UNC vs USC: Live Blog

You can cut the tension in my house with a knife…and I am the only one watching the game here. Any game that is potentially the end of the season carries all the weight in the world or so it seems. I am expecting a tough game in every respect. According to Adam Gold at 850 the Buzz, Reyshawn Terry will start along with the same lineup we have seen for most of the season except the Georgia Tech and Arizona games.

Update: Terry will start, along with the usual suspects, Ellington, Hansbrough, Wright and Lawson. Southern Cal will go with what amounts to a 4-guard line up with Lodrick Stewart, Daniel Hackett, Gabe Pruitt, Nick Young and Taj Gibson as the only true interior defender. That means that Brandan Wright will be allowed to operate over a smaller player, logically, Nick Young. However, Young is a spectacular individual defender, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he played well against Wright. I do think we’ll see a whole lot of pressure on the perimeter from USC, and this also puts 4 guys on the floor that can knock down the long ball. Young, Stewart and Pruitt are the most dangerous from long range and watch out for Dwight Lewis off the bench.

So with that away with go with live blogging after the jump.

9:06 PM: Vandy-G’town

9:07 PM: Two great games in progress. I am watching Vanderbilt-Georetown which is tied at 51 at eight minute mark. Florida leads Butler by one near the end of that one.

9:10 PM: Butler-Florida

9:11 PM: Wow…Butler is now down three and just missed two FTs. This could be where Florida shuts the door and they may have now up five…switching me back to Vandy-G’town just in time for Hibbert’s fourth foul with five minutes left.

9:14 PM: [UNNAMED ANALYST]: “Ewing telegraphs the pass” Yeah, that seems to be a 25 year old problem for the Hoyas in the NCAA Tournament.

9:15 PM: Wow…Hibbert just committed an extremely stupid foul for his fifth…and CBS leaves the game to go over to Butler-Florida which is not really close now since the Gators will probably survive with a six point lead with 35 seconds left.

9:17 PM: Joakim Noah looks like a girl….there I said it.

9:21 PM: G’town just need to play perimeter defense because Vandy has ZERO offensive presence inside 10 feet.

9:23 PM: Some funny dribbling on the part of Georgetown there. Hoyas up two with 1:50 left.

9:25 PM: 1 of 2 FTs for Vandy. I am going to lose it if UNC comes out tonight and misses a ton of FTs.

9:30 PM: Vandy up by one. John Thompson III is smarter than his dad, he calls the timeout instead of letting his team come down and try to win it.

9:31 PM: Obviously UNC will be on the court after 10 PM.

9:34 PM: Dang it Vandy! What can you say, they had Green double teamed and he still hit the game winner. Of course I also think they are far less fearsome having watched them play a team which had nothing on the interior.

9:34 PM: 30 minutes should put the game tip for UNC-USC around 10:05 PM.

9:40 PM: Apparently Green traveled on the game winner which probably explains how he was able to work his way to a good shot. Looks like Green established his right foot and then lifted it and planted with the left foot as he went up for the shot. Lifting the pivot foot is a travel under, so basically the Commodores just got royally hosed.

10:00 PM: Six minutes to tip. Oregon up five on UNLV early.

10:05 PM: Okay…Ginyard will start and Terry will be available off the bench. That makes me REALLY nervous.

10:06 PM: Tipoff!!!!

10:07 PM: USC’s defensive plan early on is to triple team Hansbrough.

10:09 PM: Not a good start. Ugly shooting early and USC is doing what they want on offense. My take is even if USC slows us down, if we can defend them it will not matter.

10:11 PM: Even though he hit it, I do not like that Hansbrough has two shots from out there.

10:13 PM: The shooting is a huge concern. That three was wide open for Lawson and he missed everything.

10:18 PM: I feel like I am watching the Arizona game in the 1997 Final Four…that is not a good sign.

10:19 PM: CBS has microphones next to someone who is really annoying me. They seem to be Heels fans but I wish they could block them out.

10:21 PM: Okay, when Green taking a 15 footer is the offensive option we end up with that is not a good sign either.

10:22 PM: Ice cold. Down 11. I have seen this movie before and it usually ends with me breaking something.

10:24 PM: Crap…two fouls on Tyler after Green’s layup rimmed out. UNC felt like they were starting to roll a little there.

