Chris Clark Adminsters Logical Smackdown to Unsuspecting Caller

I caught some of Chris Clark this morning on 850 the Buzz and he had an interesting exchange with a Duke fan.  The Duke fan made one of those completely asinine statements about North Carolina not being a very good team.  He asserted that they were essentially overrated and not as good as we all think they are.  This is the conversation that followed and this is completely from memory so it is paraphrased to some extent:

Clark(somewhat sarcastically): North Carolina has lost three games in the ACC. 

Duke Fan: Exactly my point they are not that good

Clark: So if North Carolina has lost three games and is not that good, since Duke has lost six games they must really suck.

Duke Fan: Well, the jury is still out them.


And while I am here let me just ask one question.  Why do these people call into sports radio talk show and make such incredibly idiotic statements?  And this goes for my fellow Tar Heel fans, Duke fans, NC State fans, and really most anyone else.  These people call up these hosts, who in many cases are either way smarter than the people who call or would like nothing better than to simply humiliate someone dumb enough to call and make statements like the one above.  Now on 850 the Buzz the volume of these kinds of calls are less because the hosts tend to take the conversation along a more intellectually honest course.  On the Primetime with the Packman, there is no such course so you get all sorts of folks calling up saying Roy Williams is a horrible coach or that Duke is not going make the NCAA Tournament.  Granted Mark Packer puts a pretty high premium on the stupidity of his listeners but at the same time I sit back and wonder how so many folks can be completely devoid of logic when it comes to the teams the profess to love so much.  And what is worse they compound their own stupidity by putting it on full display for the listening audience of these various shows.  Of course we are a country of free speech, even if that speech has no connection with facts or reality.


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