The Foul: Frame by Frame

I captured eight frames from the You Tube video of the CBS broadcast posted at 850 the Buzz. The only thing I will say is the assertion that Henderson going for the ball is problematic because the ball had already been blocked out of Hansbrough’s hands prior to the Henderson even starting his motion. Also, according to the frame by frame it appears Henderson never turns his head to track the ball as it moves out of the picture which means when he swung his arm he (1) did not know where the ball was at or (2) had his eyes closed. In fact it could have been both. Images after the jump.









Actual Video

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  1. williamodouglas says:

    Tyler was Henderson’s enemy.

    News and Observer:

    In college, Ellington and Henderson still will be close, only 8 miles apart. But can they still be pals? Ellington thinks so, though he knows things will be different.

    “We’ll definitely socialize,” he said. “I don’t know if [Henderson] will be allowed on our campus — and I know I’m not going over there — but we’ll be good friends.”

    Henderson said the story of teammates-turned-rivals will be true only on the court.

    “That’s for the fans, the media and all that,” he said. “We know we’re going to be friends for a long time. Basketball will never break the friendship we have. But when we’re on the court, we’re enemies, just like any other guys I’m playing against.”

  2. Ron Wenrich says:

    It was a sad day in sports, thats for sure. What was even sadder, was the blatant defense of Henderson by that asshole Billy Pecker. He is an absolute poor excuse for a human if he thinks that shot was unintentional. But I’ve know Bill Pecker was an asshole for many years. Hope Hansbrough heals quickly.

  3. Randall says:

    I hate Dook and even moreso now. I think the refs and the rest of America are finally cluing in that coach K is not what everyone thinks he is, and his teams have continually played “dirty”

    I hope they flame out in the first round and I hope Coach K … well I can’t say what I hope happens to coach K.

    Pathetic but shows the true ” integrity ‘ of that friggin’ program.

  4. williamodouglas says:

    I know he is just 19 but that kind of language concerns me, even if he is just using sloppy phraseology.

    Sports opponents are not our enemies, but they are actually our allies in allowing ourselves to be measured fully on the field of play. They deserve respect, dignity and a proper measure of mantaining the field of play as safe and secure for all.

    I may be old fashioned but I still believe that it is better to lose like a gentleman than win by dubious tactics.

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    what kind of post was that abu?

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    William, I wouldn’t call your comments old fashioned, but rather decent fashioned. I am only 33 years of age and I share your same philosophy on the matter.

  7. C. Michael says:

    It’s sad that decency is a lost art. That’s one thing that annoys me about my generation (28) and younger.

  8. w says:

    in the old days, we applauded when an injured opponent would get up and walk off the field….now, the civility is gone and we have more goonball than i recall in the past…

  9. Blake says:

    ESPN spotlighted GH at the very beginning of the play. You can see him size Tyler up and go running straight for him. I thought that was the most incriminating display.

  10. W Washington says:

    I didn’t see the whole thing live (I went to the kitchen and missed it). When I saw the initial replay, I didn’t think it was intentional. If it was, I am sorry. I attended neither Duke or NC (Northwestern — go Big Ten). I think that it is sad that the NBA fighting has now moved into college, high school, kids playing in the park. Really, athletics is important but NOTHING is worth all this fighting!

  11. C. Michael says:

    I think Fran Fraschilla may have the best take on this:

    I don’t think he (Coach K) has lost his grip on the team, but I do have some reactions to the foul. The idea that Roy Willimas left Tyler in too long is crazy. He had a sub at the table and with an 8-10 point lead in the final minute. Very few coaches would feel comfortable. Just remember the Blue Devils comeback a few years ago at MD Second, don’t blame Tyler because no one blocked him out on the missed FT, and his natural instinct grabbing that rebound eight feet from the basket was to attack the rim. A PH may have kicked it back out, because that is what he is trained to do. Thirdly, while by all account Henderson is a great kid, the replay clearly shows that he led with his elbow. I’m positive he didn;t mean to draw blood, but to foul hard. The officials correctly called the elbow a “combative act,” which falls under the fighting definition. The suspensionwas fair, waranted, and appropirate, and now it is time to move on. Hopefully this incident won’t stain this great rivalry.

  12. WilliamBrennan says:

    I hope his reputation can recover. No I don’t.

  13. CBEALE says:


  14. Tom says:

    Packer’s son Mark runs an awesome call in show out of Charlotte. I just emailed him (and he actually does respond) and asked him how he managed to escape the paternal gene pool he was thrown into. I assumed his mother was awesome, because his dad is pathetic. Guess what. He agreed his mother was awesome, and Billy “is absolutely nuts”. He stated on the show numerous times that his dad was just flat out wrong in his assessment of the play. When your own flesh and blood won’t back you, pretty much no one else will.

    Everybody take a clue. Watch the game on the TV, listen to Woody, Eric and the Crew on the THSN… Granted, they are a tad slanted, but Woody calls it like it is.

  15. Jayhawk says:

    After further review, it has been determined that Billy Packer is a moron, but this was established years ago. Somehow he and Dukie V. keep announcing games.

  16. Chris says:

    We all know Billy is a jerk, and Henderson is just a freshman player caught up in a frustrating game for him and his team. The real sad actor in the whole thing is Mikey K.
    It was his responsibility to 1. express concern about the injury to Tyler, 2. not try to intimate that it was Roy’s problem for having Tyler out there, and finally and most importantly, 3. send a message to his team and everyone that he and Duke will not tolerate that kind of thuggery by sitting Henderson’s butt out for the rest of the year.
    But he is the mighty Mike, and Duke is Duke.