10:27 PM: Terry is in and Wright cannot guard Young.

10:28 PM: Yes, Terry! I don’t care if they have to pump him full of fluids in the locker room, they need him on the court.

10:29 PM: Here is my problem. USC is not necessarily lighting it up..they are beating UNC’s defense period. I am trying to calm myself by remembering that UNC had the same trouble with Villanova two years ago.

10:30 PM: Young has two fouls so that evens it out somewhat though Young can probably keep himself cleaner.

10:31 PM: USC is doing what Gonzaga did…they are covering Hansbrough almost before he even has the ball and somehow are making it difficult for him to get position or even kick the ball out to an open shooter. UNC down four at the under eight timeout.

10:36 PM: Lawson with two fouls and he has a tendency to get in foul trouble quick. UNC down two. Thomas is on which is a total crapshoot.

10:37 PM: We may have to jump on Wright’s back here. Tied at 26 on the Ellington jumper.

10:39 PM: Green goes from hero to goat in about 2.3 seconds. You cannot make lazy passes with these guys, they are way too quick. Back down four.

10:40 PM: Reyshawn Terry!!!! Sick or not, he has showed up to play in this Tournament. UNC down one with the ball, under four minutes timeout.

10:42 PM: Thrown Items Count: 1. I threw the UNC hat I was wearing across the room when Green threw the ball away and the gave up the three point play.

10:50 PM: UNC has played horribly in the first and final three minutes of his half. I can only assume Lawson will see the floor the entire second half because Frasor is worthless versus these quicker guards. Terry was good for a while but you could tell his legs left him pretty quickly. Roy calls timeout with 0.8 to try and get some kind of shot.

10:54 PM: Ellington got an open look and the three rimmed out. That about covers the half. UNC could have used that to make it only a six point deficit. I really fear that UNC will come out flat to begin the second stanza and find themselves down 15. Hansbrough has been neutralized and Lawson cannot outclass the other guards with his speed. UNC down nine. G’town was down eight. OSU was down 17. We shall see if UNC can get it going like those teams did.

10:58 PM: CBS is really harping on the Green travel that was not called against Vanderbilt.

11:14 PM: 2nd half and down 11.

11:15 PM: Unless UNC can assert an interior game with Hansbrough, the season will be over in about an hour.

11:16 PM: I see no sign of this changing. USC now up 13 with the ball. UNC is not showing any inclination or ability versus the USC defense to come back.. Now down 16.

11:18 PM: This is how you beat UNC. If Hansbrough does not touch the ball on the post, the offense is worthless unless we turn into a great perimeter shooting team which we are not and never have been. The outside shooting is complimentary to the primary offensive weapons of Hansbrough and Wright. Hansbrough has to touch the ball to either make a shot or get fouled.

11:20 PM: Hansbrough having the ball also creates foul trouble for the other team and really weakens their defense. UNC is just off, partly because if USC defense, partly because this seems to be what happens.

11:24 PM: The guys playing Rameses was hit by a car! That is awful!

11:25 PM: Within 10 but needing lots of stops.

11:26 PM: I swear take Green out, he is giving us nothing but stupid plays! Good, Terry is in.

11:28 PM: I was really hoping USC would get on a scoring drought there and get us back down to about two possessions.

11:29 PM: The game is starting to flow more UNC’s way, we need to make plays though.

11:30 PM: USC has foul trouble. With 11 minutes to go and an eight point deficit I think UNC needs to rattle off a good run to really pressure USC psychologically. USC needs to feel threatened and see how they respond to it.

11:35 PM: Thompson should not be option #1 on the post, it should be Hansbrough.

11:36 PM: Nice play by Ginyard! Chance to get it down to five…..and he does.

11:38 PM: Missed layup!!!!

11:39 PM: Wright cuts it to three and USC wants to talk about it!

11:40 PM: Much is being made of Gibson being out but if he has four fouls how much good can he be on defense?

11:42 PM: USC starting to feel the heat….Ginyard doing the little stuff….UNC within one!

11:43 PM: I swear! Take Green out…I like Green and I think he will give us two more great years but tonight he keeps stepping in it.

11:46 PM: UNC leads!!!! Green with a little redepmption and UNC has it going on now!

11:47 PM: Ah…the UNC depth in full effect. UNC by three and the ball.

