Georgetown 96 UNC 84 (OT)


I really hate not at least making the Final Four….let me go brood now.


44 Responses to Georgetown 96 UNC 84 (OT)

  1. Triadboy says:

    I’m bummed.

  2. C. Michael says:

    Well, my lucky #32 UNC jersey is now 8-1. It is also torn to shreds and I will be burning the remains tomorrow.

  3. williamodouglas says:

    Cosmic payback for 8 points in 17 seconds and winning twice in triple overtime in 1957.

  4. T Square says:


  5. williamodouglas says:

    Honestly, it was going to be hell to win in the Final Four this year and I am not sure that we would have. In 2005, there was at least an easy touch with MSU first. We were going to have to beat OSU and Florida/UCLA. Missing 21 in a row is a statistical anomoly.

  6. jhwk1 says:

    That’s the Roy Williams I remember. Why not call a T/O to take that momentum away from GU. Saw it a million times at KU, the best team in the country that underachives.

  7. Triadboy says:

    That basically ends sports for me until next year’s team starts up. I’ll just lie in a darkened room and rock gently back and forth until November.

  8. tarheelbaby says:

    Baseball’s fixing to start up for us. On the bright side, I found this blog this year and have enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to seeing you guys around.

  9. williamodouglas says:

    You guys should have called a bunch yesterday, Jhwk1.

  10. williamodouglas says:

    Yeah, the only thing almost as bad as today’s game was last year’s lost in the College World Series.

  11. fw in MD says:

    I guess Roy isn’t as good a coach as I thought! NO,that is NO, offensive rebounds! and The biggest meltdown in Carolina history. What a shame for the whole ACC! This sucks! If Ididn’t know better,I would think Dougherty was back!

  12. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I am not entirely ready to dump on Roy for this. Roy is not the on jacking up threes early in the shot clock when they should have at least let Hansbrough touch the ball and see if you could pick up a cheap foul on the foul troubled Hoya frontline. And even when the Hoyas got back into it and tied the game there was a chance to win the game and Ellington missed the shot.

  13. What is this with jumping on coach williams? You drunk, mate? We basically did what we’ve done most of the year with a big lead, we drift mentally. I think some guys saw us with a lead and decided they wanted some camera time, too. I’m looking at you, guards. So we started throwing up some ill advised shots, and we see the result.

    G-town never stopped playing hard. We were just doing a better job until guys started thinking they knew better than the coach.

  14. williamodouglas says:

    Guys, just go have a beer. If Michael Jordan had missed in 1982, the knives would have been out that year, too. The odds against missing 19 out of 20 shots in a row have nothing to do with coaching, fw in MD, but maybe you never took stats at UNC….

  15. Tar Heel Fan says:


    You have a deeper history of watching UNC than I because you are older 😉

    The question is how does this rate in the pantheon of bad UNC losses? My memory runs 25 years on watching the Heels play and I think this one takes the cake, thought my father told me 1977 was sort of the same deal.

  16. Lee in PA says:

    Roy should have called time when score was 75 – 70 and benched the jokers who were tossing up 3s from LaLa land.

    Frankly, it looked like NC threw the game…Blue Sox Scandal?

  17. Lee in PA says:

    77 was rough, but different. Then the Heels fought hard to get the lead, then Dean went four corners and iced is own team. Here Roy saw the train wreck coming and did nothing.

  18. williamodouglas says:

    There have been plenty of bad losses. We lost to FSU in the Final Four in 1972 with Bob McAdoo and Bobby Jones when we were supposed to play UCLA in the Finals. The loss to Indiana in 1984 and Syracuse in 1987 were games where we weren’t really competitive, making big comebacks that fell short–to me that is worse–that is probably less based on bad luck but more on poor effort to a certain extent, but there is always a random factor involved. The loss to BC in 1994 was a loss to a team not nearly as good as this Georgetown team. The loss to Utah in 1998 was similar in that we simply could not make an outside shot. We could have beaten Utah 8 times out of 10 but that was the wrong night. On the other hand, Donald Williams, never, ever in his life shot anything like he did in 1993 and we never would have won otherwise. We might not have made it past the Sweet 16 had he not shot like that.