  17. jamessye says:

    Not really sure what to say. At first look it appeared to be a cheap shot, but after further review, I can see how it was somewhat accidental. When a guy goes up for a shot block and see’s he has no shot or has mistimed his jumped he comes down the way the duke player did. However, I can also see it as a cheap shot because they were getting skunked by Carolina. I don’t really know how the player’s mentality is because I really don’t care for duke.

    Ps. How the hell was duke still ranked #15 in the country with an 8-7 record (now 8-8) record in the ACC. I mean, I know the ACC is tough, but give me a g*ddamn break, already!

    Pss. I’m an Arizona fan, and the PAC 10 is just as tough as the ACC this year, and we fell out of the top 25 like a ton of bricks when we hit our skid albeit we did stay in the rankings longer than expected, but you see what I’m getting at.

  18. jamessye says:

    While we’re at it, I’m kinda new on this whole wordpress thing. Is there any blogs about the NCAA tournament coming up?

  19. FEDTERP says:

    I had a day to think about this and review the play and still cannot understand how Packer could defend that play and player. I watched the game with my three sons and it was clear to all of us that was a blatant foul. If a Terp or a Tarheel had done that instead of a dukie what would the outcry be? Hats off to TH for not going postal (actually great restraint) I hope he is well and best of luck to him and the Heels (except when you play the TERPS)

  20. Chris says:

    Duke was ranked that high because of a high RPI rating, and because Duke is Duke.

  21. theacereporter says:

    I am a fellow Tar Heel, so this blog is tight!

  22. Jayhox says:

    W wrote:

    “in the old days, we applauded when an injured opponent would get up and walk off the field….now, the civility is gone and we have more goonball than i recall in the past”

    At the Kansas-Texas game on Saturday, Durant rolled his ankle and had to leave the floor for approximately four minutes while having it checked out and taped. He had already hung 27 or 29 on us by then and put on a clinic in the first half. When he returned and checked back into the game, the 16,300 partisan fans at Allen Field gave Durant a standing ovation. That’s the way you do it.

  23. This starts in the pee-wee leagues, with the parents thinking they have the next Labron James.
    It continues to the middle school, high school, and now college.
    Parents, coaches and the students are all about winning at all costs.

  24. Dr. Seuss says:

    Talk about blaming the victim?!!!!

    I am sincerely amazed at the number of people that are defending the violent late game foul just because Tyler was still in the game and trying to put the rebound back up. It honestly seems that the victim is getting more criticism than the perpetrators. Un-freakin’-believable!

    First, consider the following ACC related comebacks:

    • Rodney Rodgers former ACC rookie of the year and selected to the All-ACC 1st Team in 1991-92 and 1992-93 scored 9 points in 9 seconds to win a game during his rookie season with the Denver Nuggets.

    • UNC came back and beat Duke when down by 8 points with 17 seconds left (and this was before the three point line was in effect)

    • Duke’s Jon Scheyer once scored 21 points in 75 seconds during a high school basketball game.

    With 50 seconds left in the game Mike Krzyzewski called a timeout to discuss his strategy.

    In addition to the starting 3 point ace Scheyer, the other Duke players still in the game during the final minute were Gerald Henderson (who had a game high 16 pts.), and starter Demarcus Nelson. The final two Duke players in the game were brought in after Duke’s starting point guard Greg Paulus fouled out with 19 seconds left, and starting center Josh McRoberts fouled out with 18 seconds left in the game.

    UNC had in the game Hansbrough who was shooting free throws after being fouled by McRoberts (with Mike Copeland waiting at the scores table to come in the game), and bench players Danny Green, Deon Thompson, Bobby Frasor, and senior walk-on Dewey Burke.

    What Tyler Hansbrough lacks in talent he makes up for in effort. He does not have an off switch. Giving all out effort is what makes him the player he is, and is why he was still trying to score so late in the game. Not because we was trying to embarrass Duke. Coach K can do that all by himself. Any comments other than a sincere concern for the welfare of Tyler Hansbrough were inappropriate at that juncture. His audacious comments were as distasteful as the hard foul. Henderson’s intentions are unimportant. If you kill someone while driving drunk it doesn’t matter if you intended to or not. I personally do not feel that a one game suspension is sufficient for such a violent foul, regardless of the intent. This was the most egregious thing I have seen on a basketball court since “The Punch” involving Rudy Tomjanovich and Kermit Washington.

    These KIDS are on scholarship true, but they are not getting paid to play this game. They are STUDENT ATHLETES. This level of physical play should be reserved for the thug league aka the NBA.

    So before everyone starts blaming the victim, how about taking a look at the facts.

  25. Dr. Seuss says:

    At least the talking heads have gotten it right this time. From Pat Forde, to Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, to Michael Smith, Woody Paige, Jay Mariotti, to Jim Rome; every last one of them have been ripping on Duke and Coack Kryzschxtzqsxvyyii all day! The crowd from Around The Horn are saying that it should have been at least a two game suspension. The big thing to me was that they all went out of there way to point out what an ass K was for making the comments about TH being in the game. The fact that there was such a national consensus among those whose business it is to analyze this stuff, was very comforting. It appears that Rat Face has finally been exposed for the weasel he really is.

