Women’s Final Four: UNC vs Tennessee

As you know Pat Summit is James Naismith’s great granddaughter and actually invented women’s basketball thirty years ago or at least that is the story ESPN seems to be selling. And the Vols Candace Parker? A better player and dunker than Michael Jordan. The media slobering over Tennessee women’s basketball is downright embarrassing and ESPN should be ashamed of themselves except they made it clear many years ago that they had soul their journalistic soul to the Devil in exchange for ratings and money. So tonight we get our Lady Tar Heels who come in having lost three games all year, twice to Duke and once to an inspired NC State squad. Among the wins UNC registered during the regular season was a 13 point win over Tennessee in Chapel Hill. This is on top of the fact UNC also knocked the Vols out last season in the regional final. So here’s hoping Ivory Latta and the ladies can stick it to the media and ruin their Tennessee lovefest.

Consider this an open thread. I’ll be watching and will be along to drops some comments.

9:41 PM: Wow. Looks like the women are picking up where the men left off last Sunday. 1-14 and two points in the first five and a half minutes. And yes the Bobbitt girl for UT is annoying and should have been slapped with a technical for crowding in on Latta while running her mouth.

9:43 PM: Foul trouble for UNC. Latta and Pringle with two each only seven minutes in.

9:54 PM: Let me just say that the Lady Vols are a classless bunch. Candace Parker was holding up three fingers when Latta got called for her third foul and Bobbit was jumping up and down screaming. UNC 12 UT 9.

9:56 PM: BTW, I am not sure Latta being on the bench is that big of a deal because (1) Parker has two fouls and I am betting Summit does not bring her back in this half and (2) Latta is not playing well.

10:04 PM: Actually Mike Patrick since ESPN blurs the line between the men and women as far as coaching records go the six national titles is not a record, I think UCLA fans would tell you that.

10:06 PM: UT’s Shannon Bobbitt is the women’s version of Wojo and she could very well be twice as annoying if that were possible.

10:10 PM: Ha! Pringle dropped Bobbitt too bad they gave her an open three. UNC 21 UT 20.

10:11 PM: I mean no offense by this but there is a reason I do not watch much women’s basketball and the way this game is unfolding is one of the reasons why, the other would be there is just not much women’s basketball on TV.


10:16 PM: UT 22 UNC 21 at the half. The second half will be interesting with Latta and Parker back in the game.

10:36 PM: UT is the Duke of women’s basketball complete with an undersized point guard who acts like a yapping dog and chest bumping which I think would hurt considering their women but maybe I know less about women’s breast than I think I do.

10:38 PM: More IT locker room footage, ESPN worships Pat Summit. UT 27 UNC 21. And can we please stop with the Candace Parker love just as Latta nails a three. Ha-ha.

10:40 PM: Heels answer back to cut it to one and Bobbitt got nailed again and flipped over on the floor. I saw a UNCG center do that to Wojo when we I was in school there. It was great.

10:41 PM: I swear Mike Patrick must take lessons from Bob Harris. UNC up one now.

10:43 PM: You notice when a UNC player makes a play it is ho-hum from the announcers and when a UT player does something it is the greatest play ever made by a basketball player and it is sign UT is about to run away with the game.

10:47 PM: Nice block by McCants on Wojette! UNC is up five. McCants has been huge, Latta has hit two threes and Candace Parker….I am still waiting for her to take the game over since that is what announcers promised me.

10:50 PM: 17-3 run by the Lady Heels. I am really hoping this holds up because this is some serious egg on the face for all of the UT lovefest we have seen and heard during this game.

10:53 PM: Now Candace Parker is unselfish, just so you know. Of course she have to be unselfish because offensively speaking she ain’t doing anything worthy noting despite the assertion that she would.

10:59 PM: I love UNC players named McCants. Heels up 11 with 10 minutes left.

11:00 PM: Here is the deal. ESPN has a stack of anecdotes and quotes on Parker and doggone it they are going to use every one of them.

11:02 PM: When are we going to talk about Latta taking over the game because she has.

11:09 PM: Mike Patrick is incredulous over the travel call on Parker who I am STILL waiting to take over the game. Heels up 48-40 with 5:30 left.

11:10 PM: I think Lieberman is calling this game with Patrick and she is so pro-Tennessee it is not even funny. UNC has some foul trouble to be concerned with here four fouls on Pringle and Little. UT is in the bonus and cuts the lead to six.

11:12 PM: Bad call fouls Little out of the game. Spencer sells the foul in a way Coach K would be proud of. Crucial point here for UNC to make a stop.

11:14 PM: If UT comes back and wins this game it will be because they fouled out two important players for UNC. This is all about defense here. Parker at the line and she cuts it to four.

11:15 PM: Well heck, the women are going their best to relive the last six minutes of The Georgetown Game.

11:19 PM: Okay I have explained this before and will again. Pat Summit’s record is not impressive because there is very little parity in women’s basketball.

11:20 PM: UNC 50 UT 48. UNC needs to score here.

11:24 PM: McCants goes down injured. Heels dropping like flies here. UT with a chance to tie or take the lead.

11:26 PM: Yep, this is The Georgetown Game Part II. UT with a chance to take the lead from the line. The difference here is (1) UT is better than Georgetown in relative terms and (2) UNC is down three key players.

11:27 PM: UT by one. UNC has gone completely cold….again. UT has the ball with 1:01 left and calls timeout. McCants coming back in after working the cramp out.

11:30 PM: #1 Why no foul on the double team. #2 Why didn’t UNC take their final timeout there.

11:31 PM: UT 53 UNC 50. 30 seconds left and UNC ball. The Heels were up 12 at one point. I could have gone another 15 years and not relived last Sunday yet here we are again. Good thing my emotional investment is much lower.

11:33 PM: You cannot make this up. This is the same fate the befell the men. Ice cold shooting down the stretch the only difference is UNC lost two players to foul trouble.

11:35 PM: UT up four with free throws coming and 15 seconds left.  Sorry to say this one is done.

11:36 PM: UT 56 UNC 50. Final.


9 Responses to Women’s Final Four: UNC vs Tennessee

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    admittedly not a big fan of Women’s Hoops, but this is doing much to change my viewing habits. Great defense and box-outs but horrible finishers.

  2. 52BigGameJames says:

    I meant little.

  3. 52BigGameJames says:

    a solid pick is just the right prescription for a big mouth!

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Heh, I was about to write that before it happened.

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    That girl deserves one every time up. Great call on the Wojo thingy! I will say I’m impressed w/UNC’s interior–they’re solid–just need to finish.

  6. 52BigGameJames says:

    I’m turning in–I say UNC finds the Hoop in the second half, & closes the Hillbilly Gals out…and shuts up the little leg-humping Chihauaha.

  7. Russell says:

    I am a huge basketball fan so I know better than to blame stuff on the refs but GIMME A FREAKIN BREAK!!! Those were some of the worst fould calls I have ever seen! How do you foul out Camille Little on a phantom charging foul and then Latoya Pringle on a clean block and tangle up. The refs had it out for us the entire game. UT cannot beat UNC head up. They need a damn handicap and tha’s exactly what they got. The final 5 minutes w/o two of our best and a third with a cramp. Gimme a damn break!

  8. Big Orange Fan! says:

    LOL! You guys are a hoot! I have loved watching Latta play the last few years, hope she does well in the WNBA. I hate to think about that empty feeling she will always have not knowing what it is like to win it all!

  9. Tar Heel Fan says:

    She had a distinguished career so I doubt she walks around with an empty feeling.

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