  19. jackiemanuel says:

    Hurts bad…but we’ve seen tonight’s sometimes amazing sometime frustrating Tar Heel team all season. They went out playing hard, and while I know this team could have done something special, we must not hang our heads too much.

  20. Displaced Heel says:

    WHAT?!!? Are we baggin’ on Roy? Give me a break. He lost his only sibling during this tournament. He buried her last week, His senior leader has been sick with strep for a week. I think he did a helluva job. We gave out when G’town got started. It is a game we probably should’ve won, but we didn’t. We had a great season, we had a great year, dook went out in the first round, and we’ll be back next year. Fair weather fans, go watch Florida. Jump on that bandwagon, and leave the ‘Heels alone. They don’t need you.

    BTW, I think KU achieved plenty while Roy was in Lawrence, with the exception of Eric Chenowith. I have been watching KU for 18 years now, and have seen them get better and better, thanks to a couple Tarheels. Leave Roy alone.

  21. Josh Bowling says:

    There is a lesson to be learned here. When you are up 10 w/5 to play, use some clock and force them to foul!!! It would be statistically hard if you milked clock to come back from 10 down with what time was left. We will miss Reyshawn. I hope Delvon Roe comes and is able to provide some of what Reyshawn did for us. We will miss Wes as well. His defense is irreplaceable. There are no shortage of people willing to take 3’s however.

  22. williamodouglas says:

    There have been a lot of train wrecks in NCAA play. Ask Duke about the several double-digit leads that they have lost. Hindsight is 20-20, but if the Tar Heels had hit one single shot out of the 12 or so they missed down the stretch in regulation, they win the game and none of you are questioning the strategy.

  23. williamodouglas says:

    1977 was disappointing. I was 12 and cried but deep down we were lucky to even be there. Every single win we had in the tournament involved either a big comeback or winning against huge odds, with our center our for the year, Walter Davis hurt and Phil Ford hurt. It was a 2-point game in the final minute but Marquette made all their free throws. This is more like 1987, my senior year or 1998, where we had really good teams but that just weren’t quite firing on all cylinders.

    I never, for a second, felt that they team had the same chance to win it all that I felt in 1982, 1993 or 2005. Those were seasoned teams, heavy on juniors and seniors, with much smaller core rotations, that essentially didn’t have off days those years and still all needed a lot of luck to win. This team, right from the Gonzage game, has been excellent, but not quite in that class. Even had we won this game, I doubt that we would have won two pick’em games in the Final Four. Our semifinal games in 1982, 1993 and 2005 were all relatively light touches compared to the Finals.

  24. williamodouglas says:

    The women are coming on soon. The day is not over. Ivory is sensational.

  25. williamodouglas says:

    Some Yankee reporter asked Tyler Hansbrough, “how does it feel to lose a game like this?”

    It makes you wish we still had McCants. He would have said “how the F- do you think it feels, jackass?

  26. Triadboy says:

    I loved this team. Hats off to a great season. Give Roy a lifetime contract as far as I’m concerned. He’s the best. If he can keep recruiting two and a half quality teams – we’ll keep winning and eventually cut down the nets.

    Tarheel in Tucson

  27. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Amen on the women. I might pick up some live blogging of them if they make it to Tuesday night for the regional final. With Duke out they are the favorite to win since they have beaten the other two powers: UConn and Tenn.

  28. williamodouglas says:


  29. williamodouglas says:

    Hey, at least we can get some revenge against DC. I live here in Washington so I will have to hear over and over about how this was payback for 1982. If the women beat GW, at least the Washington Post will have some decent UNC news tomorrow.

  30. williamodouglas says:

    Hey, we still have a McCants on the floor. She just hit a lay-up. They better not ask her any stupid questions.

  31. williamodouglas says:

    McCants hits another. 6-2 Heels.

  32. williamodouglas says:

    This team plays exactly the same style as our men. They lead the nation in scoring, never stop running and shuffle in player after player. UNC 6-GW-4.