  26. jack says:

    up to this point i didnt think packer was that bad


    on the slow-mo replay it is very clear that the ball is gone and henderson takes a swipe at tylers face.

    “He is going after the ball” what an utter Idiot

  27. spasm23 says:

    I understand everyone’s initital reaction on “The Foul”. However, I don’t think Henderson has the intent of hurting Hansborough. tyler went up with the ball, got fouled on the way so the ball wasn’t there to be blocked, and Henderson got caught in limbo. The same thing happened to me today driving home when I saw a yellow light, I slowed down and then ran it when it was red. I couldn’t stop, my car, like Henderson’s body, was alreay committed in the air.

    PS – Packer is the worst commentator ever and has held that fine distinction for decades now. He does nothing but give his opinion everyday. I hoped the end was here for him last year when he balked at the Mid Majors getting extra teams in over the big boys. All they did was show up en masse to the Sweet Sixteen and the Final Four while the snubbed big boys bowed out early from the NIT.

  28. Dr. Seuss says:


    from Pittsburg Steelers AOL Sports Blog

    “… I’m pretty sure Billy Packer ain’t going anywhere. He’s been terrible at this job, well, forever. If making sexist remarks to Duke students and calling Allen Iverson a “tough monkey” (two separate incidents, by the way) doesn’t get him canned, saying Henderson shouldn’t be thrown out of the game for his nose-rearranging foul on Hansbrough won’t do it either. You just have to wonder what kind of a creep Jim Nantz must’ve been in his previous life to get stuck with Packer and Phil Simms for six months of the year.”

  29. Dr. Seuss says:

    First time I’ve seen this..

    Here’s K’s quote last year on Jim Larranaga suspending one of his own players (in the CAA tournament) for hitting another player:

    “It sends chills through my entire body to hear what Jim did. Honestly, if he was here right now, I’d give him a big hug. We need more coaches to have the courage to step up in situations like this and say to our kids, ‘That’s wrong; I’m not making excuses for you.’ If I were in the same situation, I hope I’d be gutsy enough and strong enough to do the same thing, but I can’t swear to you that I would. If a big-name coach did something like that, people would be fitting him for sainthood by tomorrow.”

  30. Tar Heel Fan says:

    And yet when Sean Dockey afford Coach K such an opportunity by hitting Hansbrough in the face he looks the other way.

  31. LauraAnn says:

    Coach K, Duke University, and Billy Packer should be ashamed. This was intentional and done out of frustration. It is a display of bad sportsmanship and should not be tolerated from any player or team. As far as Billy F*cker, I’ve always hated him. He’s got just enough sense to keep from sh*tting on himself. He should’ve been barred from commentating a long time ago.

  32. williamodouglas says:

    One thing that I find really tiresome is this argument from Wake and State and Duke fans primarily, that if someone is running up the score on your team, you have the right to foul them really hard. K based in Carolina’s brains from 1999-2002 and we never whined about the score and I don’t recall him trying to hold the score down.

    Listen, Wake and State and Duke, if you want to hold the score down, then play harder, not rougher. Why should our reserves who rarely get to play have to take the air out of the ball.

  33. Josh Bowling says:

    Dr. Seuss, I like your first post in this blog. Well said and articulate. I still challege the notion that intent isn’t important though. I mean, if he Did mean to hit Tyler, but wasn’t able to make contact with him, I would still be equally as mad. I agree with your statement that regardless of intent, sometimes very damaging things can happen wether you Intend for them to or not. I just want to challenge the notion that Henderson did not mean to do it. I am convinced that he meant to hit Tyler. These are gifted athletes, and when they do something, it is usually because they meant to. No team is as skilled in going for loose balls than Duke. I hardly doubt that Henderson was making a play on the ball, because if he wanted to do that, he would have wound up near the ball, if not have the ball. This was a skilled play on Tyler Hansbrough. And Tyler, I am very sorry this happened to you. I feel your pain and frustration of having to listen to your own fans make excuses for Henderson’s actions. I am in the trenches with you buddy. Keep up the good work.

  34. Josh Bowling says:

    I appreciate your post William. Well said. It is great to always use past events in articulating an argument. What we experience with Duke is a cumulative effect of past events, and one must be held accountable for actions not just in the present, but in the past as well. By using both, you can see patterns of consistency in anyone. Logic and consistency are two knowns that all things must be filtered through. When you look at what transpired Sunday, does that pass the test of logic and consistency? I am convinced it does!

  35. Josh Bowling says:

    Spasm, I certainly understand your assessment of the incident. There are a lot of cases, however, of players being in similar situations, and avoiding contact altogether. Gerald had enough time while suspended in air to come down softly on Tyler. When you look at almost every blocked shot in the game, most of them are blocked way out of bounds, or down the other end of the court. If it were truely a play to block a shot, his hands would have not reached so low to the ground. Most blocked shots do not occur where Henderson’s hands are on Tyler’s nose. IMHO

  36. Richmond says:

    May I ask, How did you put these youtube videos? Do I have to upgrade my CSS?

