So I Finally Brought Myself to Watch It Again

There was some debate a few posts down about what happened so I was compelled to rewatch the tape of the game. I also figured it might be therapeutic to do so….I was wrong. At any rate here are some observations from having watched it with a cold clinical point of view:

  • The stretch which UNC essentially lost control of the game was from the 6:31 mark to the 4:22 mark left in the game. UNC was up by 10 and over the course of 2:09 UNC had three missed three pointers and missed jumpers by Wright and Hansbrough each. During this time Georgetown scored seven unanswered points and closed it to 75-72 when Roy decided to call a timeout. After that timeout UNC went back to running a interior based offense and subsequently began scoring again with two free throws apiece from Hansbrough and Wright as well as a layup by Hansbrough. This is why I think Roy’s biggest mistake was not calling the timeout at 75-70 and getting them back on track. Assuming he does that and we get the same result out of that timeout we got from the one he ended up taking, UNC would have been up seven with four minutes left and not just five. I think that changes the complexion of the game and maybe rattles the Hoyas a little more as well as boosts the Heels’ confidence.
  • The missed Wayne Ellington three at 5:18 to go was huge because looking at the tape again Hansbrough had Roy Hibbert on the post and a feed to him would have been easy.
  • The Hoya possession beginning at the 4:48 mark was key because UNC had defended them down to three seconds on the shot clock when Ty Lawson fouled Wallace trying to drive to the basket. After the inbounds something happened on the UNC defense that left Reyshawn Terry guarding Hibbert. There is no way Terry could be expected to guard Hibbert who stepped around Terry and dunked the ball to cut the lead to three.
  • During the final four minutes UNC took only one three pointer outside of the Ellington three at the end and that was a good look from Terry with three minutes left and UNC up by three. I have absolutely no problem with him taking that shot because this is the kind of shot Terry hit against Boston College, NC State, Michigan State, and USC. I was certain it would fall and when it did not it spelled trouble.
  • And not to blame the refs but the foul calling down the stretch did not help UNC any. The most crucial call came with 45 seconds left and Jessie Sapp pulled down a missed Tyler Hansbrough jumper. Sapp comes down with the ball and turns knocking Hansbrough down who had come up behind him. The foul was called on Hansbrough which seemed like a questionable call since it appeared to me the ref pointed at Sapp. I looked at that foul several times and the only way I can figure the refs call a foul on Hansbrough is that he did not give Sapp enough space to come down. However in one respect it was a common thread for the second half officiating which was less favorable.
  • In watching the tape there are so many of those shots which were just off. I thought most of them were good looks and had they fallen no one would have cared about them getting away from their offense. There is a point when you look at a team having gone that cold and you realize that it was just not meant to be and it was a perfect storm of events which snowballed in a grand collapse by UNC to end the season.

Okay I was wrong. It was therapeutic and I think I can actually let it go now, at least as far as blogging about it goes.


10 Responses to So I Finally Brought Myself to Watch It Again

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  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the review. I tried looking through GameTracker to try and get a better understanding of how much we started shooting 3s and contested jumpers rather than going inside. I’m still frustrated that, with Hibbert and Ewing having 4 personal fouls each, we weren’t able to feed T, Brandon, or Deon down low to draw a foul and put G’towns best players out of the game. But your commentary makes me feel a little better about the way the last 4 minutes were conducted. How much did Deon play in the last 6 minutes of regulation, after his stellar 1st half performance?

  3. williamodouglas says:

    I believe that Hibbert and Ewing both received their fourth fouls after the 4 minute mark, so there really weren’t a lot of possessions to get them out of the game at that point. Also Wright got his fourth foul about the same point, and he was really the only one of our guys who plays really big.

    This year will probably end up being the year of the Big man. Three of the four finalists all have 7 foot centers who are the best players on their teams or close to it. Carolina might have been a bit small underneath to slog it out with Florida and OSU, although we will never know now.

