How Do We Refer to This Past Sunday?

Obviously we need some sort of label to refer to this past Sunday. Black Sunday or Bloody Sunday sounds too easy. I think it requires it’s own special moniker so we can refer to it in passing without talking about it in detail and traumatizing ourselves all over again.

Update: Given the tragic nature of what happened to Jason Ray on the same weekend it seems inappropriate to refer to it any terms which denote actual tragedy since it is still just a game.  So in light of this I will refer to the 2007 East Regional Final as “The Georgetown Game.”


13 Responses to How Do We Refer to This Past Sunday?

  1. C. Michael says:

    I think anything involving “Black” or “Blood” should probably be avoided as this weekend will long be remember by many for a much, much, greater loss.

    What about Fred Brown’s Retribution?

  2. Whit Heintz says:

    It should be called Billy Packer’s delight!

    That guy is so anti-UNC. I was watching the game with my wife and told her to listen for negative comments about Georgetown (they were few and far between). I alerted her to every Tarheel bashing from B.P. I had warned her of this ahead-of-time and she thought I was nuts. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. I didn’t enjoy the game at all. His commentating even puts a damper on a Carolina win. I would much rather hear Dick Enberg Call the game.

  3. williamodouglas says:

    How about Sunday, March 25th?

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Heh…that’s funny

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I actually think I will refer to it as “The Georgetown Game”

  6. w says:

    remember the true tragic thing that happened to jray….

  7. 52BigGameJames says:

    two birds with one stone-a slap at Duke, and an acknowledgement of a gigantic Gag/Choke…

    “Flop Sunday”

  8. TxTarheel says:

    Speaking of historic NCAA collapses – anyone recall the collapse in the elite8 in 1998, whereby Kentucky came back and knocked off the # 1 seed in the South? I can pull the final score (86-84) but not the total margin that UK was down in the 2nd half. The parallels are similar – young team, plays tight with the lead. it was Dook and I’m trying to figure how to find that margin they coughed up ??

  9. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Here ya go:

    Duke was up 18 in the first half, led by 10 at the break, up by 17 at one point in the 2nd half and with 8:41 left Duke led 71-60. By the 5:42 mark the lead was 72-71 after being up 69-52.

  10. williamodouglas says:

    I think that one reason why this is so painful is that Carolina has generally not been a team to lose games when they have a decent lead. Most of our disappoints in the past, going back to 1972 against FSU or Indiana in 1981 and 1984 or Utah in 1998, involved flat UNC teams making tepid comebacks that fell short. This is different from Duke, which lost substantial leads against UK in 1998, Indiana in 2002 and UConn in 2004.

    How much worse was it for the Duke fans in 2004? The game against UConn was essentially the title game and Duke lost a 9 point lead in the last 4 minutes, in a somewhat similar ending to the Duke-Carolina game in Chapel Hill in 2005.

    Duke also had a decent lead in the national title game in Charlotte in 1994 versus Arkansas, which they blew.

  11. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Ah…I forgot about the 2004 Duke-UConn game. I remember watching that game thinking I had never seen a Duke team fall completely apart like that. In fact I seem to recall they did some of the same things UNC did during that early two minute stretch when it began to unravel such as shooting quick outside shots with no hope for a rebound.

    Here is the play by plan from

    Duke was up eight with 3:30 left when they decided the only shot available to them was the three. Luol Deng shot two 3-pointers, Redick, who was 4-12 on the game, missed a three and Daniel Ewing missed a jumper. Chris Duhon hit one at the end to make the final score 79-78.

  12. TxTarheel says:

    Such excellent resources of useful information – really, the info on those Duke chokes are going to prove useful. thanks for the “assists”

  13. Tar Heel Fan says:

    You know come to think of it, those losses for Duke were worse than what happened to the Heels. If I could change one thing about the way UNC lost(besides them losing) it would have been just to lose in regulation there and not go through that drawn out OT watching us flail on the deck of the boat before someone stuck us in the cooler.

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