11:48 PM: Wright is a beast! 15-0 run by UNC…unbelievable.

11:49 PM: UNC by six and I need to pace.

11:52 PM: It is amazing to see USC’s legs go out from under them. I did not think the depth would be a factor but Lawson is now outclassing them with his speed and UNC is now up seven under four minutes to go.

11:53 PM: I am speechless with this run. I really did not think USC would run out of gas like that and how huge have Wright and Ginyard been? Green sparked the big lead with the steal and follow at the other end which effectively redeemed him from the previous gaffes. This is UNC’s game to lose and if Tyler can drop these FTs UNC will be up nine with three minutes left and a tired team on the other side.

11:57 PM: Holy cow! [UNNAMED ANALYST] just said he did not think Green traveled in the Vandy game. He really has gone around the bend.

11:58 PM: UNC up six now, under three minutes.

11:59 PM: Well the only good from that is they ran 35 seconds off. USC misses, UNC now needs to hit FTs when USC starts fouling them.

12:00 AM: Happy Saturday to you! Let me go back to [UNNAMED ANALYST] a minute. How can you look at that and think Green did not travel? He is insane or he just wants to disagree with everyone else.

12:01 AM: Oregon will beat UNLV.its t

12:02 AM: That may be the game. Gibson called for an illegal screen and Tim Floyd just got a technical foul. Wow, Floyd pulled a Bobby Knight…sort of…he threw some papers on the court about two feet from the coaches box. Green hits two FTs and UNC now up eight with 40 seconds left. Ginyard at the line on a HUGE night for him. UNC now up 10.

12:06 AM: Wright does his part to dispel the classless accusations leveled against UNC. UNC on to the Elite Eight!


82 Responses to UNC vs USC: Live Blog

  1. C. Michael says:

    Green walked.

  2. C. Michael says:

    Hibbert fould out in the 1st half against UNC.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Did he? I was not watching his feet. Add to that the fact they allowed Hibbert to put the ball back in one time with it on the cylinder.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Just saw the replay and I think he changed his pivot foot.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Wow..Kellog and Davis picked up on it. That really sucks.

  6. C. Michael says:

    Shades of UNC/Nova 2005…

  7. williamodouglas says:

    Well, obviously it is good for UNC. The top seeds are getting every single call in this tournament, regardless of region.

  8. williamodouglas says:

    UNC was up by 3 against Nova. Even if the basket had counted, we would have been up by one point with the ball. I am sick of hearing people say that we won because of that call. It is not true, C. Michael. Villanova scored a late 3 to cut the final margin from 4 to 1.

  9. C. Michael says:

    Trust me, I know, I was there. Just saying the scenario was similar.

  10. C. Michael says:

    Terry’s playing like he is possessed!

  11. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Experimental antibiotics.

  12. Josh Bowling says:

    You are right on William. I had said that in an earlier post as well. The top seeds are getting the benefit from the officiating. I am very scared right now however.

  13. 52BigGameJames says:

    Heels 1st half offensive rebounding and defense is horrendous. Good news is there’s nowhere to go but up.

  14. C. Michael says:

    UNC flat out doesn’t deserve to win this game.

  15. Tar Heel Fan says:

    After watching OSU and Georgetown I quit caring about who deserves to win since no one else seems to care about it.

  16. C. Michael says:


  17. 52BigGameJames says:

    not that it’s relevant, but isn’t it 8pm on the West Coast?

  18. williamodouglas says:

    Is it racist if you say something against your own race?

  19. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yes, not that it appears to have a bearing on what is happening, but it probably feels more like 8 PM than it does 11 PM.

  20. Tar Heel Fan says:

    It guess it depends, I would not think so.

  21. williamodouglas says:

    I am just going to say it–why are white people so slow?

  22. williamodouglas says:

    Please Roy, let Bobby and Wes play next year.

  23. 52BigGameJames says:

    well for one team anyway.

  24. williamodouglas says:

    Well, let Wes coach the J.V.

  25. 52BigGameJames says:

    your boy E hasn’t exactly burned it up.

  26. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Apparently african-americans, especially those descended from West Africa, have more fast twitch muscle fibers than caucasians do. That means you are faster with those type of muscles.