  4. Josh Bowling says:

    I do not feel that we are inferior to any of those remaining teams. Georgetown proved to be inferior to us. The University of North Carolina got beat by the Tar Heels. Yes, we beat ourselves. Can you imagine how excited Georgetown must have been. Here they are 5 minutes from defeat and winded, and suddenly, Green takes a quick shot that stands no chance of going in, while allowing only 5 seconds to tick off the shot clock. Yes!!! says the Georgetown players. They quickly take the rebound in for the basket. That was too good to be true. Next possession, Georgetown says to themselves ” they’ll probably not do that again, so there goes our hopes”. But wait, they burn 9 seconds off of the shot clock and throw up another three. “Yes, says the Georgetown players!!” There is hope! They realized we can’t do it by ourselves, so they take quick shots to ensure us we have time to come back. Carolina knows they will score and end the game if they go inside, so they will rush a 3 pointer so that we can get a quick rebound up the floor for an easy two. Man Carolina, you’re the Greatest!!



  5. Josh Bowling says:

    I am not hating. I can’t express how proud I am of our guys for such a great season. The reason I am so frustrated is that I know that we are better (far better) than any of those remaining teams. I know the likes of Georgetown, UCLA, OSU, and Florida cannot do the job against us. WE BEAT OURSELVES.. That is the truth here. Georgetown did not get the job done. Now I have to listen to the likes of BILLY PACKER, JAY BILAS, AND DIGGER PHELPS talk about how good the remaining teams are and how UNC just didn’t have what it took. I know better than that. The only way any of those teams can beat us is if we ALLOW it to happen. Does anyone feel me?

    Now someone who would argue with me would say “didn’t Virginia State and NC State beat you”. To that I say, yes they did. THEY beat us. At the time, we just weren’t good enough to win those games. But going into the last home game against Duke, I am convinced that we could and should beat any team. If you look at moments of struggle that we had in the tournament, you will see that it was on our end. If not for a few bad decisions, we would have blown those teams away. Those teams did not do anything that made me think that they could make the game competitive. It was just some bad decision making on our part that kept it close at times.

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I thought we had a problem all season long with making plays when we needed to make plays. I thought the problem was resolved beginning with the Duke game at CH but it cropped again when the shooting went cold. I think it was more of a matter of us losing the game more than them winning it but also remember Wallace hit the clutch shot to tie the game and when given the same opportunity we failed to hit.

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    You are right THF. We played well enough for 35 minutes that we shouldn’t need any opportunity to win other than to continue playing the way we had up until that point. Our opportunity to win was a 10 point lead w/5min remaining. What we needed to do staring with that silly Danny Green 3 pointer is to run the shot clock down and try to score inside with about 5sec remaining. That would have let Georgetown know that 1. It isn’t going to be easy 2. They will have to score on their possessions and fast 3. All we have to do is score on a FEW of our possessions. 4. You will have to start fouling us to stop clock. Danny Green and Ellinton taking those quick 3’s negates all of our positive aspects we had going for us with 5minutes left in the game. Now we can’t implement any of those four points to our advantage. We gave it away.

  8. williamodouglas says:

    Unlike Felton and McCants, Lawson and Ellington don’t generally seem able to create their own shots.

  9. Tar Heel Fan says:

    ^This was true and it may be an issue next season…we shall see.

  10. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    Ellington needs to work on shooting consistency. He started showing late in the year, with drives and mid-range jumpers, that he is working on creating his own shot and is not content to be just a 3-point bomber. His biggest deficit is defense. At times he looks out of place in the defensive scheme, even in man-to-man. I disagree Lawson can’t create his own shots – he can be a terror in the lane and is so fast and quick he can pull up for a jumper any time he likes. I was surprised he was so offensively passive against G’Town; it’s not like anyone besides Hansbrough and Thompson (in the first half) were doing much offensively.

    This team next year (probably minus Wright) needs to work on developing a killer attitude, that when you have a team down by 10 you work extra hard to put them away. I think we coast sometimes now. I also understand that Roy Williams likes a free-flowing up-temp offense but there are times when, with a young team, he needs to start calling more structured plays to offset the dreaded “lulls.” At Kansas, Williams was labeled as being a great recruiter but only an average game coach. I think that is way off, based on my observations of him at UNC. I just think with such a young team it must be difficult at times to read them and sense correctly what will jump-start them.

    On the bright side, flaming out like UNC did, hopefully Hansbrough and Lawson will stay another year. Ellington definitely needs more time at UNC… Next year might have a better outcome… here’s hoping…

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