Let Us Take A Moment…

…and enjoy the fact that Duke has been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament in the 1st round with their fourth straight loss. And to celebrate here is a brief look at one of the most atrocious attempts to flop and draw a foul I think I have ever seen.

So long Duke…see you next year.

One more thing…

I heard several folks say, “Wow, Duke lost in the 1st round…the NCAA Tournament will not be the same without them.”  And they are absolutely right.  What ever shall we do next Thursday/Friday without Duke choking in the Sweet Sixteen because their best shooter can hit the broadside of a barn with a sawed off shotgun.


38 Responses to Let Us Take A Moment…

  1. williamodouglas says:

    Now, it’s time for Bill Self and KU to go down.

  2. 52BigGameJames says:

    LOL THF–thanks for that! Coach K you should really be proud of your product this year, and this is more visible evidence. Have a nice (long) off-season–see ya!

  3. Dr. Seuss says:

    Although it may not be palatable for some who are easily offended, I thought this video on You Tube was hilarious.

  4. Dr. Seuss says:


    1) Coach K’s post game comments

    2) A picture of Sheyer’s bloody face (Karma is a funny thing is it not)

    3) A player on Dook’s roster that will make it to the NBA

  5. Dr. Seuss says:

    As Dook fails to win one game in this year’s NCAA Tournament (actually in this entire post season), our Commander in Chief, Coach Roy Williams, has just passed his mentor, the Legendary Dean Smith, in consecutive NCAA Tournaments with a least one win (18). Congratulations Coach.

    Subnote: Does anyone know the last time Dook lost their last four games of the season (or is more than four? it’s kinda hard to keep up when you are losing several times a week for several weeks in a row)

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    They have lost four straight. MD, UNC, NCSU, and VCU.

    I cannot find where it happened in the K era, they had three in a row to finish the season in 1995-96 and 1982-83.

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    If all of those Duke recruits come to fruition over the next two years, they will be an automatic ACC winner and tournament #1 seed for several years. We still stand a chance if Tyler is a 4 year guy and we get 3 out of Lawson, Wright, and Ellington,Ginyard and Frasor. The scary thing is that I looked at scout.com, and they only have us getting a recruit worth mentioning in 2009. And at that, it is not the typical top 25 that we have gotten since Roy came to town. Our last two classes have been great, if not excellent. I don’t see that happening again til at least 2010-according to scout.com. Duke however, is racking up on the players in the top 25. So let’s really enjoy this year’s Duke team!!!

  8. Dr. Seuss says:

    Josh I have looked at Scout.com also, but thought we had some pretty good prospects for 2008:

    Tyreke Evans #1 SG

    Samardo Samuels #1 C

    Larry Drew #2 PG

    Jrue Holiday #2 SG

    Just to name a few.
    Ellington should blossom into an outstanding perimeter player. And yes I actually believe that Deon Thompson has the potential to be another Sean May. Not to mention the remaining players on the roster that also includes redshirt freshman forward William Graves. I feel that we pretty much have the bases covered from the paint to the perimeter with the cast of current players and the 2008 prospects. And with all the bad press Duke is getting with it’s woeful season, the Henderson incident, and the rape scandal, some parents may prefer to put their kids in the hands of another athletic program than the one in Durham NC.

  9. Dr. Seuss says:

    Didn’t mean to leave out Devlon Roe #3 PF

    From Rivals.com

    “As for Kansas and Delvon Roe, not much of a chance there. Roe is practically signed, sealed and delivered to North Carolina. It is supposed to be just a matter of time before a North Carolina commitment becomes official. This has been the word since the holidays, and North Carolina has only strengthened its position with Roe.”

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I heard Dave Telep(Scout.com) on 850 last week and he indicated that UNC looked like they were heading for another excellent class in 2008. He said Roe being at the Duke game wearing UNC gear pretty much tells you what is happening there. I also think they are in the mix for several others that should end up committing.

    Of course Ohio State already has FOUR recruits committed for 2008. Thad Matta is working some serious recruiting magic in Columbus.