  37. Steve Biko says:

    I didn’t see the game, unfortunately I was working and missed seeing Duke go down in flames. But I did get a chance to see the foul over the net. How is that accidental? Even if you are going up trying to block a shot, YOU WOULD KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL RIGHT!!! I mean where was he looking because it wasn’t at the ball. If you watch the clips of the foul the first thing you notice is the ball flying out of frame BEFORE he even made his downward motion towards Tyler. He came down on Tyler with full force and elbow. What the hell? I’m surprised no one snuck his azz on his way back to the bench…I must say that wouldn’t have gone down with past ‘Heel teams. Someone would have “evened the score”. I guess without much senior leadership, the boys are going to have get tougher on their own. On the other hand, I’m glad they didn’t react…we’re making a run for the championship while the Dook will be home watching…

  38. Mike White says:

    The most important piece of news from this entire episode is that Hansbrough will to be okay, and did not suffer any major injury. But now he’s going to go postal on everyone and put up 30 points and 20 rebounds per game in the postseason.


    I plan on live blooging the entire ACC tournament and as much of the NCAA Tournament as possible on my two blogs:


    All you have to do is copy the Url of the video and paste it into the following:

    And it embeds automatically.

  39. Brent says:

    March Madness, baby!

  40. Chris says:

    Let’s just hope this doesn’t give Duke the fire to run the board at the ACC tourney…
    their RPI rating is 9, for whatever that is worth.

  41. Tarheelgirl7 says:

    If GH did not mean to hurt TH like he keeps saying then why didn’t he immediately go over pat him on the butt or back and say immediately “Sorry man I’m really sorry are you ok” or something to that effect. Instead he and the rest of the Dookies just walked off like “oh well” GH and the rest of the Dookies are idots and they are lead by the head idot himselft in Coach K!!!

  42. Dr. Seuss says:


    On the video I’ve seen you can see about four dookies off to the side scurrying away like a bunch of cock roaches once TH picks himeself up off the floor. If they hadn’t, their ride back to Durham may have been in the back of an ambulance. I don’t think their are too many kids in Division I basketball that want to stand toe-to-toe with Psycho-T. I think he qualifies for a term I first heard used to describe former Seattle Supersonic Shawn Kemp.. “Man-Child”.

  43. Dr. Seuss says:

    I will say this though. One thing that does concern me just a little is that I don’t recall seeing any Carolina players come to Tyler’s aid. Dewey Burke is the only other Tarheel that I recall seeing anywhere in the clip. I’m not suggesting that we cleared our bench or anything. But the foul occured in our building in front of our bench on our “franchise” player and I feel that the dook players came to GHs aid to make sure there was no retaliation for his hard foul, and a much more timid (perhaps lame even) response from Tylers teammates on the floor for not coming to his defense. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I should go back and look at the video again… What do you guys think?

  44. Tarheelgirl7 says:

    I was listening to the Roy Williams radio show last night and of course that was the hot topic. Roy said that the Asst. Coaches or any played is allowed on the floor when something like that happens. He said at that point it is the responsibility of the Asst. Coaches NOT to let any player on the floor and he said that the players understand that rule. Roy is the only person on the bench who is allowed to be on the floor. I’m sure the kids didn’t like not being able to help TH BUT they also have the class to do what coach tells them thats has to be done.

  45. Dr. Seuss says:

    I was referring to the players that were already on the floor… as I mentioned previously, you could see a group of dook players surrounding Henderson in the lane and accompany him as they walked back towards their bench. The only UNC player I saw around Tyler was Dewey. Where were the other UNC players that were in the game?

  46. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Looking at the video when he went down Burke, Ellington were above him on the three point line. Frasor was out of the picture(probably at midcourt) and Green was on the other side of five Duke players in the lane. When he went down you see Burke and Ellington come to him immediately, Green comes around the group of Duke players under the basket and Frasor comes in after Burke was restraining him. In fact by the time Hansbrough got up Green, Ellington, and Burke were there with him. Frasor was out at midcourt and had to come back in.

  47. Brian says:

    Rat Boy said the game was over and both teams should have had the walk-ons playing. What a joke. Look at two recent blowout wins for the dookies. Against Wake, up 21 points Paulus makes a three pointer with EIGHT SECONDS left. Under a minute and McRoberts and Henderson were still in there padding the numbers as well. In the St. John’s game, up 18 under 2 minutes. Scheyer makes a hoop. Up 17 with 1:08 Henderson still in there adding to his point total (he adds a dunk with :13) and Paulus was in there with under a minute to play. These were just the two games I checked out on ESPN scoreboard and I’m sure there are plenty more.

  48. Richard says:

    Duke fans went ballistic when a Virginia Tech football player decked one of their own. Given the antics of Duke LAX, Gerald Henderson and his attempts to block a shot with a forearm directed at his opponent’s face, and the confusion at the Duke Hospital between hydraulic fluid and cleansing agents, the Devils should address their own serious flaws before pointing the accusatory finger at any other school.

    Coach K seems to have twisted this affair into one with Tyler the guilty party and Henderson the victim. He and his goons on the Duke bench might take a shot, no pun intended, at a course in Ethics in their spare time, assuming their warped sense of justice would permit them to absorb any of the content.

    I don’t know about other Tar Heel fans, but I’d rather have another shot at those bastards than win the lottery.

  49. Dr. Seuss says:

    Thanks THF that really makes me feel much much better. I know that this is the classiest program in Division I basketball, but I still feel that you have to stand your ground, especially against a bully like dook. I’m not suggesting that I wish they’d of smacked the dookies in the mouth (only because McAwful had already left the game) but at least they came to the side of their fallen comrade. If you don’t have each others backs, not much hope of any real team chemistry. One of the reason’s I was a little concerned was due to a post I read on another site. The jackass who posted the message stated that some of the players on UNC were probably glad that TH had gotten his nose busted. That TH plays as physical in practice as he does in the games and has caused some hard feelings amongst some of the other players. I’m not saying that there is or isn’t any truth in the statement. I’m sure it is very competitive and only the players and the coaching staff/managers know what really goes in practice.

