Roy on Late Starts and NCAA Press Conferences

Frank Descenzo at the Durham Herald Sun brings us a well written piece concerning two chief complaints Roy has about the NCAA Tournament: Late starts and media obligations.  UNC is set to tip-off at 9:57 PM on Friday night which will be the second straight week UNC has had a game start around the 10 PM mark.  This despite being the #1 seed and despite the fact this game is transpiring in the eastern time zone.

I raised some ire about this last week when UNC was handed the late start despite their seeding.  My take on it is the #1 seed should be entitled to the easiest conditions available such as in the ACC Tournament where the #1 seed always plays at noon and then if they advance they get the 1:30 PM game the next day.  The two evening games play the later game on semifinal Saturday which is about as fair as you can plan it.  The NCAA, which is beholden to CBS, does not play it that way.  They figure their best bet is to put UNC on at 10 PM thinking that the die hard fans close to home will watch anyway and the rest of the country will be able to watch the Heels in total convenience.  Given the national following for UNC this is not a bad wager but it totally inconvenient.  Of course the other reason why the games run late is they do not start until 7:30 and the NCAA imposes a 30 minute window in between.  I understand that starting anything before 7 PM interferes with local and national evening news so my solution would be to start the games by 7:05 PM which is enough time to come on the air, have a commercial, then start the game.  Secondly, reduce time in between to 20 minutes.  Based on that UNC would be on the court 9:25 PM not 9:57 PM.  And if the first game runs long, you still have a buffer to get the second game on before 10 PM.

On another topic Roy renewed his annual complaint that they are obligate to spend an hour and a half talking with the media and only 50 minutes at practice.   Why on earth must the media be given that much time to speak with the coach and his players?  Any experienced journalist should be able to take about 30 minutes worth of comments and write a story.  The NCAA should really consider flip-flopping that to allow them to actually spend more time preparing for what could be their last game of the season rather than talking to the media who is basically going to write the same story no matter what the coaches and players say.


35 Responses to Roy on Late Starts and NCAA Press Conferences

  1. williamodouglas says:

    Maybe they should have the games on earlier, in general, but I believe that Roy doth protest too much here. The Heels are playing USC, which is a West Coast team and CBS pays the bills. If they put Carolina earlier, some Carolina fans would complain because we were not in the “feature” game. Even on the East coast, a lot of people don’t get home until after 7 pm and they don’t want to miss the Heels. Yes, its late, but there is no class the next day, so I think things will be all right.

  2. jack says:

    I HATE CBS doing the tournament. first of all it is way way way overcommercialized, but everone is going to do that, Second of all they set 2 7:00 pm games at the same time for the sweet 16, both of which i want to watch badly (SI, KU) (Memp, TXAM), where they could easily start 1 at 5:00. 1 at 6:30, 1 at 8:00, and one at 9:30. And everyone thinks UNC USC is gonna be a very exciting game and they put us at 10:00. I know this isnt going to happen since Cbs has been doing the tournament forever, but i would love for espn to buy the rights. ESPN, ESPN2, ABC

  3. williamodouglas says:

    If you have DirecTv, the Thursday and Friday night games are almost the best reason to get the MMOD package because since these games are often close, they don’t tend to switch away.

    This is another reason that it is good to be the last start for Carolina, for those of our fans who are somewhere where they will be getting the other game, at least, they are likely to see the last ten minutes or so of the Tar Heels. That must really suck–it is kind of strange when almost every Carolina game is on national television all year and then because you live in Texas or some other non-ACC region, you end up not getting to see the UNC Sweet 16 game. Starting with the regional finals, all games are shown everywhere and in their entirety.