  11. Dr. Seuss says:

    Coach Williams, if nothing else is know as a recruiting phenom. Not sure what his role at UNC under Dean was, but we had quite a bit of talent while we was an assistant here (MJ, Sam Perkings, Worthy, etc., etc.) And how about at Kansas (Paul Pierce Raef LaFrentz, Nick Collison, etc.). Matt Dougherty was an assistant at Kansas at the time. And what did Matt do with what he learned under Coach Williams? He recruited Sean May, Raymond Felton, Rashad McCants, etc. that Coach Williams turned into a National Championship Team. Coach Williams always seems to find himself on a team with exceptional talent (I don’t think that is by accident). We shouldn’t be even the least bit concerned about talent coming in to the UNC Basketball program as long as he is at the helm.

  12. Dr. Seuss says:


    Is there anyway to paste an image here?
    Like this one:

  13. Dr. Seuss says:


    You should temporarily suspend Josh Bowling for the comment “If all of those Duke recruits come to fruition over the next two years, they will be an automatic ACC winner and tournament #1 seed for several years.”


    just kidding Josh Bowling 😉

  14. 52BigGameJames says:

    lol–wtf were McRob & Paulus in HS…chopped liver? They just haven’t panned out as the Sages predicted. The era of K’s dominance is over folks. Will they continue to be a good team? Of course, but there’s a new Sheriff in town now who ain’t skeered o Dook.

  15. Josh Bowling says:

    I wasn’t by any means trying to insinuate that we be scared of Duke. I just know they will be on the rebound after this year. Hey, I would love to see their new recruits come in and do very little like this year’s class. And it might be possible it happens that way. I also wasn’t challenging R. Williams’ recruiting style. He gets great players almost on every scholarship he dishes out. It’s just until 2010, I don’t see this kind of talent coming in. Although a lot can change when that time comes. What is considered to be a 25 pick in 2009, could be a top 10 pick by the time that the season gets here. For us to be competitive, I feel like we have to retain our Freshmen for 3 years, and have Tyler,Ginyard,Frasor stick around for seniorship, that’s all.

    Thanks for not flaming!

  16. Dr. Seuss says:


    You keep saying not until 2009 or 20110… Do you not think the 2008 recruits referenced above are noteworthy? They are ranked among the top in the nation at their positions? See link below.


  17. Dr. Seuss says:


    I am almost certain that we have Tyler far at least one more year. I’m about 50/50 on Lawson coming back next year; that may depend on how we fair in the Tourney. We should be able to keep the rest of the team at least through their junior year (with the obvious exception of Wright who is gone after this season no matter what happens). If Thompson develops like I hope he will (bare in mind he has only been playing basketball for a few short years) we have a very promising inside out game in the making with he and Ellington in the mix. Both of those guys will probably be NBA prospects at some point, but neither will have the size or particular skill set that would warrant leaving before their junior season. With a little luck, we may even be able to keep the two of them together for all 4yrs (yeah I know, wishful thinking). I just think at this point, the cup is looking at least three quarters full.

  18. 52BigGameJames says:

    Dr. Seuss: have you got a link to info re: Wright going pro after this season? I keep hearing this, but am not sure what it’s predicated on. If it was last night’s game, his stock sure dropped a bunch. Agree with you on Thompson however–he reminds a lot of Brand.

  19. Dr. Seuss says:

    Word on the street is…

    He has one goal and one goal only, to get his family out the neighborhood that they live in Nashville. No matter that he could get even more $ if he stayed another year, the money he could get NOW is enough to get his FAMILY out of that neighborhood NOW.

    After signing Wright, Coach Williams said something to the effect that he wished all of his recruiting was as easy as Brandon Wright because he had a plan and it was all business and required no pampering. Have you noticed how stoic he is during and after games… all business. Have you also noticed how little Coach Williams has criticized BW over ther course of the season, even when many of us fans were complaining about his apparent lack of effort on defense, or his lack of aggressiveness/passion.

    I am inferring that his mindset is that he is not going to get hurt and keep from being able to rescue his family from the slums of Nashville, no matter what. That is not to say that he does not care about UNC basketball, but merely that he has an opportunity (and in his mind an obligation) to save his family from potential tragedy at all cost. If he were to come back next year, and a tragedy were to visit upon his family, one that would have been avoided if they were living in another neighborhood… I think you get the picture. I have heard this from a number of friends and alumni who are members of various UNC websites, etc. He is absolutely gone after this season and this was a fully disclosed understanding between he and Coach Williams from the very beginning.

