#9 Florida State vs #1 UNC

What: ACC Tournament Quarterfinal
Where: St. Petersburg Times Forum, Tampa Bay, FL
When: March 9th, 12:00 PM
Records: UNC 25-6; Florida State 20-11
ACC Tournament Results: UNC-Bye, FSU-def. Clemson 67-66

I was probably not the only UNC fan hoping that Al Thornton would miss the second free throw and essentially force overtime just to wear either team out more. Not that UNC should need either team worn out more but every edge helps in tournament play. As we found out yesterday with Maryland, momentum and playing well prior to the beginning of tournament play means absolutely nothing. So let’s put aside for the moment how well UNC played last Sunday against Duke and let’s also put aside whatever might be left hanging out there from “The Foul.” UNC comes into this game needing to capture that momentum and executing according to the talent level on the team. One issue UNC will face with a boatload of youngsters is a matter of nerves being in the ACC Tournament. There is also some expected tightness for UNC which will not be the case for FSU who had a game to loosen up today. The other side of that coin is FSU has to play back-to-back against a team who has exceptional depth.

Al Thornton is really dangerous in this game. He had 25 points and 11 rebounds against Clemson, FSU needs this win to try and secure an NCAA bid and Thornton just might be a little peeved that Jared Dudley was named POY over him. The point is, UNC cannot afford to play around with FSU. I think it is paramount to come out and play top notch early on in the game on both ends. And while I know Roy does not put a lot of stock in the ACC Tournament, in this case it is imperative for #1 seeding in the NCAA Tournament. I also think it has been too long since we won it.

UNC 88 FSU 65

6 Responses to #9 Florida State vs #1 UNC

  1. C. Michael says:

    I’m confused. Hamilton gets a T but where are UNC’s free throws?

  2. C. Michael says:

    Nevermind, Two shots to start the second half.

  3. Dr. Seuss says:

    Tyler’s hindered performance whether due to the mask or the injury itself, is somewhat concerning not just for this game, but especially in the Big Dance. Not sure we’re going to advance very far with 2 pt./ 3 rb halves from Tyler. He can’t even bend down to pick up loose balls in traffic for fear of catching an inadvertent elbow in the face. (this freakin’ blows!!!) Not making excuses; with the talent we have, esp. with our bigs, we should be able to over come a sub par performance from TH for a game or so. But as for the rest of March… like I said, I’m a little concerned. The thing that really ticks me off is that he was playing his best basketball of the season 😦

  4. C. Michael says:

    he won’t have to wear it by the second weekend of the tourney. possibly the first.

  5. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    Hansbrough will be fine, once he stops wearing the mask. The great thing about today’s game was the scoring by our outside players, especially Ellington, but also Lawson and Terry. If they keep that up our bigs will be free inside – not a pretty picture for our opponents.

  6. buckFush says:

    sorry to be the bearer of bad news fellas, but my daughter broke her nose last year at the start of soccer season, and had to wear one for 6 weeks. I knew this would be mis-read when I heard announcers debating whether he might even wear it at all. Problem is that when the nose is broken or cracked, it becomes unstable, and highly susceptible to dis-figurement. He (and we) better get used to it, cause it’s in place for the remainder of this season. Tyler will adapt, and it looked like the rest got the message they have to step it up.

    Side note–anybody else notice had badly Singletary (UVa) carries the ball on his dribble?
    Thought that was a point of emphasis this season…guess not.

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