  27. williamodouglas says:

    OK. Q.T., Bobby and Wes are going to cheer us on. Marcus is going to play defense and stop shooting and Wayne, Tyler, Ty and B. Wright are going to do what they can do and R.T will gut things out.

  28. williamodouglas says:

    I learned that in Freshman PE in 1983 and I remember being really disappointed. I guess in the back of my mind I still thought the 100 dash was in my future.

  29. williamodouglas says:

    Don’t tell me the score, but I have Tivo paused so tell me when the game starts back.

  30. Josh Bowling says:

    Why do we always have to wind up playing all of those pesky little guards

  31. 52BigGameJames says:

    I wish the refs would T Gibson up for all the histrionics.

  32. 52BigGameJames says:


  33. 52BigGameJames says:

    momentum shift after this TO!

  34. williamodouglas says:

    Are we back yet?

  35. Tar Heel Fan says:


    On the speed issue, it does not seem to be true of Ethiopians for some reason who are built more for distance and not so much for speed.

  36. Josh Bowling says:

    Every time we begin what looks to be a great run, we get called for a foul on the defensive end, thus disrupting our momentum. 10 minutes left, hopefully USC will wear down soon!

  37. williamodouglas says:

    I predict we rip them right from the beginning of the opening half. That 9 point lead will be exponentially different within 2 minutes.

  38. Josh Bowling says:

    Stupid boxing out foul on Deon!

  39. williamodouglas says:

    What? Are we back? They have an Ethiopian guy?

  40. 52BigGameJames says:

    they are just totally collapsing inside.

  41. williamodouglas says:

    Guy, let’s all send out a prayer for our cheerleader and his family. May the Lord guide the doctors and give them wisdom and lift his family.

  42. Josh Bowling says:

    Back within one. Those stupid silly fouls!!!

  43. 52BigGameJames says:


  44. Josh Bowling says:

    I second that William. Prayers are sent!

  45. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I have been hit by a car before, during cross country practice at UNCG one block from the Greensboro Coliseum, I really hope he is not badly hurt but it did not sound good the way Nantz talked about it.

  46. actuarializing says:

    UNLV blowing the chance for eight different conferences to be represented in the elite eight …

  47. Josh Bowling says:

    Like I said 5 post ago. Every time we get on a run a dang silly defensive foul.

  48. 52BigGameJames says:

    I hope they smell blood!

  49. Josh Bowling says:

    Wright made both!!

  50. C. Michael says:

    I stand corrected! They absolutely deserve to win this game!! I love it when I am wrong! 😉

  51. 52BigGameJames says:


  52. 52BigGameJames says:

    they should be attacking this trap!

  53. Josh Bowling says:

    1:16 left to play. Let’s do it!

  54. C. Michael says:

    Floyd is an idiot.

  55. williamodouglas says:

    I love Billy Packer!

  56. Josh Bowling says:

    Tim Floyd shouldn’t have done that to his team. Look how hard they have worked to be in this game!

  57. williamodouglas says:

    Billy calling it once again. Illegal Screen!

  58. 52BigGameJames says:

    we can thank Wright & Ginyard for this one!

  59. williamodouglas says:

    I admit that I was wrong. We didn’t blow them out. But you guys have to be nicer to Billy Packer.

  60. actuarializing says:

    I think Mayo and Floyd may be just right for each other.

  61. C. Michael says:


  62. 52BigGameJames says:

    I say one team was playing at 8pm start time, and the other finally woke up about the time they’re normally in bed asleep.

  63. Wayne says:

    That’s one of MANY great Tar Heel comebacks over the years! Way to go Heels! And Ginyard with a double double!

  64. Tar Heel Fan says:

    “I think Mayo and Floyd may be just right for each other.”

    I think you might be right. That is about as intentional as you can be as a coach in terms of getting a technical foul.

  65. Josh Bowling says:

    Ginyard & Green on those put backs and extra possessions, along with the defense, were great. I still like Lawson handling that ball. Is he Great or what! I am very proud of our Heels! I just hate we have to always seem to do it this way. I feel like Valvano saying “Survive and Advance”. I want to “Dominate and Advance”.

  66. williamodouglas says:

    That was the dumbest thing that I have ever seen. He should just have flung the ball into the stands.