  50. Dr. Seuss says:

    I like Shawn Connery’s line from The Untouchables

    “You’ve got to do it the Chicago Way. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one o’ yours to the hospital, you send one o’ his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.”

    Isn’t Krzychsxcvhgskkwsskiii from Chicago? Perhaps we need to send Elliot Ness to pay him a visit 😛

  51. Dr. Seuss says:

    yeah i know its Sean Connery.. d’oh!

  52. Dr. Seuss says:

    Sorry if you guy’s have already seen this, but I thought it was worth posting. Jim Rome’s comments from the Jim Rome show, copied from

    After seeing Duke’s Gerald Henderson bust Tyler Hansbrough in the beak and hearing Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski deny it was cheap shot, by saying, “That’s not the way he plays and not the way we play”, you have to wonder exactly what game Coach K was watching. Because that is the way Henderson plays and it is the way Coach K’s team plays. How do I know, because I have two eyes.

    Did Coach K order the code red? I really don’t know. But I know this; they got hammered by Carolina…again. And they didn’t like that Hansbrough was still on the floor late in the game and they were looking to send a message. Well, they did, with the message being, we’re not nearly the program we used to be either in ability or class.

    Krzyzewski essentially admitted it was intentional when he said, “The game was over before that. I mean the outcome of the game, let’s put it that way. That’s unfortunate, too, that those people were in the game in that play. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

    If your guy wasn’t still on the floor at the end of the game, maybe my guy wouldn’t have jacked-him in the grill. Ie. It was deliberate.

    One more question, K, if the game was over, why were you still calling time out with 50 seconds to go? If the game was over, why did you still have Hnderson on the floor. The answer is, because the game wasn’t over, and that’s why Roy Williams still had Hansbrough on the floor. You’re program is down, your team isn’t what it once was, and Carolina rolled you up again. You need to own that. And stop telling us that sort of thing doesn’t happen with your program, when it just did and everyone saw it.

  53. J Carr says:

    That was of the most vicious fouls I have ever. Billy Packer looked at it and the bloody TH and says –poor Duke they are going to be hurt by this bad call. Coach K says it couldn’t be intentional–he is not that kind of kid–and what was TH doing on the floor? Henderson said–I didn’t mean to hurt the kid.

    Now the evidence is readily available for all to see. NO ONE can look at it and say that it was not intended to do as much damage as possible to TH. The question now is why Packer, Coach K, and Henderson are silent. The answer is that what Henderson did was so terrible and their reactions so false–that all they can do is be quite and hope that this will go away. It should not go away. Some players have never been the same after a hit like that. What was that fellow’s name from UNC who tried to play on in a mask but never really played that well again?

  54. […] the video of Gerald Henderson’s attack on Tyler Hansbrough reveals a couple of unsettling points: The Foul: Frame by Frame Tar Heel Fan First, Hansbrough is fouled by another Duke player before Henderson even shows up. As a result of […]

  55. Tarheel native says:

    Congrats UNC on a tough win. Hope you feel better TH, soon.
    Duke plays as hard as the refs let them. Just like everyone else. It’s a contact sport.
    Henderson did not mean to break TH’s nose. He may have wanted to land some sort of a blow when he found himself in the air with no shot to swat, and coming down on top of TH. Probably a reflex action, either backed by frustration or the desire to block TH’s shot with intensity. It was an very unfortunate, occupational hazard. It was not a punch below the waist like Chris Paul. UNC and Duke are honorable and I enjoy watching both of these class organizations win. The coach K comment was based on the opinion that the game was done and both teams may have been better served with their stars on the bench and out of harms way. When you look at what happened, that’s exactly the truth. It had nothing to do with running up the score. To believe otherwise in any of these observations is believe the absolute worst in intentions. Roy and K are great coaches with great intentions. And they are competitive. But K is not Cheney at Temple. And Henderson is not Mike Tyson. And TH is not unaccustomed to getting banged around every game. This time it was just the fans who wanted blood. Jim Rome also criticized Duke for not retaliating against the mugging their quarterback received at Virginia Tech. He’s hardly a voice of reason. Packer too.

  56. starshine13 says:

    on your site, how do you change the part about having to put in your email (if people dont like to do that) and having to wait for posts to be moderated????

  57. starshine13 says:

    im new and i rly need help

  58. Sunil says:

    dammit henderson, this is basketball, not botched dental surgery.

  59. Josh Bowling says:

    Tar Heel Native, teams are allowed to play whoever they want and whenever they want, in so much as it is legal. That should not give anyone the propensity to strike another player. When teams go to battle, they are instructed to win, and they can do so by however much is possible. There are plenty of teams that get their butt handed to them that don’t react this way. I also challenge the notion that we were blowing them out. They Were orchestrating a comeback. We are by no means responsible for someone else’s actions. Under this philosophy, we should have not played so hard during the game and kept the game close so there wouldn’t be any feelings hurt or adverse reaction. That my friend, is not what competition is about. And it is not about a Henderson reaction either. That is why we have officials. Their duty is to allow teams to compete at a high of a level as possible, and when there is an infraction, apply the rules to the game.