  4. Chuckheel says:

    Amen Jack!!
    I don’t know about y’all, but did CBS cut away from the UNC-Eastern Ky game where you live? I live in MD and they cut away once Carolina got up by 20. CBS didn’t come back to the game until Eastern Ky cut the lead to four, then once Carolina got up by 11, they cut away again to show the end of some other game and then cut back to Carolina game with less than 2 minutes left in the game. I was P.’D O to say the least. And the Direct TV package offers you no remedy if you live in a blacked out area.
    CBS needs to find some way for FANS to be able to see the team they want to see. I would pay to be able to see the Carolina game from START to FINISH.
    That’s why I think ESPN should be given the NCAA Tournament. They have multiple channels: ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPN NEWS, and ESPNU (Although I no absolutely NO ONE who can find this channel anywhere!!!) so they would be able to show multiple games, allowing fans to choose the game they want to watch in its ENTIRETY.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    CBS cut away from both UNC games in Raleigh to show us the ending of other games which was just idiotic. My rule is you keep the local feed on on the local game or at worst do a split screen.

  6. williamodouglas says:

    I think that CBS has the rights until 2013. Until the national association of local broadcasters lobbied the Republicans to make Directv and Dish stop, people who had satellite used to be able to get the East and West coast direct feeds of all four major networks, which meant that you usually received three different CBS feeds and it was almost like getting the MMOD package (1/2 or 3/4 of it anyway) for free. People who already had satellite had the right to keep the national feeds that they already had. I didn’t have CBS or NBC, but I did have Fox and ABC, and kept them, so I can toggle sports on those networks when they show different games to different regions of the country.

    Because I live near DC, it is no longer such a big deal because with the arrival of Virginia Tech and the rejuvenation of Maryland by Gary Williams, we are now considered ACC territory, but when I first moved here 20 years ago, Washington, DC was considered Big East territory by our local affiliate and got Big East games when there was a conflict. It’s hard to remember but I think this happened in 1991 when the Heels ended up in the Final Four but we didn’t get their Sweet 16 game in DC.

    Strangely enough, Baltimore, however, was considered ACC territory so they got the ACC games, which mean hooking up the rabbit-ears to get the Baltimore station to watch Carolina if Georgetown or Syracuse was playing at the same time, so that is what I did. People who live in Maryland with cable usually get both Baltimore and DC channels anyway, but I was in Virginia. The things you have to do to follow your team.

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    There was nothing worse than living in MA for the 2000 and 2001 NCAA Tournaments. I was stuck in Big East territory and could not watch the UNC-Tennessee game in 2000 during the Sweet Sixteen but had to keep watching the score tracker. In 2001 I got to watch the debacle which was the 2nd Round game versus Penn State. I was back in NC by the time UNC was in the Dance again.

  8. williamodouglas says:

    The DirecTv MMOD plan does offer a remedy if the local affiliate switches games. The local affiliate is required to inform DirecTv and the black-out is lifted on whichever 700 level channel the national feed is on. The only hitch is that sometimes the local affiliates “forget” to inform DirecTv. This happened to me on Friday during the Winthrop-ND game which had wild point swings. I called DirecTv to inform them of the failure to lift the black-out on the game and they thanked me, lifted the black-out and told me that I would receive the MMOD package for free this year and credited my account for the $70. This is the third year that I have had MMOD so I guess they didn’t want to lose a customer. I was pretty happy.

  9. williamodouglas says:

    DirecTv and I assume, Dish, offer ESPNU. It is not part of the regular DirecTv package, but comes with the Sportspak, which only costs $10 a month and gives you ESPNU, CSTV, a bunch of soccer stations and all of the Fox Sports Net stations. I usually only get the Sportspak for 3 months during hoops season.

    For some reason, the only college basketball games that are blacked out on the Sportspak are SEC games, but you get all the ACC, Pac 10, Big East, Big Ten and Big 12 games shown on any of the Fox Sports Nets. ESPNU also tends to show a lot of the other ACC games that do not involve Duke, Carolina or Maryland. If you like college basketball, it is fantastic. It is also necessary to get here in Maryland, because our local Fox Sports Net always preempts the ACC Sunday games for Wizards, Capitols, Redskins and Raven coverage. Cable companies clearly are not serving their customers who are sports fans.