    That’s the word on the street anyway…

  20. Dr. Seuss says:


    Just read your post again.. I missed the final sentence before. I had not thought of the Brand comparison. That’s is exactly the style of play that I think his game will resemble , even more so than May’s.

  21. Dr. Seuss says:

    Or perhaps a cross between the two…
    even more ‘Brilliant!”

  22. Dr. Seuss says:

    One thing I would really really like to see, and I’m hoping Ellington will be the answer, is a top notch perimeter threat. There was McCants, who was great but streaky. There was Forte but.. well I wont open that can of worms here. But it has been sometime since we have had a dominating outside presence to complement our inside game. Which is a little strange to me considering all of the teams in the country that seem to have excellent three point shooting teams. Just look at this years NC State Team. Or how about all the bombs in the Ga Tech vs Wake Forrest ACC Tournament game. Remember the likes of Randolph Childers (I’ll easily concede that he was one of a kind. whatever happened to that guy anyway??) or Dukes seemingly endless pipeline of 3pt aces from Trajon Langdon to J.J. Reddick…
    Am I the only one who finds it a bit odd that we have not developed more of a 3pt game over the last 10 to 12 or even 15 years?

    p.s. That is not to say that I want to become one of those teams that uses the 3 as there primary scoring option. This is the house that Dean built after all. And imho, there is nothing more exciting than Coach Williams style of high octane hoops.

  23. 52BigGameJames says:

    thanks–that all makes sense.

  24. 52BigGameJames says:

    actually, we really have (imo) a decent 3 point shooting team. I think the problem might be is that they want E to be as good in games as he might be in practice…ie-the reality hasn’t matched the rep (so far). E might develop into that, be he’s a long way from it now. My opinion is that part of the problem with E isn’t that he misses 3’s, but that he chooses poor times to take them. That comes with experience, and as his choices improve, so will his percentage. Lawson, Miller, Ginyard, Frasor, and Terry in addition to E are ALL legitimate 3 point threats–how many teams can boast that? We don’t have a “Reddick” yet, but I would almost rather have a more balanced perimeter game.

    FWIW-I think Terry is ready to be da Man…at least in key spots! On that note,
    here’s a cool site–I hate to admit I remember Roosevelt Chapman…


  25. Dr. Seuss says:

    Hearing that about BW sure changed my perspective… from speculating whether or not the guy had heart to knowing that he has perhaps the biggest heart of all. It’s amazing how much of a man a teenager can be (that goes for troops over seas as well). Not that it will help his position in the draft (the talking heads have him pretty much as a lock for the #3 overall pick) but I would love to see him have a great showing (offense/defense or both) in his match up with Durrant if we meet up with Texas next weekend.

  26. williamodouglas says:

    Hansbrough and Lawson have both said already that they are coming back. I don’t care who Duke gets. They will not be better than this team with Thompson and Stepheson filling in for Wright, especially since McRoberts is sayonrar.

    Roy Williams is a decent recruiter, although not as good as the guy who replaced him, Bill Self. He is a much better coach than Self though, and now at Carolina is recruiting equally to Self. At Kansas, however, Williams never had anywhere near the talent that Carolina had. He never had a single player at Kansas as good as Jamison, Stackhouse, Wallace, or Carter.

  27. 52BigGameJames says:

    Isn’t it ironic though that Roy has done potentially his best coaching jobs with players he didn’t recruit, and don’t fit his profile…ie McCants & Terry. If he is able to get Terry to play up to his potential in this Tourney, then Roy gets my vote as Best Coach in the Land, bar noone!

    For UNC to win out, I think this will be required.

  28. Dr. Seuss says:

    Yeah, I was really really happy for Terry last night. I too think he could emerge as a leader for this team during the tournament. So many times it seemed like he was going to have a big game this year, but it just never materialized for him. He has the ability. You know it’s had to be a little difficult becoming less of a scoring option at the hands of a bunch of freshman. As badly as he wanted to shine his senior year and make his case for the NBA, he has done his best to put the needs of the team first. He seems to be more cognizant of the UNC pride and tradition that most players that don’t fully absorb unless they stay through their senior season. I hope he can play at the next level, but if not, I hope he can at least have a good enough tournament for fans to give him a little extra love… I think he really cares about the program and his legacy at Carolina. He has been a true team player in the tradition of players like David Noel, Jawad Williams, and George Lynch.

    p.s. I’m still pissed that CBS had switched to another game when he got, according to Woody’s broadcast group, a spectacular dunk on an inbound pass. Reyshawn has got some hops… along with a three point shot, and a 6’9″ athletic frame. Hope he can put it all together for the rest of the tournament. He sure had it going on last night, and I was glad to see it; just wish I could’ve seen that dunk too.