  60. Josh Bowling says:

    Starshine, I am pretty new too. I am only 32 years old! Ok, 33, but still new!

  61. Chuck says:

    Billy Packer- shame on you! What game were you watching?

  62. Holmes says:

    Does anybody have memories or access to the footage of circa 91′-92′ game where the cut up Montross, its another instance of unfair coverage by announcers, this time by Dook Vitale. In the ACC tournament a few years ago when Duke played Georgia Tech for the championship, I Shit You Not, JJ Redick had Ishmael Muhammed, in a head lock on the ground for a few seconds in play view of the Ref, and the officials called a foul on Muhammed. That game ended in an 11 minute spree where Duke didn’t score a single field goal and got awarded the game by Refs who called fouls one way, it was in this streak where the officials and announcers let JJ redick choke Ish.

    Billy Packer has always been awful at giving an unbiased opinion. From Wake, hates UNC. Do you see Billy Packer on anything where he may be judged on this thoughts? He’s a commentator not an analyst. And every analyst since has said this was unacceptable, and most of the country feels like the suspension was warranted.

    Dook’s Frustrated, maybe Kryzewski can take another year off trying to find the bottom of a bottle of Pharmies…

  63. jorge says:


  64. […] The Foul: Frame by Frame I captured eight frames from the You Tube video of the CBS broadcast posted at 850 the Buzz. The only thing I will say […] […]

  65. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey Jorge, not as much as your team does. I really hope Hansbrough feels the way that he does about the issue.

  66. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Dr. Suess,

    I answered this already regarding UNC players surrounding Tyler when he went down. The blog Tar Heel Mania has a great picture of Green, Ellington, and Burke surrounding Hansbrough as he is getting up.

  67. Mark says:

    For only receiving a one game suspension, everybody should be pulling a Henderson.

  68. Dr. Seuss says:

    # Tarheel native Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    Congrats UNC on a tough win. Hope you feel better TH, soon.
    Duke plays as hard as the refs let them. Just like everyone else. It’s a contact sport.
    Henderson did not mean to break TH’s nose. He may have wanted to land some sort of a blow when he found himself in the air with no shot to swat, and coming down on top of TH. Probably a reflex action, either backed by frustration or the desire to block TH’s shot with intensity. It was an very unfortunate, occupational hazard. It was not a punch below the waist like Chris Paul. UNC and Duke are honorable and I enjoy watching both of these class organizations win. The coach K comment was based on the opinion that the game was done and both teams may have been better served with their stars on the bench and out of harms way. When you look at what happened, that’s exactly the truth. It had nothing to do with running up the score. To believe otherwise in any of these observations is believe the absolute worst in intentions. Roy and K are great coaches with great intentions. And they are competitive. But K is not Cheney at Temple. And Henderson is not Mike Tyson. And TH is not unaccustomed to getting banged around every game. This time it was just the fans who wanted blood. Jim Rome also criticized Duke for not retaliating against the mugging their quarterback received at Virginia Tech. He’s hardly a voice of reason. Packer too.

    In all honesty, that is probably the most truthful thing that has been written about this incident to date. It’s almost scary how explosive things can get when the fans start to stir the pot (i.e. inferring that K was taking a shot at Roy for having TH in the game; which in all honesty I am not yet 100% convinced he wasn’t), but nonetheless, your post is very well received by this Tarheel.

  69. Dr. Seuss says:

    Tar Heel Fan Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    Dr. Suess,

    I answered this already regarding UNC players surrounding Tyler when he went down. The blog Tar Heel Mania has a great picture of Green, Ellington, and Burke surrounding Hansbrough as he is getting up.

    I know, that is why my next post was thanking you for providing me with that information. As I said then, it made me feel much, much better knowing that the guys game to his side.

  70. Dr. Seuss says:

    But thanks for the link to the pic. I appreciate the expression on Ellington’s face.

  71. Dr. Seuss says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but with all of this bs going on, I haven’ t stopped to take the time to fully appreciate what an incredible game Tyler had. I know he hung 40pts on Ga Tech last year, but was this a career high in rebounds for TH? Regardless, as Coach said, it was a Sean May like performance. Speaking of, do you remember how Sean May had been playing for most of the year? He was having a good season, but not great. But when it mattered most, when the tourney came around he became an absolute beast in the paint. Some of the best interior play I have seen from a Carolina big man in years (not saying that he had anything on A.J though) but anyway, my point is that Tyler may be getting ready to get his freak on at just the right time. If he can go on a tear like Sean did, the Carolina Blue sky’s the limit.

  72. Tar Heel Fan says:


    They were talking about that on 620 AM today that Hansbrough had a “Sean May” like performance. He basically did whatever he wanted to do out there and no one, including Josh McRoberts who was a member of the All ACC Defensive team, could stop him.

    I would love nothing better than for him to keep rolling with that through three games this weekend.

  73. Dr. Seuss says:

    I’m just ready to put all of this negative stuff behind us and start getting amped up for this weekend’s games.

  74. CarolinaSucks says:

    Please do me a favor and find a muzzle. You guys are a bunch of cry babies that don’t have a clue. Tyler should have never been in the game PERIOD. Secondly, what the hell was he thinking. Did he think he could just go to the rim untouched? Please!!!!

    I hate that the kid got injured but a hard foul was called for there and I wouldn’t consider it a dirty play. This type of foul happens all of the time it just so happens that his nose got in the way. Quit crying and play ball!!!

