Jim Nantz Cheesy

Complete Sports is attempting to predict what cheesy line Jim Nantz will use for whoever wins the title next Monday night. Here are some of their guesses:

If Florida wins…
– “‘Noah’ jokin’ around – Gators are champions again.”
– “‘Noah problems for the Gators, they’re the champions.”
– “No gruff for this ‘Billy’ – Gators are the champions.”
– “No Joakim, ‘Noah’ problem.” (I’m covering by bases in case Noah gets hurt)

If UCLA wins…
– “How’land’ do you spell championship? UCLA.”
– “‘Ben’ there, done that – Bruins are the champions.”
– “Make it a dozen, another title is ‘Bruin’ in Westwood.”
– “UCLA, on a ‘Collison’ course with destiny are your champions.”

If Ohio St. wins…
– “It’s an ode to “Oden” – Buckeyes are the champions.”
– “Put your “Buckeyes” on Ohio St. – they’re the champions.”

If Georgetown wins…
– “Like father, like ‘Thompson’ – The Hoyas are the champions.”
– “By ‘Georgetown,’ the Hoyas are the champions.”
– “Everyone else is ‘Green’ with envy – Georgetown is the champions.”

Complete Sports also quotes that Jim Nantz said,

It started in March, ended in April, and belonged to May

for UNC in 2005 but I think that actually came at the end of the broadcast, the line used when the buzzer sounded was

There is a new ‘Dean’ in college basketball, North Carolina takes the title

in reference to Roy Williams winning his first title and being the first coach since Dean Smith retired to do so in Chapel Hill. My personal favorite is, of course, from 1993:

The Fab Five come up short again, North Carolina is your national champion.


2 Responses to Jim Nantz Cheesy

  1. Triadboy says:

    “That’s one small step for man, man, man, man…..one giant Hibbert for mankind.”

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

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