ACC Tournament Quarterfinals: Preview

#1 UNC vs. #9 Florida State, 12:00 PM

The question is whether a young Tar Heel team can come out loose and recapture the way they played against Duke after a week of distractions over the foul. Hansbrough will be wearing a mask which probably will not matter. FSU’s Al Thorton is primed to score points, the question is whether anyone else will. UNC needs to play well early and take away any confidence the Noles might have.

UNC 88 FSU 65

#4 Boston College vs #12 Miami, 2:30 PM

So can Miami do what Wake Forest did a year ago and win two straight games from the #12 slot? It is clear they seem to match well with Maryland since they beat the twice. Where BC is concerned, Miami lost by 19 at Chestnut Hill then had the Eagles pull away late to win by seven. Granted this has little bearing on tomorrow since I fully expect BC to play well enough to handle Miami who I think will be a bit hungover from knocking off Maryland.

BC 77 Miami 62

#2 Virginia vs #10 NC State, 7:00 PM

This is a game NC State can win. First of all, Brandon Costner looks very much like a player who is out to prove something. Maybe it was the ROY going to Brandan Wright, who knows, but Duke did not have an answer all game long Thursday night. The second factor is Engin Atsur who not only will be tasked to guard Sean Singletary but is also a handful offensively speaking. Beyond that it will be incumbent upon guys like J.R. Reynolds or Mamadi Diane to push the UVa offense. NC State continues to show the ability to shoot extremely well and if they do so again, you almost have to like them in this game. That being said, UVa should be able to shake off the cobwebs in time to pull this one out.

UVa 73 NC State 67

#3 Virginia Tech vs #11 Wake Forest, 9:30 PM

Considering that (1) Wake Forest is still the 11 seed and (2) They will be dead from having taken two overtimes to beat Georgia Tech in a game that ended shortly before 1 AM it is pretty clear what the Hokies will do with them.

Virginia Tech 82 Wake Forest 55


3 Responses to ACC Tournament Quarterfinals: Preview

  1. Chris says:

    I guess I’ll stop spouting off about how dangerous Duke could be in the bracket………

  2. C. Michael says:

    1993: Nat. Champs
    1994: Round 32
    1995: Final 4
    1996: Round 32
    1997: Final 4
    1998: Final 4
    1999: Never happened
    2000: Final 4
    2001: Round of 32
    2004: Round of 32
    2005: Nat. Champs
    2006: Round of 32

    I know it is a week early, but I hadn’t realized that UNC hasn’t lost a game in teh 2nd weekend of the Tourney in the last 14 years.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    “1999 Never happened”

    I feel the same way.

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