Fred Brown Held Hostage By Georgetown Students

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ-Local police in New Jersey have announced they are monitoring a hostage situation involving several Georgetown students and former Hoya basketball player Fred Brown.  According to witnesses, Brown who arrived in East Rutherford to attend the NCAA East Regional Final was spotted by a group of Hoya students who immediately rushed the former player and forced him into a white van outside his hotel.  Police received word from the kidnappers two hours later saying they were holding Brown and demanded that Brown be removed to a location far enough away from the arena as not to “screw Georgetown out of another NCAA Tournament.”

“There was no ransom demand or any request for money only the demand that Brown be taken out of the juristiction” said police spokesman Jason Connolley.  “We responded that we would be unable to fufill such a request”

Connolley went on to say that the kidnappers stated they would simply hold Brown at an undisclosed location until 7:30 PM when they would be glad to release him.  Brown, who was the starting point guard for the 1982 NCAA runner-up Georgetown team is often held responsible for the Hoyas’ loss since he mistakenly passed the ball to UNC forward James Worthy in the waning seconds with his team trailing by one.  The miscue cost the Hoyas even an opportunity to attempt a game winning shot and effectively sealed UNC’s national championship.

Despite rumors swirling around the arena, police denied any involvement by former Georgetown center Patrick Ewing, father of current Hoya player Patrick Ewing, Jr. or former coach John Thompson who is also father of current head coach John Thompson III.  According to one eyewitness, Ewing was seen speaking with a small group of Hoya supporters after seeing Brown outside the hotel.  Ewing could not be reached for comment but issued a statement saying he is praying for the safe return of Brown and is hoping the kidnappers check the uniforms of the people they deliver Brown to before they actually release him.

“Obviously emotions are still running high after all these years” Connolley said, “then again if I had a teammate throw the ball to someone on the other team despite the fact they were clearly wearing white uniforms and we had dark gray on I cannot say how I might react”

Former Hoya player Allen Iverson was automatically included as a suspect as a matter of policy and then excluded when it was discovered he was in Colorado.

Standard Disclaimer: This is a parody news article.


5 Responses to Fred Brown Held Hostage By Georgetown Students

  1. williamodouglas says:

    Tom Brady blew the game against the Colts this year with a bad interception and no one makes fun of him.

    Duke lost in 1999 to UConn on a similar turn-over to the Brown play, in the last few seconds, except it was a travel by one of Duke’s players, whose name I cannot remember now. Someone for Illinois threw the ball away to Felton in 2005 in the last few seconds. I guess with Fred Brown and Chris Webber, the difference is somehow those plays seem so elongated in our minds, that they take much more of primacy in our memories, even though it seems wrong to blame those guys any more than Ewing for all of his goaltending or Michigan in general for blowing a 12 point lead.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    The Ewing goaltends were intentional. Thompson said later on that the shots were probably going in anyway and he wanted to try and intimidate UNC. Of course despite what ABCers would say neither the Brown pass or Webber timeout “gave” UNC the game since the Heels were leading in both case.

  3. williamodouglas says:

    Nor did the walk call against Villanova, but check this out, apparently Brown and Thompson have had a falling out:

  4. williamodouglas says:

    This is a little bit reminiscent of the 1989 Illini arguing that they were better than the 2005 Illini, right before the Final Four. It is probably not helpful.

  5. Mike White says:

    “Standard Disclaimer: This is a parody news article.”

    I wouldn’t be so sure. Hoya Suxa!

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