What A Shame

…that O.J. Mayo is not already at USC so we could take the opportunity to shred this classless, poor excuse for a person in full view of the nation. AOL Fanhouse has a video, which I will not show here, of Huntington, WV senior O.J. Mayo’s last home game. Mayo, who is committed to USC, throws the ball off the backboard, catches it for the dunk, then takes the ball and throws into the stands garnering him a technical foul with an ejection. And Mayo could really care less since he proceeds to parade around the court playing to the crowd eventually returning to the bench receiving hugs from his teammates while the crowd goes completely bonkers. The most disturbing part of the video, as AOL points out, is none of the coaches made any kind of effort to discipline Mayo for his actions. It is bad enough this kid walks around believing his own hype but for him to show complete disregard for the rules of the game and behave in such a self absorbed manner without a single objection from his coaches is beyond the pale.

So, Tim Floyd enjoy putting up with this arrogant, self-important, self-promoting, classless individual on your team next season since it is clear O.J. Mayo is a island unto himself.


10 Responses to What A Shame

  1. williamodouglas says:

    Oh, come on. I am not saying that I want him on my team, but it is supposed to be fun and the fans loved it. He was getting a lot of love deep in the bowels of West Virginia. I don’t want to be like those NCSU and Wake people whom I call the no fun crowd: “How dare Ty Lawson dunk that ball–why it was a personal affront to the dignity of the NCSU community” No, it was fun and it meant nothing more, Ty doesn’t even know the NCSU community. Now, maybe if it had been against Duke, but I digress….

  2. C. Michael says:

    I don’t have a problem with this dunk, although I do think there is a big difference between this and what Lawson did. Throwing the ball into the crowd was classless, however. Also, Mayo is the same guy who was suspended for bumping an official earlier in the season.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I have no problem with the dunk…it was the throwing the ball into the stands and the walking around with his hands in the air while he was be assessed a technical foul and ejected from the game that bothered me. The kid is a classless, self absorbed person who acts like he is above the game and the rules. He was suspended for the bumping incident but got an injunction so he could play in the game at Cameron which just tells him that the normal rules do not apply to him when it interests him.

  4. williamodouglas says:

    I don’t disagree about the rest. I think he got caught with doobage in his car, too, although that kind of makes me like him more–when I was at Carolina, Shroom parties were the rage–Heyveldt would have been right at home, but once again I digress….

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    Maybe OJ Mayo has too much Mustard!!

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    My thoughts are in synch with yours THF. I just can’t understand why someone would want to do this to themselves. If there is any remaining institution that will hold conduct relevant to one’s value, I hope the NCAA will!

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    William, I thougth for a second you might Not be using sarcasm in your post. J/K

  8. williamodouglas says:

    Graham dorm and the wild shroom parties of 1983, but you didn’t hear it from me….

  9. Tar Heel Fan says:

    BTW, there is a NY Times article out there which tells how Mayo ended up at USC. Basically he sent a “representative” to talk to Tim Floyd but refused to give USC Mayo’s number. Mayo then called Floyd up and told him he wanted to come there because (1) he could market himself in LA and (2) he wanted to “make his mark” by going somewhere like USC and winning a national title. In other words he wants to pull a Carmelo Anthony and play one season leading a team to the promised land before heading to the NBA. He would call Floyd up but refuse to give him his cell number saying “No, I will call you.” He eventually sent a letter of intent and then came for a visit with a documentary crew in tow. Floyd had Pete Carroll talk to him since he was more experienced dealing with #1 recruits.

    Honestly could anyone be anymore self absorbed than this kid? Everything he does it is about the glorification of himself which is just sad. Mayo just better hope he does not end up like Sebastian Telafair, who the last time I checked, was far from being a household name.

  10. 52BigGameJames says:

    self-absorbed? –with a name like OJ??? go figure.

    how bout those Allman Brothers william!

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