The Proper Way to Raise Your Children


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  1. williamodouglas says:

    Of course now Carolina’s big rival is Duke, but when I was a little kid, it was NC State and the refrain went: “Duke is Puke, Wake is Fake, but the team I hate is NC State.

  2. Wayne says:

    Hmmm. Mr. Douglas, is it acceptable to ask when it was that you were a little kid? When I was a little kid in the early ’50s, Dook was our big rival. And when I was a freshman at UNC in ’63 Dook was our big rival. I was never aware State was our big rival. When I was at UNC, during the UNC/NCS football games, fans would start singing, “Don’t give a d*** for Dook University, Dook University, Dook University, don’t give a d*** for Dook University, we’re from Carolina. We’re from Carolina, we’re from Carolina . . . ” and I’ve forgotten the words from that point. We didn’t have any songs about State to the best of my recollection. Of course, we did cheer, “Mooooove ’em off the field” and we delighted in saying “There’s 29 miles between culture and agriculture.” But Dook was the big rival. No doubt.

  3. williamodouglas says:

    NC State beat Carolina 9 times in a row during the 1972-73 through 1974-75 seasons. Dean Smith notes in his autobiography that from about 1972 until 1984 (my freshman year at UNC) that the State game had generally been bigger than the Duke game. Duke was the slowest in the ACC to integrate its team and was mediocre to very bad from 1970 until 1977. NC State had won 2 national titles by this point(1983-84) and was defending national champ, while Carolina only had 1, and Duke still had zero.

    By the time that I graduated, State was in decline and the Duke game was assuming the importance that it has now.

    The other thing you have to remember is that both State and Carolina have lots of fans in-state and they like to ride and kid each other, but Duke has very few fans in-state. Most of Duke’s fan base, maybe even more so back then, was out of state. Maybe if you grew up in the triangle there were more Duke fans, but I rarely came across Duke fans as a kid. Most kids rooted for Carolina unless they had a reason not to, or unless they jumped on the David Thompson bandwagon.

    Time goes by and it is almost hard to remember that in the early 1980’s Jim Valvano was a huge deal and Coach K was on the verge of getting fired.. Of course until 1957, NC State and Coach Case dominated the ACC.

  4. williamodouglas says:

    Actually, Carolina had two by 1984. Duke was still at zero. We can’t forget Uncle Frank’s miracle.

  5. Displaced Heel says:

    I remember the big rivalry being between Dean and Stormin’ Norman Sloane. I can’t remember, however, if the rivalry was on the court with a basketball or courtside–with BIG plaids jackets.

    Anyway, I wish I had taped my kids’ first words: “dook’m’pook!”

    All good times.

  6. williamodouglas says:

    Guthridge and Sloan both wore plaid. I don’t remember Dean so much.

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