UNC at Georgia Tech: Live Blog

I will be delayed getting this rolling since I have been called out to reboot some servers at work. I will pick up as soon as I get home. At present UVa is leading VT with under four minutes left, if that holds UNC is playing to take one step close to being the #1 seed for the ACC Tournament. More after the jump, as soon as I can get home.

8:57 PM Barring a collapse UVa is going to send VT down to third place in the ACC. UNC needs to win tonight and Sunday to win the regular season via the tiebreaker over Virginia, assuming UVa wins their final game.

9:34 PM: First of all..I have no idea why Roy had Lawson and Ginyard so far down the bench they could play rock, paper, scissors with Dewey Burke. Secondly, is this a repeat of the VT game. Good start followed by the other team scoring at will while the Heels fall behind?

9:36 PM: Down 12 with 7:30 left in the half. There is a serious need to get this down before halftime.

9:37 PM: No rebounding.

9:38 PM: UVa has given UNC a gift and like most opportunities this season, UNC looks like they want to squander it.

9:39 PM: Of course we can hope it is like the game with GT last season where the Heels rallied from down in the second half to win. This GT is better than that one though.

9:41 PM: I got nothing.

9:43 PM: I am wondering if these guys understand that if they lose this game it drops them to 3rd and if they lose to Duke and tie with Maryland it could drop them to fifth.

9:44 PM: GT cannot miss. We can only hope they wear down and cool off in the second half or this is going to be a long night.

9:46 PM: No rebounding, no discernible defense to speak of. This is really a repeat of the first VT game. All the talk these guys engage in about pulling it together and it looks like it is just that…talk.


9:49 PM: Wright hits two free throws…Don’t ask where that was on Sunday.

9:50 PM: Some stops here and maybe we can cut this down to a reasonable point before the half.

9:51 PM: Now it looks like the game has shifted a bit. It helps that GT has gotten sloppy.

9:52 PM: UNC down seven with 1:40 to go.

9:53 PM: Nice defensive adjustment by Roy. GT is a bit flustered and UNC has now cut it to six.

9:54 PM: Wow nice play for Ellington to bat the ball to Hansbrough.

9:55 PM: All things considered not bad to be down seven. Billy Packer is making much ado about UNC dropping into a 1-3-1 zone and that slowing down GT. I actually think keeping Lawson out there so Javaris Critteton stops eating Bobby Frasor alive is an important aspect.

10:03 PM: Four Yellow Jackets with 2 fouls. That might be an issue then again given ACC refs’ tendency to call the game differently from one half to the next I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

10:12 PM: You would think at some point they would start missing those three. UNC is shooting the ball well but the defense needs multiple stops to get back into the lead.

10:15 PM: How do they keep getting layups…wide open layups in a zone defense. Wright is horrible on defense.

10:16 PM: GT timeout. The defense seems to be better except for those lapses on the interior which have led to layups.

10:20 PM: UNC traps out the timeout and gets a turnover. Now the FT shooting has not been really bad like the other night but it seems to be most of what we are getting so we need to be as good as we can be.

10:21 PM: The number of offensive rebounds being given up by UNC is horrific and now UNC turns it over down 10. I wish I could feel decent about this game like being down 10 to Duke but you got the feeling with Duke they would wear down, GT does not appear to be a team that will wear down. The five minutes will be telling.

10:25 PM: I will give Ellington this…he has been the answer on the offensive end…but GT cannot miss a three.

10:26 PM: Critteton and Young both out with cramps.

10:27 PM: UNC outrebounded 22-13 so far. 10-5 on the offensive board. Down 13 points with 13 mins left. GT missing two key players and the fouls are mounting a bit. UNC needs a run, not necessarily an all at once deal but something like 8-0 to get it within two possessions.

10:29 PM: Frasor in since Critteton.

10:30 PM: No hope if GT keeps hitting three. 14 point lead now. I am afraid this game is over.

10:31 PM: I am wondering why Raycom opts for that huge scoreboard at the bottom of the screen.

10:32 PM: Someone needs to tell Ellington that shooting from 19 feet are bad shots. 19 feet 9 inches is better.

10:36 PM: UNC needs a run and they cannot get one. You usually do not reel off 13-0 runs in a game like this so they need a small run followed by another one.

10:37 PM: Packer thinks Hansbrough is working the officials. Doesn’t matter because his FT shooting has suddenly become suspect.

10:40 PM: Geez…take advantage of the opportunities! Chance to cut it to eight…give up the off rebound to go down 10 and now throw the ball away. This game is horrible in every way.

10:42 PM: This game is over. UNC is incapable of stringing together enough good plays to get back into it.

10:43 PM: Sorry if I am overtly pessimistic but I just have seen very little here to make me believe they are capable of turning this game around. Yes they have the ball back down 10 with seven minutes to go, but it is just does not seem like they can put things together long enough to climb the mountain.

