somewhat of a regression based on competition. But something is definitely different. Perhaps Roy sees some things he doesn’t like. Or maybe he’s not giving it in practice. Hard to say.

    But hanging a loss on Roy here is probably not correct. At some point, players have to guard players straight up. They have to get hands in shooters faces. If they do all that, and a team still beats them, shooting 65% from the field, give credit where credit’s due.

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