UNC 86 Eastern Kentucky 65

In the end they won by 20 but that middle 20 minutes of the game was leaving a whole lot to be desired in terms of defensive intensity and offensive flow. Maybe it was because EK was running such a funky half court set. Maybe UNC got bored with smoking the Colonels like they were. Could be EK just got on a hot stretch. Perhaps the substitution pattern was a bit haphazard leading to general breakdowns in the execution. Or maybe this team does not have a killer instinct.

I have no idea what the reason was for allowing a team to come back from 27 down to within four, especially when said team is so far out of your league they should have never had a prayer much less get withing two possessions. What I do know if UNC has to finish each and every team from this point forward off as soon as humanly possible.

Also, Hansbrough played better with the new mask, Terry was freaking awesome, and Lawson is still very fast.

4 Responses to UNC 86 Eastern Kentucky 65

  1. williamodouglas says:

    We were trying not to run up the score on them. See what can happen?

  2. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    I disagree. For some reason, when we get leads, instead of going on another run and putting a team away, we start coasting, then start playing down to the competition. But when the competition is close to us, this tendency could spell bad news.

  3. w says:

    running scared is best…

  4. nick says:

    Terry was not freakin’ awesome, not even awesome–six (6) turnovers against a team of that quality!? He would’ve had 12 turnovers against Little Sisters of the Poor…..22 turnovers, that’s not awesome–we turn it over that many times against MSU and we’re going home.

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