Maybe I Am Just Looking For Things to Be Ticked Off About…

…but how does Greg Oden get named to the first team AP All-American team and not Tyler Hansbrough?

Has anyone enjoyed the kind of media hype to the point people abandon all common sense when it comes to voting for postseason awards?  Never mind, I know the answer to that, I watched J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams play for Duke.


13 Responses to Maybe I Am Just Looking For Things to Be Ticked Off About…

  1. williamodouglas says:

    Didn’t he miss like a quarter of the season?

  2. C. Michael says:

    His numbers were better than my gut instinct would predict:

    30 games. 15.4 pts, 9.5 reb. 3.3 blocks.

    I’m not as amped about this as I originally was.

  3. williamodouglas says:

    I re-watched yesterday’s game and also the second half of Illinois-UNC from 2005 and to tell you the truth, the “melt-down” against Illinois was worse. With the exception of the tap-in by Marvin Williams, he must have been totally nervous because he made like 5 turnovers, missed a one and one and missed shots down the stretch. Thank goodness we pulled that one out or we would never have heard the end or it, but Illinois missed several uncontested three’s down the stretch.

    Key play: Tie score, 65 all, with under five to play when Felton takes a 25 footer , heavily contested by 2 Illini and somehow it swishes. If he had missed, Illinois probably wins the game.

  4. Josh Bowling says:

    I hate the 3 point shot. It gets us out of most games and allows most teams back in the game. Last night-case in point.

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    Back to the point. I would take Tyler Hansbrough over ANYONE in college basketball. Present, and maybe past. The media can glee over Oden all they want. He has not impressed me at all. Watching what Hansbrough does for our team is what impresses me most.

  6. williamodouglas says:

    Well, I love Hansbrough and I am certain that he is not going pro, so there is no point in talking about it.

    Now, with respect to Lawson…..

    Honestly, the Heels were not that much more successful with Lawson at the helm than they were with Frasor and Thomas. Some of that I say after watching him yesterday, when he was admittedly horrible, so maybe it is unfair a little.

    Nevertheless, if Lawson couldn’t get any shots off down the stretch against Georgetown, and if he can barely shoot 33% from the college three point line and not even 70% from the stripe as a point guard and if he is still just a so-so defender against college boys, I feel very sad if he honestly thinks that he can be anything more than a part-time player in the NBA.

    Ty, there are guys in the NBA who shoot 45% from their long three point line with 2 guys draped all over them. Ty, there are 50 guys in the NBA better than Hibbert, who scared you to death every time you went down the lane. Ty, please give Joe Forte a phone call before you make any decisions. He was far better than you were in college and I am not sure even what he is doing now.

  7. 52BigGameJames says:

    you’re being a little harsh aren’t you? Seems to me there were a lot of fumbles underneath yesterday after Ty made penetration and a decent dish. Granted he didn’t attempt to shoot over Hibbert, but the way Hibbert plays, a dish was the better option. Frasor yes, but Thomas? Come on now!

  8. williamodouglas says:

    If Lawson thinks that he is ready for the NBA than cruel is kind.

    Frasor started last year and Miller and Frasor filled in. Frasor is not that great from outside either, nor QT, but what really hurt was that Wes Miller went from .441 to .333. At least last year, we could count on Wes for three’s. This year, except for Reyshaw, who was streaky, we had no reliable outside shot. Certainly, Ty was not reliable. He hit .357 from three point range and 68% from the line, missing a huge one and one Friday night, that ultimately ended up not mattering. He also had some real defensive lapses yesterday. CBS has all the games online for free, take a look again if you dare. It wasn’t that bad, honestly. The last ten minutes against Illinois in 2005 were worse, but Lawson, Green, Ginyard and Ellington were far from their best yesterday.

    Did any of you see Carolina beat Duke in Durham in 2006? K specifically said that he thought that Q. Thomas was sensational in that game. Q. Thomas also had a higher assist to turnover ratio than Frasor last year and higher than Felton had the year before. I would definitely take him over Ismael Smith at Wake.

  9. Chris says:

    Anybody have any insight into McRoberts leaving for the NBA? It would seem that it would be a personality thing between him and K, because he certainly doesn’t have the talent that would make him a high pick. He doesn’t even seem to have that upside potential thing that Marvin Williams and Brandan probably have.

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:


    My understanding listening to David Glenn on 850 AM in Raleigh is that there was a conflict of personality with the coaching staff. Adam Gold pointed out that he should have gone last season because then he had the “potential” label slapped on him. Now, Gold says, everyone knows he cannot shoot the ball particularly well and he would be better off with another season under his belt to see if he can raise his draft status. That, more than anything, tells me he is fed up with K and his coaches.

    Add to that the absence of any kind of legitimate post player coach. Wojo coaches the big men at Duke and that is all I am going to say about that.

  11. 52BigGameJames says:

    to clarify william, I wasn’t trying to make the case for “NBA-Ty”. I agree w/you on that. 05 shoulda spanked Ill, it’s true, but this team has even better long-term potential if they stay. What Rashad lacked in judgement, and character, he more than made up for in moxie, which is imo at least as big a part in being a big-time shooter as is form. And you can’t fake moxie, no matter how hard you try. E wants it, and tries to fake it at times, but it ain’t there yet–maybe that’s what Roy is molding, or attempting to mold. Admittedly, 18/19 is still a kid, and I do lose perspective at times! 🙂

  12. williamodouglas says:

    I love McCants. He got so much bad press because he wouldn’t put up with journalist garbage. When they would ask him a stupid question, like against Duke in 2005 in Durham, “What happened on that last play with you and Felton, Rashad?” He would say, “You saw it. What do you think happened?”

    I’ll never forget that behind the back dribble he made through two defenders for a lay-up at Wake. That was smoking. His sister plays for the women and is about as good for a woman and has a similar personality, lol. Go, Rashanda and Lady Heels.

  13. rich says:

    I realize I’m coming to this conversation late, but it’s funny you bring up McCants. One thing that was glaring to me after the game was that it was precisely McCants’ attitude and (over)confidence that made him love to step up and take those shots at the end. Clearly we had no one at the end who really wanted to take it. It was like looking at a bunch of scared kids hoping something would go in.

    Anyone remember the 98 Final Four vs. Utah? Same thing. Utah shut down Jamison by pushing him 10 feet away from the basket (he couldnt’ shoot jump shots then), and decided to let Vince have what he wanted. It was up to a super-talented player in VC to take over, and he just never did. He got 17 points on some jump shots, but he was so much better than anyone else on the floor that he should have just taken over and scored 30. He never had that killer instinct, even though he was good enough to do it.

    Just makes you appreciate the MJ’s of the world (even if only in attitude and competitiveness)…of which there are few. And give Wallace (of Gtown) credit for stepping up and making that 3. We didn’t have anyone willing to do the same.

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