Georgia Tech 84 UNC 77

Marcus Ginyard said it was a now or never thing.

We got our answer and apparently it is never.

Let’s understand the implications of this slide here.

A UNC win and a VT loss means 2nd place and a UNC win with a VT win means 3rd place.

If UNC loses on Sunday it potentially could get very ugly. Here is the worst case scenario. UNC loses, VT wins, BC wins, and MD wins. UNC at 10-6 and would finish fifth in the ACC in a season which we have been told time and time again that this team was the best in the ACC by far and in a class by themselves.

I do not have any answers. It is what it is at this point. It will either get better and UNC will starting playing at a higher level or they will remain stuck in this rut and we will all be shaking our heads wondering what the heck happened.


20 Responses to Georgia Tech 84 UNC 77

  1. williamodouglas says:

    Don’t get too upset. Maryland was 10-6 and 3rd in the ACC in 2001 and made it to the Final Four and almost won it all. UNC lost to Penn State in the 2nd round.

    Listen, I went to Carolina from 83-87. We had two undefeated teams in conference while I was there. We had Jordan, Perkins, Smith, Daugherty and JR Reid while I was there and we never made it to the Final Four.

    Carolina’s chances are still about as good as anyone’s, except for our free throw shooting. The Heels had to make critical foul shots in 2005 to win it all. Free throws are what is holding this team back right now.

  2. williamodouglas says:

    We made 26-38, which is 68% and that doesn’t seem to bad as GPI made 10-15 for 65%, but the difference is that we are leaving a lot of points at the line that we no longer have the opportunity to get from the floor because the possession is gone.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    It is not so much the missing of 12 FTs but when those misses happen in the course of the game. If UNC needs two points to close the gap and they do not get it, that hurts momentum.

  4. Chris says:

    I think the best word for this team at this point is dysfunctional. I think that lack of guard play is killing this team. When is the last time you’ve seen Lawson sink critical 3 point shot, or drive and kick the ball out to an open man for the same 3 point shot. Right now the Dowdells and Singletarys and Reynolds of the league are running the show. What I see from this team is Terry coming down and missing 3’s and/or making a bad pass, and Ellington just not hitting his stride. Right now it’s just a one-on-one offense and mediocre defense that isn’t winning games.

  5. whitlbc says:

    I feel that the team is not palying as a Team. I have heard rumors that the team is not getting along together off the court. If they are having problems off the court then they will never be National Champs and should not go to the NCAA Tournament.
    They have the deepest bench I have seen in a long time, so they should be walking all over the compettiton. Roy needs to get them together like he did with the 2005 team. They were playing better basketball at the begining of the season than they are now. So frustrating to see so much talent and then losing to teams like they have this year. They better watch out for DUKE, the way they have been playing.

  6. jwp68 says:

    I am so dissapointed with the lack of rebounding by the team. There are too many possesions that are one and done, bad passes, poor shooting from the line. I agree that there is too much talent on this team to be playing the way they are now. Let’s hope that they get it together for the stretch run in the ACC and NCAA tourneys.

  7. thesportsidiot says:

    I’m not here to rag on you guys, don’t worry. Step off the ledge, your team is loaded with YOUNG talent. This year is merely the building blocks for the next two, provided you can keep your players. That being said, what was the deal with Lawson last night? Anyone have any insight there? Is this a sign of a major chink in Roy’s armor? Are mass defections on the way ala Duke when Brand and the boys took the leap?

  8. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I’d be interested to see if the chemistry rumors were true. That stuff crops up if you are not winning.

  9. Josh Bowling says:

    I agree that it doesn’t seem as if the team is getting along. Ginyard and others may not like this jump shooting, camera happy freshmen. They are taking away their shots and their poise. I mean, we finished second last year without these good freshmen, and now we stand to finish worse. But for the long-run, we are much better with them. They are talented, those guys just need to find a way to love one another like they should, and be even closer on the court when we are making plays and we need them to know each other and their tendencies.

    Did anyone notice how when GT would take a shot, even when the rebound was no where near Tyler, he would have to swing his arms out to get the offensive rebounder off of him. They grab him and frustrate him like no other. If it were anyone else, fouls would result in this kind of behavior. Go back on your TiVo, watch the game again, and just look at Tyler on defensive rebounds, and you’ll see his jersey grabbed, his arms grabbed as well, and when the rebound comes off the glass, he is held to insure that it will be very difficult for him to get a defensive rebound. In my opinion, he deserves that foul to be called.


  10. williamodouglas says:

    I remember Dean Smith’s last year and Carolina got off to a horrible start. They were 0-3 in conference and had blown a twenty-something point lead to Maryland to lose and apparently the guys had it out in the locker room and righted the ship and ended up having a fantastic season.

    So, sometimes dissension can have positive effects, if dealt with and people move on. The scary thing here is that this team is starting to closely parallel Matt Doherty’s 2001 Heels, who were also number one during the regular season and ended the year in an incredibly ugly fashion amid rumors of terrible infighting on the team.

