#1 UNC vs #5 USC

What: NCAA Tournament East Regional Semifinal
Where: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
When: March 23rd, approx. 9:57 PM
Records: UNC 30-6; USC 25-11
NCAA Tournament Results: UNC-def. #16 Eastern Ky, #9 Michigan State; USC-def. #12 Arkansas, #4 Texas.

I just remember that in 2005 it was the 10 PMish game and UNC faced #5 seeded Villanova in a game that had Heels fans everywhere pulling our hair and possibly our toenails out before we finally squeaked it out.

This game will probably be the same deal, I just hope the result is the same as two years ago.  As of this posting, Reyshawn Terry’s condition is unknown and I really hope he is up to speed because the last thing I want is to have to explain to my son 10 years from now when we are watching the 2017 NCAA Tournament when they show some highlights from 2007 that part of the reason UNC lost was because Reyshawn Terry was sick, someone got in foul trouble, and USC could not miss.  I heard way too many of those stories from my father about 1977, 1984 etc. so if we could just skip all that and win I would greatly appreciate it.

Just win baby…survive and advance…git-r-done…whatever works just keep this ball rolling.

Live blogging commences later this evening.

UNC 74 USC 72

9 Responses to #1 UNC vs #5 USC

  1. C. Michael says:

    I was at that ‘Nova game and my heart still hasn’t slowed down! (And yes, live it was definitely a travel!) I see Green having a huge game if Terry doesn’t play!

  2. williamodouglas says:

    It is going to be a blow-out.

  3. Dr. Seuss says:

    If Terry can’t start, I’m thinking Green will have a bare minimum of three 3’s tonight; perhaps something more like 4 or 8 from behind the arc. That is if Coach gives him the OK to pull the trigger that many times. Every time we have encountered a hurdle this season, our guys have stepped up. I am confident they will bring their A game tonight.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Vanderbilt is shooting so well…but they cannot do anything with the Hoyas inside game.

  5. Dr. Seuss says:

    I can’t decide which game to stay tuned in to. I’m more interested in the winner of the Vandy/G’Town game obviously, but the Fla/Butler games is a little more up tempo and a 1 pt. game right now.

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Heh..I do not have a choice, I am at the mercy of CBS.

    Also, according to Adam Gold who is in E. Rutherford Reyshawn Terry is a game time decision but he says he cannot find anyone who thinks he is not starting.

  7. williamodouglas says:

    You’ve got the package, Seuss? I have about as much interest in UNLV and Oregon as I did in the Wizards-Sonics game the other night.

  8. Dr. Seuss says:

    No, I get two CBS broadcasts, one is carrying E.Rutherford the other covering St. Louis. It’s now post game and I’m too mentally exhausted to contribute anything that would make any sense at this point. I will check in tomorrow.

  9. williamodouglas says:

    Where are you? Or do you have the CBS networks on Satellite? Of course, I watched both of the first two games but never switched a single time to the Oregon game.

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