Sweet Sixteen Caption Contest


Hat tip: Dr Seuss


32 Responses to Sweet Sixteen Caption Contest

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    “He’s gonna play us all by himself”?

  2. Wyatt says:

    I don’t sign autographs for guys in Michigan State shirts.

  3. Black Mountain Sophmore says:

    I’ve never seen anything like that on a white guy…

  4. Josh Bowling says:

    It doesn’t get any better than that!! Hansbrough can always be found surprising someone. Remember the Shelden Williams look last year that was caught on film? He has such a dominating look about himself, you stand in awe.

  5. tim says:

    Did he really just eat that cat whole?

  6. Doug W says:

    so that’s what superman looks like with out his cape

  7. Mike White says:

    1) Is that…in his duffel bag…Gerald Henderson’s head??? I think we better let him score 30 tonight.

    2) Damn, Maurice Joseph got SERVED!

  8. Jimmy G says:

    Oh, oh s**t! Did I pack a change of underwear?

  9. Ray says:

    Oh no…he took off the mask….

  10. GoCamels says:


  11. Triadboy says:

    Mr. Hansbrough has the Lexus. Chop Chop!

  12. williamodouglas says:

    When they followed hin into the showers, he felt a bit sheepish, though….

  13. tps says:

    Crap! I wore the wrong jersey, AGAIN!!

  14. jack says:


    when we won the championship in 2005 i didnt really worry about losing in the tournament because i knew we were too good to lose.

    I am way too weary of that second round loss last year and the loss to USC last year. As a tar heel fan i am feeling very very anxious right now about knowing that losing will end our season and will be that way until tommorow morning

  15. Where are his shorts?

  16. Robby says:

    There was something on his shirt that we pretty NSFW, and therefore, can’t repeated it here…

  17. […] Sweet Sixteen Caption Contest [image] Hat tip: Dr Seuss […]

  18. Brent says:

    Ah, the Tarheel fan censors comments!

    Go USC!

  19. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I will, depending on the mood.

    Consider your self warned Trojan. 😉

  20. Brent says:

    I’m not a Trojan, I just hate North Carolina. I will be amused to see them loose.

    I’m an Illini fan.

  21. williamodouglas says:

    Does Illinois still have a team? I heard their coach moved to Kansas?

  22. Tar Heel Fan says:


    You remember Illinois don’t you? That was the team we beat in the 2005 National Championship. HAHAHAHA!!!

  23. faithfulweb says:

    Cool piercing, but how do you swallow with that thing sticking out of your throat?

  24. williamodouglas says:

    I don’t get it Brent. What does that have to do with anything? We all agree that Bill Self was a decent coach and gave Carolina a tough game in the finals on Illinois home turf but he left and went to Kansas, so why keep showing that video?

  25. bmaccomic says:

    “Those CAN’T be real.”

  26. Brent says:

    Bill Selfish was not the coach then. It was Bruce Weber –the current Illini coach. Tar Heel Fan and I were talking about the Tar Heels and the Illini. Mmmkay?

  27. 52BigGameJames says:

    LOL–if that Heels team had slightly more focus, they’d have blown Ill out–they were on the verge of it in the first half-check the tape. Tough game my azz–Heels let em back in it.

  28. Tar Heel Fan says:

    “Those CAN’T be real.”

    They’re real and they’re fantastic!

  29. williamodouglas says:

    It was the illegal screens. Of course, Bruce Weber was coach; don’t you Illini understand sarcasm?

  30. Brent says:

    Sorry I guess I missed that. Kansas lost to UCLA tonight. Good.

  31. “I wish i`d never used that new aftershave.”

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