  75. Dr. Seuss says:

    Dear CarolinaSucks,

    Thank you for your articulate and thought provoking commentary. May I just take a moment and say wow! Demonstrating such mastery of the English language accompanied by your razor sharp wit and obvious propensity for original insight and perspective, perhaps you should consider a career in journalism. But again, with a narrative as brilliant as the one you have provided for us, you must certainly have a doctorate in philosophical literature.

  76. Crazyhorse says:

    Clearly both sides of this incident cannot be objective, If it’s a tarheel fan Gerald Henderson is a thug in the mold of a Ron Artest and Coach K the anitchrist. If its a Duke fan, the press has unfairly villified Henderson and Coach K. As with most disagreements the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I don’t know Gerald Henderson personally, but there has been no evidence to support that he is a dirty player. I’m sure he meant to make a hard foul but didn’t have malicious intent. Hansbrough outweighs Henderson by about 30 pounds so Henderson probably went in a little harder than he should have because of Hansbroughs reputation of being such a strong player. I only wish McRoberts had some of Henderson’s toughness and heart. Coach K definitely responded poorly. He should’ve apologized for the hard foul and then said something to the effect that Henderson is a good kid who made a mistake. Because of his frustration of seeing his team manhandled, K responded like a teenager whose pride had been hurt. I’m a huge Duke fan, but I’m disapointed in the lack of consistency, toughness, and mettle of this year’s team, especially McRoberts.I’m thinking Duke will lose in the 2nd round. The tarheel on the other hand are a lock for the sweet 16 and likely a final four team if they can shore up that defense. I

  77. bwana says:

    Take comfort in the fact that Billy Packer has been on the edge and a complete homer for years.

    When I was in college, I atteded a nationally broadcast game of UVa-Ohio state during ralph sampson’s second year. UVA crushed, Ralph fouled out the buckeye front line. I called my father, who watched on tv, to see if I made it on the air.

    Dad said, no, but I would have been amazed by Packer. His comments were so amazingly pro-UVa that Packer’s partner, the late Al McGuire, said “That’s my partner, Billy Packer-and you spell that P-A-C-C-E-R”

  78. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Carolina Sucks,

    First of all, thank you for falling into Coach K’s trap of debating an aspect of the issue that is totally irrelevant. Hansbrough’s presence in the game does not, in any way, mitigate Henderson’s fault. He committed a hard foul with potentially devastating results which according to your logic would only really be wrong had it been Deon Thompson and not Hansbrough on the receving end.

    Secondly, no one expects to go the basket untouched but there is an expectation that you will not have your nose broken as well. It was over the line, Henderson was reckless, and he will pay a price for it. And since you seem to be the foremost authority on when it is acceptable for a hard foul to committed if you could please provide for us a listing of situations where such fouls are permissible and when they are not so that we might all benefit from your wisdom.

  79. Dr. Seuss says:


    My next post is one that I wrote late last night when I was tired and apparently a little cranky. I decided better not to post it. I think my hostility was inspired by a number of other posts, more so than the one this particular dookie posted here. After reading it again this morning it is decidedly a tad belligerent, albeit with just enough humor to make it possibly worth reading. Feel free to delete both of these entries if you’d like.

  80. Dr. Seuss says:

    Dear CarolinaSucks,

    Let me just say however, that I do concur with your closing sentiment of “play ball”. We will (just not on Thursday) and we did, just like we always do. Just like we did Sunday when we handed you yet another L, in providing your esteemed program with a very impressive 8-8 conference record. Perhaps you guys would be able to “play ball” if you had anyone on your team capable of doing so. To be quite honest, I’m not sure than any of your starting five would even be able to compete for playing time if they had been fortunate enough to have come under the tutelage of Coach Williams. McBob is your marquee player for cryin’ out loud! ROFLMFAO! How many games has he blown this year by missing a lay-up from point-blank? 2? 3? 4? Seriously, how many? How about in his head-to-head match up against Hansbrough (26 pts., 17 rebounds)? How were McBob’s numbers on Sunday? I’ll tell you how they were; they were laughable. If you subtract Hansbrough’s total rebounds from his total points you will get the impressive figure that was McBob’s offensive production for the day – an awe inspiring 9 pts. Tell me, was McBrat, I mean McBob crying with the family afterwards? (Wasn’t sure if he cried after ever loss, or just every time he fouls out.) I only ask you this because from your comments I am inferring that the two of you must be related, as you appear to be almost as big of a tool as he is (I normally wouldn’t put that on ANYONE, but in this instance I feel it is well deserved).

    Let me ask you one last question; How did you dookies like having your asses handed to you twice by both Maryland and UNC this year? I must say also that unless you are brining your own officials and/or shot clock operators to Tampa, I full expect Sidney Lowe and the Wolfpack to hand you yet another loss for your captain and commander to add to his record. How sad this season has been for you all. Maybe McBob can get a spot in one of those Kleenex commercials.

    Hold on, I’ve got to revisit something one last time; Hansbrough: 26 pts., 17 rebounds – McBob: First Team All ACC defensive player… Hahahahaha! He is the best you have to offer?! ROFLMFAO! Hahahahaha! What a joke the dook basketball program has become. Such a shame.

    Just a suggestion, but before you initiate a verbal volley with people you don’t know, perhaps you should bring more to table than your curiously strong affection for Coach Kryzcshsyzechsyzrshitskii and your pathetic and unbridled propensity for talking out of your ass (Wait…, are you one of those guy’s in the new ESPN ads?)

