UNC 83 NC State 64

Revenge exacted.

This was about fresher legs in the second half.  NC State had foul trouble and could not keep pace with the Heels once the defense started cooking.  There is no way of knowing what impact Lowe’s absence had on the Wolfpack players in the second half.  I think the depth and defense get it done regardless of who is sitting on the other bench.  The rotation again was another interesting thing to watch.  Unlike most of the media who seem to think they know better than a coach who has won 80% of his games, Roy shows no signs of moving to an eight man rotation.  In fact the split in the minutes at point was really interesting but Quentin Thomas’ play had something to do with that since he made some huge contributions in the first half.

Wright, Ginyard, and Green all had solid games.  Wright was a beast pure and simple.  Hansbrough was his usual workhorse self and overall the defensive intensity was what it needed to be for most of the game.  The hope is this is a UNC team starting to roll and the road game at Maryland against a red hot Terp team will be a huge matchup.


3 Responses to UNC 83 NC State 64

  1. Jimmy G says:

    Defensive intensity! I was very impressed with Ellington’s D last night.

  2. Steve says:

    Well, this State fan was expecting about a 10-15 pt loss going into the game. Like you said, no way of knowing the impact of Sidney’s absence in the 2nd half. My gut feeling is that it was worth about 10 points, but who knows? I do know that I immediately gave up any hope for a State win as soon as I found out he was going to the hospital.

    Carolina certainly played well on defense. Congrats on the victory – maybe we’ll meet again somehow in the ACCT. I’m still hopeful for a couple more wins and an NIT appearance for the Pack. This would certainly exceed my expectations for the year.

  3. Tyler Martin says:

    everybody likes Tyler Hansburough.Tarheels rock. Fsu doesnt stand a chance against UNC.

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