  29. Dr. Seuss says:


    I’ll give you Antawn for sure (possibly the best player to ever play at UNC, during college obviously, imho) as well as Rasheed and possibly Carter. But I’ll take Paul Pierce over Jerry Stackhouse any day of the week. And other than UNC’s Jamison/Carter team, Roy’s LaFrentz, Pierce, Collison team was one of the best to never win a National Championship. But I agree that the combination of the UNC mystique and Ol’ Roy is going to bring some serious talent our way. Top notch high school athletes seem to have a fondness for successful post season runs and National Media coverage.

  30. 52BigGameJames says:

    Sorry, but that distinction still belongs to Phil.

  31. Dr. Seuss says:

    I don’t think that for us to win out that Terry has to be the man the rest of the way. But if not, we are going to have to get a career performance from one of our super talents. i.e. Hansbrough, Wright, Lawson, or Ellington threating to go for 30+; all of which are capable of, if they are having one of those nights. With all of our offensive weapons, we are not likely to ever see such a display (although Tyler did go for 40 against Tech last year) unless our opponent’s defense dictates it. I just hope that if another team (Georgetown?) does defend most of our offensive weapons (no way to defend all of them) that our remaining option(s) will not worry too much about being selfish or keeping the rest of the team involved in the offense, but actually take over and dominate the way each of the aforementioned players have the potential to do. All of those players, imho, have the ability to completely take over a game ala Al Thornton, Alando Tucker, Acie Law, etc., if they bring their best game that night. Because of all the talent on this team, I don’t think many people realize just how individually talented each of these players really is. Whether it be Terry playing his best, or one of these guys simply going off, we are going to need a special performance to go all the way with our draw in the East, not to mention a potential rematch with an Ohio State team that we struggled with at the Dean Dome, only this time they’ll have some guy named Greg Oden. Word on the street is that he is pretty good…

  32. Dr. Seuss says:

    Yeah, you’re right on that one. I’ll slide Antawn into a distance second.

  33. williamodouglas says:

    You guys keep bringing up interesting stuff. The thing about Roy’s best coaching job is interesting. How about this?

    His most mediocre coaching job was in 2004. He went 19-11, winning no more games than Matt had the year before, when Matt was without Sean May, and unlike Matt, failed to beat Duke.

    His best coaching job is a tie between 2005 with Matt’s players and 2006 with his players. You guys are already forgetting about all the jokes about Roy taking last year off with a back ache, and the guy went 12-4 in the ACC and finished in the top ten. The only reason that some say that this year was a little disappointing is because last year was so unbelievably over the top in terms of expectations.

    In terms of Stackhouse, are we taking about who we like? Because he is my least favorite Tar Heel along with Rasheed, (although he did at least graduate), but in terms of talent, Stackhouse is equaled or surpassed only by Jordan and perhaps Vince Carter.

    Roy also never had a guard as talented as Felton out in Kansas (who the hell wants to go to Kansas?), although Hinrich might have achieved as much or more. People say that Roy did great in Kansas and he did. He took them to 4 Final Fours in 14 years. Just remember that Dean and Gut took Carolina to 5 Final Fours in 8 years from 1991-1998 and won one. This is not a critique of Roy. It is a simple fact that recruiting out there is much more difficult, a fact that is often acknowledged on the Kansas internet sites. For all the complaining by the Jayhawks, the switch might be a win-win. Kansas got a slightly better recruiter, but less innovative and worse coach in Self, and Carolina got a better coach to plug into its recruiting machine.

    Final proof of this: Roy never had a recruiting year all his years in Kansas to equal the recruiting year that Matt Doherty had in his FIRST recruiting cycle as Carolina coach, where he got 3 top ten players, Felton, McCants, and May. Recruiting at Carolina is much easier.(An as an aside, Doherty is a hell of a recruiter too).

