NC State’s Magical Shooting

NC State has wowed the world with two games where they shot such an unbelievable clip you almost thought something was rigged.  Against UNC on February 3rd, the Pack shot 76% in the second half making 13 of 17 shots.  Against Virginia Tech on Sunday, NC State shot 66% for the game and 73% from behind the arc.

My theory(insert tongue in cheek) is that Sidney Lowe is in possession of some sort of magic elixir which Jim Valvano used in 1983 when NC State went on their run to the national title.  There was not much of it to begin with and Valvano had to use it in copious amounts to get through that season.  In the following years he used it one or twice more, the most notable instance was the 1987 ACC Championship game which saw a Wolfpack team with a losing ACC record knock off a Tar Heel team that had not lost in the ACC that year.  Apparently what was left of the elixir was either lost over the next 20 years or only Sidney Lowe knew where Valvano kept it.

The question is whether he plans on using it again Wednesday night and if Roy’s Coke is enough to overcome it?


4 Responses to NC State’s Magical Shooting

  1. VT Canes Fan says:

    I agree with you on this elixir! I was @ the game Sunday afternoon, and I just could not believe how the Pack was making every shot they threw up, or it seemed.
    If they bring that same brew on Wed. night, and the Heels have a bad game, I would not want to be a Heels fan if they loose twice to the Pack!

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    We might jump off a bridge. Losing to a football school twice in basketball is bad enough.

  3. VT Canes Fan says:

    Hey Now, for a while this season we were becoming a football school and a basketball school! I do not remember in my lifetime that VT was ranked in the top 25 of basketball and Duke was not!

    You will need to travel to Blacksburg in the fall for some football! I am sure Butvh will have the Heels be ready to play, from his days @ Miami coaching against Coach Beamer!

  4. Chris says:

    The Cokes are on me if the Heels lose….the elixir does not work within the confines of the Smith Center!

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