  33. Josh Bowling says:

    Go ladies!! I tell you William, even if we had won, I would still have questions regarding not slowing tempo and taking 3’s. I just would have kept silent with them!

  34. Chris Tutino says:

    This one’s gonna sting for a day or so. and I’m kinda on the fence as to placing fault and/or blame. Basketball is a game and there has to be a loser. HOWEVER, when you’re coaching a large number of freshman and you sense momentum change, it’s up to the coach to call timeout to try and change that momentum and dole out some poignant words that can right the ship. I mean, more than half the starters were playing in high school gyms last year. Without a leader on the floor, this was bound happen, though I was, and will continue to be, eternally optimistic about my Heels.

    Nice season,. boys. Can’t wait ’til next year.


  35. williamodouglas says:

    We were 2-13 the other night. We definitely were not as good as the last two years.

    BTW, THF, as I rack my brains, Carolina has actually had a larger deficit loss in overtime. In 1980, we lost to Texas A&M in the second round in double overtime, with no shot clock or three pointer, by 17!

  36. Josh Bowling says:

    I wish we had more games like this in the regular season to hone up our strategies while ahead late in games. I am going to and see about our future, since the present is gone.

  37. Josh Bowling says:

    I just have to say how much this stinks. I am proud of our boys and do believe we are one of the 4 best. I do not see the remaining teams as being superior to us. I hope we can have the regular season dominance again next year, along with coming closer to the national championship. Our future is still pretty bright. I wonder what our preseason rankins will be next year. Florida will be dismantled after this year right? Ohio State will still be strong. USC will be in the top 10 at least. UCLA, what about them? Kansas is loosing Rush and Chalmers, I think. We should be preseasoned at about 5. Of course, they may take into account that we are loosing Reyshawn and Miller, while getting no one. I say we will be picked preseason somewhere betweeen 5 and 8. What do you guys think?

  38. Josh Bowling says:

    How soon do you think it will be before we hear anything about Wright/Hansbrough’s decision? Hopefully soon with an emphatic “One More Year”!!!

  39. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think Wright is way he turns down top 3 which is where he is projecting. The upside to this loss is it will probably leave a bad enough taste in Tyler’s mouth to bring him back for one more season. Lawson needs another year and he did nothing in this Tournament that would make him Top 5. Losing Terry and Miller will hurt on the defensive end as well as losing Terry’s offensive presence. If that happens then your starting lineup for the opening game should be:

    Lawson, Ellington, Ginyard, Thompson, and Hansbrough.

    Bench: Frasor, Thomas, Stepheson, Green, Graves(off redshirt).

    That is still a very good team with good depth just not as high quality as this season.

  40. vontos says:

    I love all the second guessing here. Don’t worry, you guys will likely get another great freshman class next year.

  41. williamodouglas says:

    Top 3.

  42. williamodouglas says:

    I think that they will definitely be better next year, even without Wright, who all of sudden started making his free throws by the way. Frasor will be back and Ellington and Lawson will likely improve their outside shots just like Felton did two years ago. Outside shooting was a major major weakness all year. They would have to get better because they were so bad.

  43. Triadboy says:

    I know nothing about the recruiting outlook. Anyone have info?

  44. Tar Heel Fan says:

    No recruits from the class of 2007. Roy had one scholarship, decided not to use it because with so many horses in the barn there is no way you convince a top recruit to come. Williams Graves will come off redshirt and hopefully will contribute. For the class of 2008, UNC is in the mix for several players. Delvon Roe seems to nearly be a lock since he was at the Duke game wearing UNC garb. There are others they are pushing to get and according to’s Dave Telep UNC will probably grab a good class in 2008. What that means is if we only lose Wright, Terry, and Miller, next season will be very good. Then in 2008-09 you are looking at not having Hansbrough, Ellington, and Lawson(draft), and Thomas(graduation). That leaves you a senior class of Ginyard, Green, and Frasor, juniors Thompson, Stepheson, RS sophomore Graves, and a highly touted freshman class.

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