  34. 52BigGameJames says:

    good points all william, but I don’t know how you translate 2004 into “mediocre” (not based on results, but based on reality of situation). While he did admittedly inherit a talented group, getting individual talent to play as a team is, as anyone who has ever coached at any level, a process. Roy’s genius as a coach (imo) is in his
    ability to handle difficult, but talented kids, and pull out their potential. Imagine Mccants, or Terry with Bob Knight. I agree that he did an outstanding job last year too, but this one ain’t over just yet. Remember, he has been questioned and criticized all year about playing too many players, and “how’s he gonna keep everyone happy with so little PT”?
    In a nutshell: Roy’s genius is in working with people (kids) and figuring out through delicate motivation the way to pull out the best in that kid. He may not be the best X & O guy ever to put on a whistle, but he can certainly hold his own with any as far as recruiting, although I agree with your point about Self. Expectations should be factored in too–last years were less than this years—Dean’s best jobs were arguably when expectations were the least (Rick Fox over OK?).
    Matt was a great recruiter, but a disaster as HC @ UNC.
    My side note-best Coach ever, not sure, but one thing IS sure, there has never been another Coach I’d rather have for the last 2 minutes of a game, than Coach Smith–in that regard, undoubtedly, the greatest ever!

  35. Tar Heel Fan says:

    It is my understanding folks like Dean Smith and Phil Ford had as much to getting Felton and May to Chapel Hill than Doherty as a recruiter. I also think the 2004 season was less of a product of Roy’s coaching and more of a product of the dysfunctional group of players coming after the nasty departure of the previous coach. I read some stuff I cannot reference now that going into 2005 Sean May told Roy he understood some players did not react well to Roy style so if he ever needed a player to make an example of then May said to use him. There are some things which the players need to figure out or resolve for themselves. And in some cases when the players do what the coach is expecting(like last season) it works out really well.

  36. Dr. Seuss says:

    william your statement about previous players :

    “In terms of Stackhouse, are we taking about who we like? Because he is my least favorite Tar Heel along with Rasheed, (although he did at least graduate), but in terms of talent, Stackhouse is equaled or surpassed only by Jordan and perhaps Vince Carter.”

    is one that I would agree with if we were talking about athleticism or their development since entering the NBA, or who was the most exciting to watch. But in no way could I ever concede that any of the three guys you mentioned were any where near the players that Phil Ford or Antawn Jamison were while they were at UNC. Both of those guys were hands down the most dominant players at their position in the country at the time they were playing at Carolina.

    And I didn’t care too much for Stackhouse either, but for some reason I’ve always liked Rasheed (who imho, was by far the best of the three players you mentioned). It’s kind of funny that a lot of fans didn’t like Rahseed, but Dean Smith has always come to his defense and seems to have a sincere affection for the kid. I think Rasheed iis just one of those guys who wears his colors on his sleeve; a very emotional person. He is the exact opposite of Brandon Wright. If Rasheed is happy you know it, if he is sad you know it and if he is angry you know it. I think its just the way he is wired. I know that it comes across as looking like he is immature or just difficult, but I can’t call him spoiled. I have to reserve that for crybaby McBob.

  37. williamodouglas says:

    Lot’s of good points. I actually kind of like Rasheed too, but my comments about him go more to only staying two years and not attempting to graduate. Dean pointedly made reference in his autobiography to Rasheed’s not graduating. I just don’t feel the same connection to the guys who did not graduate.

    The 1994 season was such a disappointment. I actually thought that the Heels might go undefeated as they had only lost two the year before and had everyone back but Lynch, plus Sheed, House and Phil’s friend, Jeff. Salvidori and the freshmen were sniping back and forth, Montross wasn’t as good as he had been, and the season just had a horrible feel to it.

    About 2004, if you read Adam Lucas’s book, you do get a feel that it took Williams awhile to get the reins and some of it may have been bad luck, as they pretty much lost every single close game all year. I don’t know about the rest concering Doherty. Smith came somewhat close to losing his job early on and most writers say that he only really became El Deano in 1971, when he surprised everyone by winning the regular season title. Before that, Lewis and Miller were known to often go their own way and not necessarily follow all the team rules. Coach K didn’t burn it up his first 3 years either. The 8-20 team played the fourth toughest schedule in the country that year and actually was 4-12 in conference, bad but not as bad as Duke in 1995 or Wake under Prosser last year.

