Does Billy Packer Enjoy Being Hated?

I have not delved too much into the Billy Packer aspect of “The Foul” mainly because it was an irrelevant point.  However as a general commentary about Packer himself I have come to the conclusion that he enjoys being hated.  Sunday was another example in his long career of taking up for the side of the argument which will draw the most ire from the fans.  Now, if you watch the CBS video, Packer immediately asserts that it was not an intentional foul and that Henderson was going for the ball.  You can argue this is honest opinion, which is one of his more endearing qualities.  I would argue that Packer loves being on the other side of the argument from everyone else.  Just consider in the past 12 months he has complained heavily about the inclusion of mid-majors in the NCAA Tournament, reopened a controversy that was 12 years buried, and now he takes the side of the argument which causes everyone else in the known world to call him a moron.

Of course this is nothing new.  I grew up watching Packer and remember my father distinctly telling me that not only did Packer dislike UNC but also the ACC in general.  The question is why would Packer make such a persistent effort to be something everyone dislikes?  The simple answer is relevance and monopoly.  The more Packer is hated, the more his name is out there and he is discussed on message board and blogs.  The other side of it is he sitting in the middle of a monopoly.  He is a analyst for ACC broadcasts and the NCAA Tournament and no matter how much he might suck as an analyst, it will not affect the ratings because people are going to watch anyway.  So short of him sexually harassing someone he will be sitting in that analyst chair from now until the end of time.

Therefore in light of Packer’s obvious need to have people hate him in order to garner more attention for himself I will no longer refer to him by name on this blog.  From this point forward Billy Packer will be referred to as [UNNAMED ANALYST].


17 Responses to Does Billy Packer Enjoy Being Hated?

  1. Chuckheel says:

    Unnamed analyst is good, but I’ve got another one for you…. How about….
    The Analyst Formerly Known as A$$h@le.
    Now a question for you THF because me and my wife were discussing it after the game. Don’t you think if the roles were reversed and it was Hansbrough flattening Henderson, that Packer would have been calling for Hansbrough to get arrested for assault after the game?
    I think this goes to my long held theory and it goes to college basketball and NBA refs in general. They naturally take the side of the smaller player, beliving the bigger or taller player has an unfair advantage given to him by nature, so they allow more contact on bigger players than they do younger players.
    Do you agree?

  2. Chuckheel says:

    Sorry, it was supposed to be SMALLER players not younger players there at the end…
    Forgive me..

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think if the roles had been reversed, you would have gotten a whole slate of articles about whether or not Tyler’s play is too aggressive and too physical. I also think a few people would have raised the possibility that ACC officials are not doing their job in controlling the physical play in the ACC and more specifically that of Hansbrough.

    And you are probably correct in saying that if a bigger player had hit a smaller player it would have raised a firestorm over the bigger player picking on someone smaller etc, etc, etc

  4. Mark says:

    There are people saying Hansbrough is too aggressive?

    Packer probably would have barely kept his glee over a Hansbrough suspension to himself.

    Refs factor size into the equation when making a decision about a foul, I think it’s nearly impossible not to reflexively think, “that little guy couldn’t have knocked down the big guy” and then call a blocking foul.

  5. williamodouglas says:

    To be fair, who was the only analyst willing to point out that Illinois’ comeback was based on illegal picks? Who was the only analyst willing to point out Duke’s hypocrisy over the losses in 1995?

    He also is just about the only analyst who actually analyzes plays and screens and defensive sets, while Vitale is yelling and screaming about things that have nothing to do with the game or people he had lunch with in 1991.

    I agree that Packer enjoys stirring up the pot, but I also think that he is beginning to have some memory lapses and the like. He called Rich Yonaker, Yonkers or some such thing before correcting himself.

    Why do you let him get to you? He’s not anti-Carolina. Wake hates him just as much. I guess he is just like Bill Clinton. For some reason, Packer just drives people nuts.

    Remember the movie “Die Hard” when the wife tells the other hostages that her husband (Bruce Willis) is still alive and they say, “but how do you know?” And she says, “only he could make someone that mad.”

    That’s Billy Packer for you guys.

  6. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    I have long suspected Packer is no fan of UNC. In that same group of anti-UNC commentators I’d also definitely add Digger Phelps.

  7. williamodouglas says:

    I think Digger is funny.

    I mean, guys, Carolina sells more merchandise than any other program. We have more good players in the NBA than anybody. We have beaten Duke four out of five. We have more titles than Duke and we’ve won more recently We finished number 1 in the ACC and we are ranked number 1 in the nation in both Pomeroy and Sagrin. We are going to be outstanding next year as well and have another great class coming in the year after that. Things are pretty good. I hardly think that UNC is put upon by the nation’s media.

    The more that K keeps denying this Henderson thing, the worse it looks for his program. Don’t anybody think that this is not a major embarrassment and a huge black eye for Duke, as they get ready to inaugurate the Coach K Center for Athletic Excellence. People besides rabid Duke haters have seen that play and have come away with a new opinion of K and his program.

  8. williamodouglas says:

    Here’s one lambasting Packer. Enjoy:

  9. David W says:

    I vote that Billy Packer now be referred to as SEPTIC TANK given that they both are full of large amount of decaying feces.

  10. Josh Bowling says:

    William, that was a great reference to a great movie. I love that line! Sadly, I know my wife feels the same way about me. If there is an intense debate going on somewhere, somehow in my wife’s eyes, I must have started it. Only I can invigorate such anger in a debate that would have otherwise been a nice conversation over hot tea. Once again, that is a great line.

  11. Josh Bowling says:

    As much as Packer angered me, in retrospect, I am glad he had the air time. I do not want to criminalize someone for saying how they feel. However, you have to be willing to accept the responsibility that goes along with that. I like the idea that someone can say their thoughts, and let everybody else’s resonse be the “checks and balances”. Because Packer spoke his mind, we all have had the pleasure to have him revealed for what he really is. Now if we were to criminalize people’s thoughts, he would have never said those things, and many people would think he is just a color commentator handing us the truth. But because he was given the opportunity to speak his mind, we have the pleasure of having his bias revealed.

  12. Chris says:

    I think Packer thinks he’s just a little bit smarter than everyone else, and doesn’t really care what we think. In fact, I think he probably enjoys all the controversy he has partly created and loves the publicity. Our best move would be to move on, accept the fact that he’s a jerk, and deny him the pleasure of us talking so much about him. He’s not worth it.

  13. Wayne says:

    w o douglas — The Chick Yonakor thing: Packer was talking about Rich Yunkas, who played for Georgia Tech 1969-71 and for some inexplicable reason Packer said “Yonakor” instead of saying “Yunkus”. I hesitate to mention that a lot of things Packer says are inexplicable.

  14. williamodouglas says:

    That wasn’t even the worse one. With both him and Lunquist, sometimes I sort of feel sorry for them because it seems like they are slipping a little.

    I think that maybe if they had had Rogaine back when Billy Packer was coming up, he might not have turned out so obnoxious.

  15. Wayne says:

    Wonder how many of the readers will remember (or even know) that Packer used to announce Putt-Putt tournaments?

  16. Mr. Cash says:

    And how about the Mr. Ca$h commercials? Nothing like preying on poor people to line your pockets.
    Putt-Putt was his finest hour.

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