Heels #1 Seed in the East

Thank goodness they are using the traditional regional names again. If you ask me why it is important UNC is the #1 seed, my answer is that they have never won a title without being a #1 seed so from a historical perspective this is how UNC tends to get it done. Obviously the ACC title helped secure the top seeding and rightfully so since the ACC got seven teams into the tournament.

Now, my initial reaction to any bracket UNC is in is to look at it and get anxious about the match-ups down the line. Then again what is the point? In 2005, UNC did not play a team they were supposed to play until the title game. All that means is that while I could complain about Texas being the #4 seed why bother since it is possible that Texas will not be there come the second weekend. That being said, no I am not thrilled with the possibility of a Sweet Sixteen game with Texas because of the Kevin Durant Factor. And why does the selection committee seemed obsessed with putting Michigan State on the same line as UNC? UNC played the Spartans in the Final Four in 2005, had them as a potential second round match-up in 2006 before getting George Mason, and this season they are sitting down there a #9 pitted against #8 Marquette. The #2 seed, Georgetown is vastly improved over the past three months, but at the same time I do not find them to be a #2 seed which necessarily scares me senseless.

However, if you were watching the CBS Selection Show, Seth Davis was pretty much writing UNC off by putting Texas in the Elite Eight and calling Georgetown “one of the best two seeds I have ever seen” Holy crap, based on what? And while I am not one to play the “disrespect” card but might I point out that Davis basically handed the region to someone besides UNC without any thought. The last I checked UNC was the #1 seed in the East which usually tends to mean they are the best team of the 16 seeded there. Does it mean they will win? Of course not, but I just think shoving them off the train almost out of hand is a little dishonest intellectually speaking. What it boils down to is Davis is jumping on the Kevin Durant bandwagon which is just plain lazy.

The first game for UNC versus Eastern Kentucky should be zero trouble since the Colonels were not even the best team in their conference during the regular season. After that the road might get bumpy.


8 Responses to Heels #1 Seed in the East

  1. williamodouglas says:

    Exactly. First of all the Big 12 is not that good. Second, as you said, in 2005 everyone was ready for us to play UConn and Kansas and we saw how that ended.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    The Kevin Durant Bandwagon is going to be a point of annoyance until they are eliminated. It reeks of laziness on the part of analysts to assume Durant can repeat what Danny Manning did 19 years ago. Texas lost multiple games this season to a host of teams far worse than UNC. Texas could come up and beat UNC, but please let’s act like UNC is the #1 and Texas is the #4 not vice versa.

  3. C. Michael says:

    To me, Texas is no scarier than Arizona. Talented starting five. No Bench. No Defense. Capable of beating anyone on a given night, but more capable of beating themselves.

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  5. Josh Bowling says:

    Texas is scary to me. They are more than K. Durant. They are Augustine as well. He is a heck of a pg, and will be a difficult matchup. Georgetown has great bigs, although not quite as good as ours. I just dislike having to play teams that have had great second half of season. I would rather play a team that doesn’t have all of that momentum. But I am convinced our heels can beat anyone in the country though. Let’s not get too carried away with Wright leaving. He would greatly increase his stock by waiting until Oden and Durant are out of the way. I think next year would be a better choice for him. Just my opinion.

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    Speaking of Wright. Did anyone hate to see him get tournament mvp? I did. I want him to stay low-key as possible. This just might be enough for him to believe he has the clout to be a top pick. Dangit!

  7. hhn111 says:

    I love the UNC bracket. Tough opponents that will keep the players’ focus. If UNC keep playing D like they did this weekend, they will be a tough match for anyone with the way they can score. Having Hansbrough rough up may turn out to be a blessing for the Heels as he can focus on rebounding and make the other players contribute on offense. The Heels really had a team contribution this weekend.

  8. williamodouglas says:

    Pomeroy has Texas rated 16, which would make them more responsibly a #4. They essentially have 1impressive win this year, versus Texas A&M at home, in double overtime and a couple of impressive losses to Kansas. Pomeroy has them rated behind Duke, Georgia Tech and Maryland and their conference was ranked behind the Missouri Valley Conference this year, as 7th best overall.

    2007 College Basketball RPI by Conference

    The NCAA ranks conferences by average overall RPI.

    Through games of Sunday, March 11
    Average Avg Non-Conf Average Rankings of Members
    Rnk Conference W-L Pct Overall RPI SOS (Rank) Non-Conf RPI Hi Lo Avg Median
    1 Atlantic Coast Conference 132-33 .800 .5817 .5142 ( 8) .5741 ( 2) 3 157 55 43
    2 Southeastern Conference 127-38 .770 .5814 .5291 ( 2) .5789 ( 1) 6 114 55 53
    3 Pac 10 Conference 90-26 .776 .5699 .5143 ( 7) .5671 ( 3) 2 221 75 52
    4 Big Ten Conference 116-38 .753 .5693 .5151 ( 6) .5620 ( 5) 1 199 76 44
    5 Big East Conference 159-54 .746 .5589 .5033 (14) .5455 ( 7) 5 215 84 62
    6 Missouri Valley Conference 79-32 .712 .5583 .5161 ( 5) .5659 ( 4) 7 139 80 92
    7 Big XII Conference 119-40 .748 .5566 .4978 (16) .5491 ( 6) 11 237 85 74
    8 Mountain West Conference 81-33 .711 .5512 .4904 (20) .5381 ( 8) 10 183 92 106
    9 Western Athletic Conference 68-51 .571 .5235 .5070 (13) .5235 ( 9) 23 305 131 98
    10 Atlantic 10 Conference 98-83 .541 .5145 .5120 (10) .5139 (11) 33 278 142 108

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