10:46 PM: Nice play by Green. I think if there is going to be a run, it starts now

10:47 PM: It would help immensely if in the process of being a fast break team, you actually finish the break with a score.

10:48 PM: Wow. GT was sleeping there. UNC down seven with 5 mins to go.

10:50 PM: Here is the question. Why can’t they play defense like this all game? UNC is a lot like I was in college. I did just enough to pull a 3.0 and that was it. I put in the intense effort the night before the paper was due. This is how UNC plays. They do just enough and when it comes down to the brass tacks they ratchet it up but to me it comes a little too late most times.

10:52 PM: Bad foul, under 10 seconds on the shot clock. UNC down seven.

10:54 PM: Part of what helps here is GT is content to milk clock and is not attacking offensively. At the same time it is harder to attack when all of those looks UNC was giving them have somehow disappeared because they are playing in the face defense. If I were Roy I would tell them if they were not in someone’s face every play they would sit.

10:55 PM: The inability to finish around the basket is troublesome. They needed that basket from Wright to get it back to five and they end up wasting 30 seconds of clock playing defense.

10:57 PM: No execution. I am resigned at this point.

10:58 PM: With this little time left you have to score every time down and then get stops every time down. The former is not happening.

10:59 PM: Must score situation with 2 mins to go.

11:00 PM: Dickey fouls out. Hansbrough needs both of these. Scoring with the clock stopped is important.

11:01 PM: UNC down four. Need a stop here.

11:02 PM: How many freaking times are we going to bail them out with the shot clock under 10 seconds.

11:03 PM: We cannot score when we need to. Bottom line. You have to make the plays. You have to get stops and UNC has done neither.

11:05 PM: GT players fouling out a bit too late.

11:08 PM: No excuse for this.

11:13 PM: Well, so glad we could give yet another opposing fan base a huge night to celebrate.  This makes the fourth time we have created a midcourt mob on the road.


44 Responses to UNC at Georgia Tech: Live Blog

  1. Josh Bowling says:

    We all know most of us Carolinians think that there is a deep hatred towards us by those in stripes. When I have watched VT play BC, there was a dunk in which the ball handler drove in, dunked, and pulled himself up on the rim and slapped his hand on the backboard, something we could never be allowed to do. As a matter of fact, it was just a few games before when Deon Thompson got penalized for much much less time on the rim than that. Also, VT got away with defense that usually puts us in foul trouble. Trying to dictate?

  2. jackiemanuel says:

    It actually is Charlottesville though, right?

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    VT at UVa tonight at 7 PM, I think on ESPN.

    UNC at GT, 9 PM ESPN2 or Raycom depending on your location

    And yes Josh, I saw some of that in other games where BC and VT seem to get away with a lot of stuff.

  4. Dr. Seuss says:

    What’s the story on Ty?

  5. chuckheel says:

    What is wrong with this team! I have never been more frustrated over a Tar Heels team than I have been at this one. HOW CAN YOU NOT SHOW UP FOR A CONFERENCE GAME!! It’s sickening. I don’t know if Roy can turn this team around or not. They play like they have no passion or brains at all. I keep waiting for everything to finally “CLICK” with this team. Is it ever going to click, or is that just wishful thinking?

  6. chuckheel says:

    Which Carolina team do you think shows up in the second half? Also, can you answer one very frustrating question about all Carolina teams….Why in the world can they not defend the three-point shot. It seems that every time Carolina gets beat, is mainly because they allow the other team to shoot wide-open trifectas.

  7. chuckheel says:

    The blog is saying one of my comments is awaiting moderation, what does that mean?

  8. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Man I have been searching for that answer ever since Glen Rice destroyed us in the 1989 NCAA Tournament. The only thing I can figure is that the Dean Smith/Roy Williams systems has a hole in when it comes to defending the perimeter. It was just not an adjustment Dean ever made after the line was introduced in 1987. I have also theorized,j jokingly, that Carolina blue sets off perimeter shooters.

    I am honestly hoping the same UNC team we saw in the second half against Ohio State shows up. I do not know how much the depth works against a team like GT. I also believe GT has to cool off from 61%.

  9. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Not sure chuckheel, I have profanity filters in place but yours should not have been flagged,

  10. williamodouglas says:

    The only time any good team loses (for the most part) is when the other weaker team is hitting three-pointers. What do you think that Michigan thought when Donald Williams was raining those threes down on them?

  11. Dr. Seuss says:

    How many OPEN three’s are we going to give them??!!!!!

  12. Dr. Seuss says:

    I don’ t know how much more of this I can stomach…

  13. williamodouglas says:

    Well, at least GPI is wracking up a lot of fouls. They did this to us last year too in the first half before we made a big comeback, but what is worrisome here is that the game is 3/4 over.