  11. Josh Bowling says:

    To the other gentleman that said we had better look out for Duke- Hey, I am glad we got Miami and Wake Forest out of the way, or we’d have to look out for them! We are really too good for this. I am not ready to torch R. Williams yet. Probably never will. A few things I just don’t understand however. When you are known as a team that has runs, we have all heard the phrase “classic Carolina run”, then when you begin to start one, don’t break the continuity by subbing in, allow them to finish their run. But Roy has been there before, and just maybe he is looking far beyond what we are in our game-by-game world. Us being ready for the tournament is by far my biggest concern for this University and its group of players.


  12. C. Michael says:


    I though about the 2001 parallel too. Let’s just hope it doesn’t roll into a 2001-02 parallel!! (Which, BTW, I supremely doubt.)

  13. C. Michael says:

    Honestly, chemistry rumours are such B.S. They may be true, but more often than not, I think the media just likes to make up potential reasons for a teams struggles. They were saying the same thing about Ohio St. before OSU beat the Badgers.

  14. jack says:

    i, for one thought that lawson was the only reason we were in that game. lawson made many many assists (8) and i did get nervous when roy took him out in the middle of the second half, i thought thats when we could’ve made a run

  15. williamodouglas says:

    It is hard not to like Lawson. It is thrilling the way he runs around the court. I do think that he has some issues though. I don’t know what he is officially listed at, but he appears to be about 5′ 10″ and I wonder if that is causing him to sometimes be a defensive liability because of something that he really has no control over.

    He definitely has to improve his shooting. Ray Felton had some of the same issues and turned himself into an excellent three point option in 2005. Lawson also has got to get the FT average up. As the point guard he is likely to be taking the important free throws in post season and 64% is not going to cut it. Even Felton was borderline in this respect, unlike Shammond Williams, or Ford or Smith or Black who seemed to always make the important free throws.

    With respect to the future, I don’t know. Chris Paul seemed to have an effortless adjustment to the NBA. Ray Felton took a little longer but now both of them are performing at a high level in the NBA. Neither of them are giants, but I wonder whether Ty is going to be too much of a defensive liability due to his height to have success in the NBA. You have had roleplaying short guys like Bogues and Spud Webb, but there have not been too many successful guards under six feet. I can think of Calvin Murphy but not too many others. I question whether the NBA is going to be knocking down Lawson’s door to sign him anytime soon.

    Conversely, I think that B. Wright is likely to be a better pro than college player. I think that assuming he goes, we should be pretty well set for success the next couple of years. It is harder for me to consider the ones who stay only one year as true Tar Heels, unless they come back to graduate. I hope that both Marvin Williams and B. Wright will do so. I can’t blame them for leaving early, however, because the NBA draft salary restrictions have created this union-type payroll where time on the job matters more than how good you are.

  16. Josh Bowling says:

    As an NBA recruit, I would not be exhilerated to get either of these guys. Wright is an undersized big guy. He, along with Tyler, would be battling Garnett, Duncan, Stoudemire, Nowitzki, Dwight Howard, Rasheed Wallace, Bosh, Gasol, Butler, Boozer, Brad Miller, and so on. They aren’t in any way ready for that kind of competition, especially if they can’t handle the likes of these college kids they go up against here every week.

  17. Andy says:

    I’ve officially hit the panic button now.
    This loss hurts more than Maryland. What the heck was going on defensively out on the perimeter? I know it times it seemed like a lot of the prayer 3-pointers just seemed to fall at will, but some of those shooters were left WIDE open. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like a lot of those three’s came at the expense of Terry and Ellington’s suspect defense.
    I don’t really pay attention to chemistry rumors, but I’m beginning to think that they’re some substance to them if they’re out there. I hate to say this, but look at Duke; even though they suck this year, they’re still huddling up, cheering guys on, and trying to motivate each other. Our guys just look like they’re doing their own things out there.
    While I also agree with an earlier poster who said that Tyler was getting practically beat up under the hoop last night, you have to learn and suck it up. A lot of crap goes on under the basket and in the paint when you’re going for a rebound, and you have to fight for it. I was just really surprised to see Wright and Terry right under the hoop on a missed shot just standing around.
    This team is in trouble, and the bad part about it is that they shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s chemistry, maybe it’s coaching, maybe it’s the pre-game meal, but this team needs a big win at Duke and a pretyt good showing in the ACC tournament in a big way. Otherwise, we’re looking at another second round exit.

  18. williamodouglas says:

    I’ll settle for a win against Duke. Does anyone even remember who won the Big East tournament or the Pac Ten tournament last year? I know Florida won the SEC because it was the first time they beat South Carolina out of three times and I know that Duke won the ACC tournament because they always win it before they flame out.

    We all better hope Carolina does not win the ACC tournament because Roy has never made it to the Final Four after winning a conference tournament.

  19. Lake says:

    Big East Tournament Champion- Syracuse, behind G-Mac’s re-diculous shooting.
    Pac Ten- UCLA (?)

  20. williamodouglas says:

    Yeah, that’s right, but these tournaments are all getting less and less memorable. Honestly, it would be coaching malpractice to tell your guys to dive too hard for balls in these games because they are next to meaningless, this year above all, with 7 or 8 teams already in.

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