Further Thoughts About UNC-Eastern Kentucky

I am still trying to figure out what happened last night and why the Heels looked so incredibly good for the first 10 minutes where the pushed out to a 27 point lead and then had that middle stretch which saw Eastern Kentucky to rally back to within four.  I know as well as anyone it is not hugely indicative of anything later in the tournament but it was a little disturbing considering how much UNC was in control.  Here are my leading thoughts on the issue.

1. The Tar Heel players being as young as they are tend to take their foot off the gas.  It is almost like they expected the Colonels to roll over and take it for the final 30 minutes.

2. The Eastern Kentucky settled down and started to run their offense quite well which seemed to confuse the Heels, especially where the backdoor cuts were concerned.

3. As much as Roy loves to sub freely, I think shuffling so many players in and out may have created some difficulty in picking up on and defending the EK offensive set.  There was a hint that everyone was not on the same page as to what they should be doing in defending against Eastern Ky spread offense.

4. Reyshawn Terry is showing that he can be the major X factor.  He has been hot since he came into the game against NC State and rattled off eight straight points.  If he shoots like that, it will be huge.

5. If the Heels play like they did in the first 10 minutes against Michigan State it will be like the second half in 2005.


5 Responses to Further Thoughts About UNC-Eastern Kentucky

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    On one play in particular, your point about line-up shuffling showed—it was a back-door on Thompson, as he was trying to pressure up top, and got burned on a cut. Difficult to instantly adapt to the flow of the game. What I liked about Rey against State, was in how he had absolutely NO trepidation about taking over—no jawing/gesturing or smack-talk–you could just see it in his demeanor–time to take care o bidness!

  2. Lake says:

    If we can slow down Neitzel, whom qualifies for the dubious honor of “Player That Goes Off Against UNC”, then I think the MSU game will be MUCH easier. I wouldn’t be surprised to see MSU go zone against us and let Wayne/Rey/Wes try and beat us instead of Tyler/Brandan.

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    MSU scared me after their game with Marquette. We definetely can’t have a let down against them. I am convinced that we will play a more even kiled game against them. Hopefully we will get out to a comfortable lead early, and maintain by 10-15 most of the way. What kind of matchups do you think have the most potential to disrupt MSU? Defense and offense?

  4. Josh Bowling says:

    It seems to me as if around mid-season, Lawson seemed a little hesitant to be aggressive. But he has turned the jets on in the second half of ACC season. I am not worried about any other team’s strategy of pressing. Ty can beat the press. Our shooters better be on. If they try to zone us, ty has ability to go to basket, but the defense will collapse on him after he gets in painted area, the shooters will have to be ready on the spot to receive the ball. Just for the sake of keeping my post consistant with the topic, I do not expect a mental let down by our guys this game. They were all “big-stagers” in HS. Although this is new, they are accustomed to playing under such conditions. I expect them to adequately rebound from the last game.

    GO Heels

  5. Dr. Seuss says:

    Yeah after Thurs. night, I think our guys are going to be out to prove that they can keep their foot on the gas till the buzzer sounds. The better be. Mich St. is not exactly the best match up for the Heels. We are a much better team, but we are also a much better team than Va Tech with whom we also did not match up well with. The Spartans are a pretty solid rebounding team which means that one of big advantages that we usually enjoy will be mitigated somewhat. Second, as mentioned above, they will most likely be playing a lot of zone so Terry, Miller, Ellington, Ty, Frasor and any one else is going to have to hit some outside shots. I watched their game against Wisc earlier this year and they solid defensively in the middle, granted that weren’t defending TH and BW. Other than rebounding, and a zone defense, the third thing that seems to cause some trouble for this years Heels is if our opponent has a good ball handler(s) in their backcourt. Without being able to force some turnovers, its difficult for us to dictate pace and we absolutely do not want to get into a half court game with this Izzo team. I know Neitzel can hit some big clutch 3s, but I am not sure if he is a good ball handler or not. Anyone have a scouting report on their backcourt?

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