  14. williamodouglas says:

    Ginyard has been terrible!!! Maybe he read too many of you guys’ posts.

  15. williamodouglas says:

    Looking better.

  16. williamodouglas says:

    Cheap foul on Lawson. ARRGH.

  17. Dr. Seuss says:

    Is TH taking a beating tonight or what? (even more so than usual)

  18. Dr. Seuss says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if we will win again this year…

  19. williamodouglas says:

    I have already deleted this sucker from my Tivo.

  20. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Can we still blame John Bunting?

  21. Dr. Seuss says:

    I have always respected GA Tech, even back in the days of Bobby Cremmins, but this team is starting to behave like a bunch of thugs. Not what I would expect from a Paul Hewitt coached team.

  22. chuckheel says:

    What is the deal with this team? Back in December when Roy said his team he should ask their Mommies and Daddies for brains for Christmas, he should have told them to ask for a heart as well. Can this be turned around or is it just too late? Usually, good Carolina teams are jelling at this time of the year. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Carolina team like this, that can’t finish in a close game.

  23. williamodouglas says:

    Pathetic. Can anybody on our team please make a free throw?

  24. williamodouglas says:

    Paul Hewitt was the only thing keeping us in the game.

  25. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I don’t know. I just don’t know.

  26. williamodouglas says:

    The 2004 team choked a few at the end of games.

  27. williamodouglas says:

    Poor Adam Lucas. What can he say now?

  28. williamodouglas says:

    We may get to play on Thursday.

  29. williamodouglas says:

    Have you guys noticed that whenever Carolina gets out to a big lead at the beginning of a game, they always lose. It happened against Gonzaga, the first Tech game, against Maryland and now tonight.

  30. chuckheel says:

    Why is this team so out of synch? I can’t think of a lineup to put out on the court that I feel comfortable. Every single one of the players has seemingly glaring flaws.

    Wright– Poor defense, can’t shoot free throws.
    Terry–Makes too many dumb plays to be consistent.
    Ellington–Takes ill-advised shots that don’t come from the flow of the offense.
    Ginyard–An offensive liability.
    Frasor–Gets eaten alive by faster guards and is too hesitant and unsure of himself on offense.
    Green–Too helter skelter.
    Thompson–Can’t hold on to the ball.
    Miller–Shoots way too much.

    And all of them can’t shoot free throws worth a lick.

  31. Dr. Seuss says:

    If we lose to the dookies at home I’m going to have to find some Ohio State football fans to console with… what has happened to our team?

  32. williamodouglas says:

    Hansbrough was pretty good but even he was off on his free throws. Wright was o.k. and actually made 6-9 from the line, but Montross is saying that we made few points from the half court.

  33. williamodouglas says:

    Roy is talking about how great Tech was.

  34. Tar Heel Fan says:

    The half court offense is just not there. We either do not hit the shots we get or throw the ball away. We also cannot finish a fast break which I thought would be second nature. It seems like they miss the chance to make a good pass to create a better shot on the break instead whoever has the ball tries to go in contested and misses the shot.

    The facts are we got outrebounded which takes away offensive second chance points and we were also beat on the offensive boards 13-9 which means more points for them. Three point shooting was horrid while GT was 10-22.

  35. williamodouglas says:

    We need a Walter Davis or Rashad McCants. By the way, I am paying ten bucks a month for the internet radio feeds of the Heels games since they went off WBT and they always cut them off before the broadcast is over. Anyone have that problem?

  36. Dr. Seuss says:

    Roy is right, college basketball has gotten very physical, I didn’t realize how much so ’til this game. Maybe our boys can find an online pharmacy in FL to get some “supplements” to enhance their strength training over the summer.

  37. Tar Heel Fan says:

    BTW, thanks to all of you for hanging out on the blog tonight.

  38. williamodouglas says:

    Georgia Tech lost to Wake Forest.

  39. williamodouglas says:

    Stupid All Access CSTV has cut off the broadcast on the net. This is another thing that really irks me is that Carolina stopped broadcasting on clear channel WBT which can be heard in half the country and switched the account to a station in Charlotte that cannot be heard after sundown, after 30 plus years of being audible all over the East coast.

  40. Tar Heel Fan says:

    GT also lost to Miami

  41. williamodouglas says:

    Oh well. I am going to sign off.

    Honestly, we won it two years ago. If we beat Duke again on Sunday, I am not going to have too many complaints about the season. It is a young team and we lack scorers. This was a pretty bad loss but its been a pretty bleak Februrary in general. But March is coming tomorrow and in the words of the great George Harrsion, “Here comes the Sun!”

  42. Dr. Seuss says:

    Perhaps this is payback for enjoying BC’s three game losing stretch a little too much

  43. Dr. Seuss says:

    signing off.. better luck Sunday i guess

  44. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Thanks guys! Have a nice night.

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