  10. Chuckheel says:

    William you are so correct!!! I live in Odenton, Maryland have COMWORST Digital Cable. I have Digital because I have three small kids and they want to watch Dora and the Berenstain Bears all the time, so I have to have ON DEMAND.
    But I don’t understand why no cable provider carries ESPNU.
    I buy the ESPN Full Court package and I don’t understand why if I live in an area that doesn’t get ESPNU why they can’t put the ESPNU game on ESPN Full Court. There is always about 3-to-4 channels that aren’t being used every night.

  11. Triadboy says:

    As a Tucson Tarheel fan – I love the 10:00 pm EST start! 😀 That’s 7:00 here. I can have a nice leisurely dinner and then try not to throw it up with excitement. I love this year’s team!

  12. williamodouglas says:

    How much is the Full court package? I think there is a lot of overlap between it and the Sportspak in terms of basketball games covered because a lot of the games that I watch on say, Fox Sports Ohio, will have the Full court insignia at the bottom periodically during the game.

    About children’s programming, we have two toddlers and Nickelodeon has an all children’s programing network without commericals, that runs from 6 am to 6 pm on DirecTv 298, called Noggin. It runs among other shows, Dora, Diego, WonderPets, Lazytown, Jack’s Big Music Show, Oswald and the Berenstein Bears. It will almost raise your children and teach them manners and to read and write, lol, without getting them hooked on sugary foods and action figures.

  13. Chuckheel says:

    Full Court costs about $119. Not bad… We too have Noggin on Digital Cable. Great Channel for Kids.
    I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to get ESPNU without having to buy a dish. The Condo Community I live in doesn’t allow them. Plus, even if they did, I wouldn’t be able to get good reception because of trees.
    I’m just glad that I’m stationed in Maryland now so I can get the Redskins each Sunday without having to go to a sports bar or find a friend with NFL Sunday Ticket.
    I still hate the day they announced Charlotte was getting an NFL team. I knew then it was bye bye Redskins games in N.C.

  14. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I did notice that when I was in CA last April and I finished up training at corporate HQ, came back to my hotel about 5 PM and saw that the NBA playoff games were on. Very bizarre but at the same time I can see how that would be cool to have stuff on earlier and finish up at a decent hour. I am betting watching the first two days of the NCAAs is a blast out there since it kicks off at like 9:20 AM and basically runs all day but not until midnight.

  15. C. Michael says:

    Different topic:

    A while back there were ruminations in the national press about this team not getting along; the proverbial, “Chemistry Issues.” Once again, the majority of the press has been proven to be a bunch of lazy, mob-mentality, idiots:

  16. williamodouglas says:

    I grew up watching and rooting for the Redskins and then moved here, so that I am the only one left in my family who is not primarily a Redskins fan, but I always miss the Skins games when I go home for Thanksgiving and Xmas in Charlotte. The Redskins lost a lot of territory to the Panthers. I lived in Columbia SC for a couple of years and they even showed the Redskins games there, even though Atlanta was much closer.

    With respect to the dish, Congress passed a law nullifying all community and co-opt covenants with respect to small satellite dishes. This means that they cannot by law prohibit anyone from putting one up in an apartment house, condominium or gated community. This changed about 1999, but many of these organizations pretend the law was never passed.

  17. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey C. Michael, I read that article as well earlier. It certainly made it seem as if they are getting along great! Who knows how all of our players interacted throughout the year. Hopefully, they are all best buddies, and blood-brothers by next year! Just to stay on topic, I agree with all of your comments regarding the time frame. HaHa

  18. williamodouglas says:

    What about the 1994 team? I have heard some rumors about that group of guys….

  19. 52BigGameJames says:

    lol william: having grown up in nc, pre-Panthers, (and being a Dolphins/Chiefs fan myself), I had to tolerate Skins fans until the Panthers arrived. The N & O followed suit and slanted coverage heavily toward the Panthers…until Skins fans raised holy hell. I think it might still be 50/50. Jurgenson was a Wilmington product, and helped develop a long-lasting and devoted fan base here.