  67. Josh Bowling says:

    Wes & Bobby will have better games ahead. I will not give them a hard time yet. Over the past two years, they have won some crutial games for us. I believe some more is in store later. I want to remeber Quintin Thomas’s performance tonight, he played great I thought. How about those pivot moves from Deon Thompson! Once he learns to convert those, it’s on! Mr. Wright, you are a Beast! Hansbrough, although not shooting well, wore them out in the paint as the game went on. Good Job Hansbrough. Ellington, while streaky, moved around a lot and caused more wear & tear on USC. He hit some good shots to. Reyshawn did a nice job for us, especially considering his sickness. I thought his basket in the first half kept it from getting silly and allowed us to still have some confidence. Any more thoughts!?

  68. williamodouglas says:

    Did you see Floyd standing on the floor? They had an extra defender! Ty should have dribbled the ball over there. I hope that NC State is glad that B. Wright didn’t dunk that last ball but I wanted to see it.

  69. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Green was killing me for a while there but the steal and tip in was huge.

  70. williamodouglas says:

    Now, if we can just get B. Wright and Tyler in sync….

  71. Josh Bowling says:

    What do you think after the Georgetown/Vanderbilt game? Are you more/less afraid of them?

  72. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey William, we still have to leave a little lane for TyLaw!

  73. williamodouglas says:

    If you guys think that we take college basketball seriously, check this out:


  74. Josh Bowling says:

    How can you get archived post game comments from team. I just turned Woody on and Tyler, Wright, Ty, and Ginyard had post game comments. I would like to find a way to hear those any way I can.

  75. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Inside Carolina will have quotes from them but probably not the full text. You have to pay for audio over there. 850 the Buzz may have free audio posted later.

    I am less afraid of G’town after watching them versus Vandy because our depth is so good. The question in that game will be foul trouble…who gets it first.

  76. williamodouglas says:

    I tried CSTV internet but it wouldn’t let me save them. Did you guys think that Lawson had a good game or an average game?

  77. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think Lawson was more average than normal because the speed gap between him and USC guards was smaller. That being said, when they lost their legs he was huge and given than Frasor was horrid in the first half I would call him a key player to the game even if his stats were a little off.

  78. williamodouglas says:

    They were supposed to be just as deep as we were. Granted, the one guy got into foul trouble but the comeback was already on. Did we just tighten up the defense like against MSU? Both games the Heels were untouchable down the stretch.

  79. Josh Bowling says:

    I second THF William. That guy is just so speedy, and rarely gives up the ball. He keeps the defense honest. I am convinced that if someone else was playing point, scored 10 points, that they would be less effective than Lawson, just because of the speed and defensive mismatches it causes having him running the floor.

  80. Josh Bowling says:

    Right on William, down the stretch we have been great. I would like to start dominating games though. I do not believe it is going to happen the rest of the way though. The way we play in spurts makes me think we are a nba team sometimes. Is Georgetown scared of us? I wonder if they watch this game and change strategies for us. I hope nobody learns how to stop our runs. We need those. If USC could have just made some stops on our runs, the outcome may have been different. Hopefully against Georgetown, we can get off to a good start and hold a lead, then again, we loose intensity with leads and gain it in deficits. 40 minutes of intensity guys! Go Heels!

  81. williamodouglas says:

    Basketball is really getting more and more popular worldwide. There just aren’t the easy games you used to have.

  82. Triadboy says:

    I love this team! The entire roster!

    I now live in Tucson where Thompson and Stepheson filled in for Wright and Ginyard…and blew out the Wildcats! Tucson appreciates good basketball. They really respect Carolina here.

    I watched the game again – knowing the outcome (and not having a pounding heart) changed it! We played much better the entire game. 😀

    – you would not believe how many uncalled fouls USC committed! At one point, Wright puts the ball through – is fouled from behind – Wright and the fouler both stop and look at the referee – expected the foul to be called…nothing. So Wright bounces the ball to the ref and starts running upcourt. Unbeleebable! There were 3 or 4 uncalled fouls on Wright.

    I didn’t see the foul Frasor committed on the USC guy going in for the layup.

    If anyone has friends who don’t understand the Carolina mystic (even though they are now officially the most popular team in America), this game epitomizes what being a Carolina fan is all about.

    Roy seems to be saying “I’ll bet your Team can’t beat my Two and a Half.”

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