  81. esroberto says:

    Packer aspires to being the worst sportscaster in history. Henderson’s swipe had nothing to do with the ball. If anything, Henderson looks down and away from his crime immediately after committing it. I don’t think he meant get TH as hard as he did, but he most certainly meant to get him. It almost looks like a play of desperation out of Henderson’s anger with himself FOR NOT GETTING TO THE BALL IN TIME TO BLOCK IT ANYWAY. The ball had already been blocked by the Dookie right behind TH and was on its way out of the frame before Henderson made his move. I also see that TH’s momentum drove him towards Henderson’s elbow. Watching Henderson’s facial expressions throughout the entire video, he doesn’t seem particularly belligerent.

    But Packer is still a pathetic joke of a sportscaster.

  82. Chris says:

    Alright take a closer look at the frame by frame…Like I have told many people, the players go up to rebound and try to GRAB the ball outa the air…and when your playing that fast…you cant slow yourself down. It all happens so fast. So before all you UNC fans jump to conclusion…Look at it all over again, but honestly your not gona change your mind because yall are stuck up UNC and Hansbroken Nose’s ass. R Williams, Hansbrough, Henderson, and Coach K ALL said it wasnt intentional. You can say it was on purpose but your lyin to yourself, and just bein stubborn because your a UNC fan. And I am sorry that you are a UNC fan.

  83. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Point out where I have asserted I thought it was intentional. That is the one thing everyone keeps pointing to when that is not the issue. The issue is Henderson was reckless and he committed an egregiously hard foul which broke someone’s nose . It does not matter whether it was intended or not, it is what it is. He did it, he was ejected and suspended.

  84. Josh Bowling says:

    I don’t agree with the assertion that the truth always “lies in the middle”. If that were the case, a judge in the court of law would never be able to come to a conclusion. The middle is where people who can’t present a good argument in a debate wind up. I have stated in earlier post that I have come to my conclusion by weighing, looking at, and evaluating the evidence at hand, and thus drew my conclusion. Someone try to win the debate with me on that one. Usually one side is right, and the other is wrong. In very few cases is truth in the middle, unless you are someone who is spineless, don’t have enough evidence in your debate, don’t have all the facts, and fail to make a compelling argument. For those of you, you will love the middle. There is also a desire among people to be deemed intelligent by wanting to be percieved as “above the frey” “neuonced” “above partisan bickering”. All terms that describe people who think it is noble to not take a definite side for fear of being looked at as biased or less intelligent. Great achievments come by taking a definite side(stance). The beloved “middle” so to speak never come to a conclusion with conviction, so they remain there, flowing with an everchanging wind direction, doing what is only percieved as popular. When someone brings a good argument to the table, I will likely be influenced, until someone brings a more compelling one, then I may be swayed to accepting that one. But when an argument is presented to me, and all the facts and evidence are at hand, and irrefutable points are made, those will be the arguments that stick with me because you have filtered out everything else and only logic and consistency remain in that argument.

  85. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey Chris. What all these people you quoted said is irrelevant. Why are they more qualified to make an assertion than we are? As a matter of fact, Tyler didn’t even see GH when that play began. Neither did Roy or Coach K. Most of us have looked at the film probably more often than they did. We are no less qualified than those that you quoted to say if it was intentional or unintentional. I think you are lying to yourself Chris. Tell me what compelling evidence you have to give me to convince me that it was unintentional, besides someone else’s Quotes! Was it the way Henderson conducted himself after the incident? Was it the way Tyler mildly responded? Was it Coach K’s thoughts on the play? Was it the way Billy Packer called it? Was it the way Henderson referred to Tyler as “THE KID”. Was it the way Henderson was looking at Tyler as he went in his direction with an extended arm with force? Was it all that which led to your conclusion that We are lying to ourselves by thinking that it may be intentional?

    Have a good one Chris!

  86. Dr. Seuss says:

    opinion: a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

    Everybody has one of these. It takes no degree of intelligence or education to form one; which has been quite obvious by many of the posts I have read including the one posted here by Chris. Even GH himself may not know for certain what his intentions were at that particular moment in time. Haven’t all of us at least SAID something that later we’re not sure whether we actually meant to say or not. It probably took us longer to verbalize that than it did for GH to do what he did. I’ve given my OPINION on what I thought, but again, it is just that an, opinion. It is futile to continue discussing the issue as there is no way to conclusively determine his intentions. I honestly don’t see the merits. If however, you would like to here to hear Coach Bo Ryan, of the Wisconsin Badgers opinion (and I know of no reason why he would have a bias either way), go to the link below.

  87. Slowman says:

    I believe GH may have been a good kid before being exposed the Duke style of defense Coach K installed when he arrived in Durham. Before he arrived hand checking was often called as a foul.Remember K. is a product of the Bobby Knight school of coaching. The defensive style is very aggressive, bordering on thuggishness.K. was been able to intimidate the officials into permitting this thuggish behavior.[In fact at the first TV time of the UNC-Duke game he spent more time with the officials then with his players.] If GH has been influenced enough to perform an act like this after only one season with Coach telling what he will be like in the future. Playing K.ball with the K.thugs

  88. […] conduct prior to their championship win in ‘92 and Billy Packer’s shameless support (reference the video in this blog) despite the fact he’s a national announcer on a major network, who should be unbiased. I […]

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