  20. Displaced Heel says:

    I am a Tarheel in Jayhawk Country, and I purchased some ACC package that was streaming video for the Carolina games that Raycom was broadcasting in Chapel Hill, but not elsewhere. I couldn’t get those games online–even though we are not in a market for those games. It is frustrating, but–our cable company carries ESPNU as their second tier of channels. I have it.

    BTW, my Jayhawk husband and I are traveling to Atlanta for the Final Four. I am not sure whether to pray the ‘Hawks lose before we do, or just for our marriage! Either way, it is going to be a fun/fearsome weekend!

  21. williamodouglas says:

    Welcome, Displaced Heel. I used to be a big Jayhawk fan but I am mad at them now. We sent them Larry Brown and Roy Williams and then they didn’t want to give them back. Honestly, we have discussed this on TarHeelFan before, but I think that the Williams for Self trade worked out pretty well for both schools. Kansas got an excellent recruiter in Self and Roy got to come home.

    By the way, James, I love the Panthers and have seen way more Panthers games in person than the Redskins, since tickets and getting in and out is so much easier down there, but when the two teams actually play, as they did this year, I still have to root for the Skins. My father grew up in Arlington, Virginia but lives in Davidson now and we went to a Panthers-Redskins game in Charlotte a few years back and he said that he was going to root for the Redskins in the first half and the Panthers in the second half.

    I love Sonny and Sam. I just finished reading Johnny U, and there are several quotes and references to Sonny and Sam in there. They just don’t make them like that anymore. If Sonny had gone to UNC, he would have been perfect….

  22. williamodouglas says:

    Hey 52BigGameJames, who did you root for in that classic Kansas City-Miami game that went into double overtime in 1971 where Miami won 27-24, I believe, on a Garo Ypremium kick( Redskins fans love Garo!)?

  23. 52BigGameJames says:

    good question-allow me to bore you with a little history of my allegiance–I’ve got a few years on you –the era I was coming of “sports-age” was the turbulent late sixties/early seventies–I guess I’m a contrarian at heart being as how I was the lone Heels fan in Raleigh-town (or so it seemed). Charlie Scott & Larry Miller were the first to get my attention in college hoops, but something about that Light Blue too. I guess you could also consider Chapel Hill a contrarian sort of nc town, but back on point. Being a contrarian, the AFL (and ABA) were a natural attraction for me, and both based their appeal in no small part on generational differences. KC was the first of my chosen teams to make a splash, so even though I loved Shula’s Fins, Ed Podolak & Co had my allegiance in that “greatest game”.

    My Mother-in-law has friends in Wilmington who were childhood friends of Sonny, and she shared a story with me. Sonny’s dad was a gruff beer-drinking truck-driver, and Sonny inherited some of that toughness. They would play games of pick-up neighborhood football, and there was one younger kid who tagged along, but would break down crying when they would tease him mercilessly–that kids name was Roman Gabriel.

  24. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I was raised as a Tar Heel fan from the very beginning…in fact I think UNC beat NC State on the day I was born. The issue of who to root for was never a question for me, it just was.

    Too bad my sister ended up pulling for Duke.

  25. 52BigGameJames says:

    do you let her stay at the house on Holiday’s, or make her get a room?

  26. williamodouglas says:

    My parents both went to college outside the state and I came of age during the David Thompson and Monte Towe era so if ever there was a time to not be a Tar Heel fan that was the time but I remember rooting against Thompson and NC State for 9 fruitless times in a row. That is pretty tough on an 8-10 year old. I did root for NC State against UCLA. They were from our state at least, unlike the University of East Rutherford in Durham.

    I loved the Carolina Cougars. Larry Brown, Tom Owens, Billy Cunningham, Joe Caldwell, Mack Calvin–those guys were great. If only they had managed to sign up draft choice, Pistol Pete but he ended up in Atlanta. I was going through some stuff the other night and found an old Cougars program upon which I had written “Billy”, twice, on the front, telling my friends that Billy Cunningham had signed it. Too bad he never learned how to write his last name at UNC!