    Who knows whether more experience would have let Doherty improve his people management skills. I do think some of the stuff is unfair.

    Roy kept saying they lost 36 games under Doherty, ignoring the 2001 first place regular season ACC finish as though it never happened. I know he was referring to the crop of players he inherited losing 36 games, but Doherty did still win an ACC regular season title, something that Guthridge cannot say. I on working on an article about the Doherty years to try to provide some needed perpsective.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge Roy Williams fan and I wanted the 2005 title for him more than for the university. I rooted for Kansas from 1997 on (except against Doherty and the Heels in MSG–you guys remember that beating?)

    I don’t think that we need to deride Doherty though. Maybe if Forte had come back the Heels would have finished 14-14 instead of 8-20 but that team had tons of problems with Lang and Capel and others.

    About Phil Ford, it is an interesting psychological phenomenon the way we view the past through the prism of what happens in the intervening years. Ihad remembered Carolina losing handily to Marquette in 1997, but watched the game on ESPN Classic recently and Carolina was had a chance to tie that game in the last two minutes. It is the final score of 67-59 that affects my memory of how close the game actually was.

    The 1993 team seems less accomplished than the 1982 or 2005 teams because none of its players made it big in the NBA and Phil Ford seems less accomplished as a college player, somehow, due to his problems with alcohol, leading to a lackluster NBA career, after starting brilliantly.

    Along with David Thompson and Michael Jordan, Phil Ford was the best player that I ever saw in the ACC, even though it is easy for me to forget how great he was.

    Dean Smith was the king of the sideline in the last few minutes of a game. If any of you have not read his autobiography, read about the Michigan game in 1993 therein. It is one of the few times where he really blows his own horn, but he describes minute by minute in the second half what decisions he made and why he believes they were instrumental to the comeback and win.

    Smith was also a great innovator and took ideas from Phog Allen, Clair Bee and Frank McGuire and expanded upon them and popularized them, such as points per possession analysis. Before Smith, people said low scoring games automatically implied great defense.

    I honestly think that Williams might be Smith’s superior in getting players to work together as a team. That makes Dean a close second.

    I can’t think of a year, however, where Smith accomplished what Roy did last year, because Smith never had a cupboard left that bare.

    Most point to 1971, where he upset South Carolina and won the regular season title, or 1977 where he almost won it all in spite of injuries to his top three players, or 1997 where he really turned the year around and came reasonably close to winning it all as his best coaching years.

    Once again, the prism of time makes it difficult, because when you look at these teams you notice tons of famous names, which might not have been so famous then. Carolina’s 1976 team, for instance, had Phil Ford, Walter Davis, and Mitch Kupchak, all of whom had big-time NBA seasons in the late 1970’s, while Indiana’s undefeated champions of that year had only one player who did well in the NBA, Quinn Bucker.

    1993 by contrast works the other way. It seems like a better coaching job than it actually was. Looking back one wonders how in the heck did they beat Michigan who had 3 NBA all stars in its line-up, but at the time it was seen almost as an even match-up with Michigan having a slight talent edge. Reese, Phelps, Montross and Williams were seen as bigtime college talents and future professional stars, but Montross never turned out and the others ended up playing in Europe.

    I would probably have to point to 1971 as Smith’s best year, both looking at it from the time in terms of expectations and backwards in terms of NBA stars. That team had only one guy who did reasonably well in the NBA, George Karl, but he was only a journeyman, yet won the ACC regular season championship over South Carolina which had two stars that went on to both ABA and NBA success in John Roche and Tom Owens. The Heels also went on to win the NIT, beating Duke and then Georgia Tech in Madison Square Garden, when that feat meant that a team was probably among the top five or top ten in the nation.

  38. Josh Bowling says:

    How did you like earlier when Duke was playing Virginia and Singletary was on the baseline and faked a drive, instead stop and popped a 10ft jump shot while Demarcus Nelson fell down thinking Singletary was going to continue to drive the ball in. That was funny!

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