Duke-BC Running Commentary

How is different from a live blog? Well I called it a running commentary so that makes it different. I also am not going to be doing as frequent updates but since I am watching it anyway and as a UNC fan I do have vested interest in the game I thought I would chime in with some hopefully humorous comments.

  • Mike Patrick and Dick Vitale. The Duke love here should be almost unbearable.
  • Wow, Vitale said Duke does not have a 1st Team All ACC performer. Someone should make sure he takes an easy on that truth serum.
  • Wake Forest beat Clemson tonight. I think we might need to move Clemson onto the bubble. Maryland and GT may be about to come off.
  • I heard a discussion on Packman today about how Hayseed(a Duke fan) never watches UNC play unless they are playing Duke. He then said he thought UNC fans watch Duke almost to the point of obsession. Speaking for myself I watch most any ACC game and I tend to watch Duke second behind watching UNC because they are a rival. Duke fans seem to be only interested in Duke basketball which is evidenced by the football attendance. Just a though.
  • Ah, Dick Vitale did find an all star team to put Josh McRoberts on as he was named to the covetous All Ambidextrous Team. Dick Vitale is apparently contracturally oblgate to include Greg Oden on any team he picks.
  • Wisconsin is only up six on Minnesota and Florida is trailing Alabama. That would make me feel some better about last night it both of them lose.
  • Here is the question about BC. Can you conceivably let Jared Dudley have his and do your best to shut everyone else down?
  • Lawson vs Rice Saturday night is going to be something to watch.
  • Ohio State was up 21 on a bad Penn State team and almost lost. Wisconsin is struggling with a Minnesota team that Clemson beat. Florida is trailing Alabama. Something tells me that losing to VT is not nearly as bad as I think it is.
  • Duke is using the weave. I bet if you check the phone records at Duke this past week you would find a phone call to Arizona State. I mean this Duke team would be perfect under Herb Sendek.
  • If I am being honest, I really cannot stand either one of these teams. My hatred of Duke is one of natural inclination. My hatred of BC is rooted in the 1994 2nd round loss in the NCAA Tournament UNC suffered. Can they both lose…please?
  • Can I just say I hate it when they intertwine advetising for basketball and some movie that is out.
  • Zoubek travels….again. I think maybe they should just call him for traveling as soon as he touches the ball.
  • Mike Patrick “Cheating in NASCAR used to be so accepted, so much fun” I really wish I was kidding about that.
  • Dick Vitale is working his way down the topic list: 1st topic: Duke’s losing streak. 2nd topic: Duke not being the same Duke. 3rd topic: Duke’s NCAA Tournament chances which apparently totally hang on the fact they beat Air Force, Gonzaga, Indiana, and Georgetown.
  • I think we need a elementary school level program totally devoted to holding a pivot foot down. It is obvious it is a lost skill in American basketball.
  • What the heck was K doing there? Looked like he was trying to fly.
  • Ah, Wojo in the huddle slapping player’s chests, I really thought I had seen the last of that.
  • BC’s defense sucks. The number of layups and dunks Duke is getting is fairly amazing. Dudley, who has scorched everyone they have played is suddenly MIA.
  • BC players are a little chippy with the refs. Duke is defintely playing well tonight.
  • Dudley has three fouls, is sucking on the court. BC is on their heels and Duke is ripping them here in the first half. This all pretty much gaurantees that BC will be on another level when UNC comes in. Every shot will go down, Dudley will commit zero fouls, etc, etc, etc.
  • Duke up 43-32 at halftime.
  • Ah, this is that annoying version of Duke which somehow causes their opponent to play like crap. I really am not liking the fact that BC is having a bad game tonight and did not have the common courtesy of waiting until Saturday.
  • As much as some people have talked about UNC laying down for NC State or VT. BC is laying down right now. Duke is running a layup drill and BC acts like they could care less.
  • This is really a pitiful effort by BC. Can you imagine what Roy would be doing if UNC players were acting like this. Duke is up by 24 points.
  • Duke is probably going to win this game in a resounding fashion and of course we will be indundated with “Duke is back” talk.
  • Yes, BC should make absolutely every effort to try and come back here as to expend has much energy and emotion as possible
  • Duke comes about as close to a modern version of the Four Corners as you will see. This is what they do once they get a lead is try and shorten the game by stalling the ball.
  • And the results have been the same every time, when they stop their aggressive offensive motion, they end up letting the opposing team back into it. Just ask Virginia and UNC about that.
  • Patrick: “Paulus may have gotten away with a push” Yes, and I may have driven faster than the speed limit on the way home from work today, just for some reason I did not get a ticket.
  • Stop me if you have heard this one before: Greg Paulus pushes off with his arm and then drives to the basket, is barely touched but the BC player gets called for a foul.
  • Airball from the free throw line by Paulus? Maybe he thought mroe time would run if he airballed it.
  • Duke really falls apart with under 10 minutes to go. Maybe it is fatigue or maybe it is just absolute overcautiousness.
  • It is interesting that BC basically took the middle 20 minutes of this game off and now just turned it on.
  • Okay four minutes left and BC is down six possessions(four if they hit threes) Duke will run 30 seconds off the clock every time they come down which means BC will need to either (A) turn Duke over on 2-3 straight possessions or (B) start fouling.
  • Option B is looking pretty good with Duke’s FT shooting.
  • Duke’s problem is they have no offense when they go into this spread floor slow down set. This is the same thing they did against UVa and UNC which led to their demise.
  • BC now down six with Duke turning it over. I am not sure why this is an issue for Duke. When you do not have a reliable option #1 on offense then you cannot conceivably run this play for one shot business and effectively score.
  • BC probably just blew their chance. Looking to cut it to 4 or 3 and they turn it over to put Duke back up eight.
  • Why not foul Duke? At the very least you extend the game out.
  • Well, BC did not deserve to win from their effort and they certainly do not deserve it based on their inability to actually play like a well coached team.
  • ESPN just put a graphic of Duke’s NCAA Tournament resume and under key losses it says: CLEMSON, FLORIDA STATE(Both at Home).  Strange how the truth comes out sometimes.
  • Duke wins 78-70.  Good night all.

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