  27. williamodouglas says:

    It was tough enough growing up in North Carolina with a name like Roman Gabriel. But when he grew up, that guy was a man! Defensive players said tackling him was like bringing down Larry Csonka.

    He and the Rams edged out the Colts in 1967 for the division title and the Colts missed the play-offs that year even though they lost only 1 game out of 14. Now everybody cries when some 10-6 team doesn’t get in. The Colts went 24-2-2 in 1967 and 1968 with no ring, although that would finally come in 1970, after Shula had left. Shula had the four best years in league history in the regular season if you combine those two years with the 1972 and 1973 Dolphins, who went 26-2 over those two years.

  28. 52BigGameJames says:

    enjoy the exchange william–lol, I’m sure we could do this all day! My guess is you’ve already seen it, but if you haven’t, HBO did a special on the ABA. It really captured what that League was all about…even the playboy stachioed dude in Miami (can’t remember the name), and the stripper, er cheerleaders in Hot Pants. Don’t recall the year (I think 71/72), but imagine my excitement when the ABA All-Star game came to Dorton Arena. Got to witness Rick Barry, Dr. J, Charlie Scott, Jim McDaniel, Artis, George McInnis, Dan Issel, the best 3 point shooter in the League, Louie Dampier, and one of the all-time great names, Zelmo Beaty (cue Michael Buffer!). Randy Denton (he’s really a nice dude) told me that when the Stars packed up, it was quite a sight watching Moses Malone, (who had inked one of the biggest contracts ever) scrambling to load up his station wagon with socks, sweatbands, etc as the Stars were cleaning house. Guess it’s hard to shake that poverty remembrance.

    this brings up what might be a good thread suggestion THF: most reviled NCAA Tourney “Heel-killers”…thought about this when Rick Mount’s name came up thinking of the ABA.

  29. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Al McGuire
    Isaiah Thomas
    The guy that guarded Jordan in 1984
    Ronny Seiklay
    Glen Rice
    The ref who ejected Dean in 1991
    Miles Simon

  30. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Also, I would mention Harold what’s-his-name from Weber State but we all know that game never happened.

  31. williamodouglas says:

    Dan Dakich of Indiana. That was my freshman year and one of the last years with no shot clock, otherwise Indiana never could have beaten us, although honestly, Georgetown was playing so well by that point that I am not sure that we would have necessarily won it all anyway, as so many assume.

    In defense of the referee who ejected Smith, whose name was Pete Pavia, it turned out that he had the initial stages of brain cancer and was being medicated and apparently, he had a quicker fuse than he normally would have, as he refused to overlook Smith’s transgression, which although technically a technical, would have normally been overlooked. Smith was pushing him though. Pete Pavia died in 1993 from brain cancer.

    To be honest, I was not happy with Coach Smith’s or Coach Guthridge’s behavior on that day. We all wanted to win that game, but Roy Williams was a former player, alumnus, coach and friend, and Coach Smith needling the referee and Guthridge’s actions going after Pavia in the corridor, especially, overshadowed what was a great win for the Jayhawks. It was an unfortunate distraction for Coach Williams, who deserved our highest sportsmanship. I guess he forgives us, lol.

    I say this because we criticize Krzyzewski for being a hypocrite, so I think that it is important that we acknowledge that every once in a while, even UNC basketball makes mistakes.

  32. w says:

    sorry, can’t do it…

  33. williamodouglas says:

    What about Maktar?

  34. 52BigGameJames says:

    I’m going with John Tudor for putting Kenny Smith out of commission in 84, even though it was in a regular season game. Dean said that was a huge disappointment, as he felt that was the 3rd time he had the best team in the Country.

    Rollie Massimino
    Charlie Davis

    THF–if Phil hadn’t hyperextended his elbow, McGuire might not be on your S-list!

    yer right william: that was a low moment for Dean, rare as they were.

    anybody else noticed the resemblance between Roy & Tim Conway? Separated at birth?

  35. williamodouglas says:

    Poor Bruce Buckley, although he is a wealthy attorney now.

    I thought Roy looked like Deputy Dog.

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