Explain Something To Me

How does Greg Oden not get called for a technical foul when dunks the basketball, holds on to the rim for a prolonged period of time, then slaps the back board when he lets go?  I understand the whole “safety of the player” bit but he is seven feet tall for goodness sake.  It is not like he has to do much to dunk the ball as it is but in most cases he grabs the rim and pull his body up which is by definition a technical foul.  Deon Thompson grabbed the rim on a missed dunk attempt against Duke this year and he was given a technical immediately.  Of course Oden is also allowed to shove opposing players and not get an intentional foul too.  I would say we should call such blatant violations which are ignored by the referees “The Oden Standard” but since we already have “The Duke Standard” it might get confusing.



2 Responses to Explain Something To Me

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    I like Oden, but agreed!

  2. w says:

    if he shatters the backboard will the t be called?

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