And Now I Am Off To Be Depressed For A Few Days

I really have a lot of trouble with the end of college basketball season.  Basketball has been on for five months and doing this blog has meant I have spent more time thinking about and being emotionally invested in UNC basketball than I usually am.  I always deal with this huge letdown which requires a few days to get out of my system.  And yes, the way UNC lost last week has made it that much worse.  So this week looks like it might be slow as far as Tar Heel related news goes and since I have been blogging heavily since the beginning of football season I am going to take a week off, enjoy Easter and my son’s third birthday.

Thanks to all my readers for the discussion.  I will be back after Easter.


9 Responses to And Now I Am Off To Be Depressed For A Few Days

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    thanks for allowing me/us to camp out here THF–it’s been um, shall we say, a release? I too was very dis-appointed in the outcome. Can’t speak for everyone, but I think UF provided some of the basis for the let-down. It’s really unreasonable to place such high expectations on such a young team as this version of the Heels, but the fact that UF did it last year, gave us all hope that these kids could achieve that too. That’s really unfair to the Coach & the Kids, and I confess my guilt in that regard. This UF team was very unique in that, and you have to tip your hat to those kids…and coach.

    On a more optimistic departing note, with the arrival of Butch Davis, UF has given us another (nearly unprecedented) goal to shoot for in the next few years, and while it too may be unrealistic, it’s now at least in the realm of possibility for UNC.

    Thanks and have a Great Easter!

  2. C. Michael says:

    One nice thing about being a diehard baseball fan is it certainly makes the end of real basketball less painful. Let’s Go Mets!! 😉

  3. Triadboy says:

    I wish I liked baseball and college football, but to me they “sucketh greatly”. I’ll wind up watching/playing golf until November. And then the fun will start all over.

    See ya in 7 months!

  4. C. Michael says:

    FYI: (from

    -Tyler Hansbrough is expected to announce soon that he will be returning to North Carolina for his junior season. A family member of his that was in Atlanta made sure to let people know that he will almost certainly be back.

  5. Stuart Crampton says:

    For whatever it’s worth Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated just picked UNC as his pre-season #1 for next season (even with Brandan Wright going pro, and assuming some others such as OSU’s Oden and G’town’s Green go pro). His pre-season top 10 includes: UCLA, Kansas, Memphis, OSU, L’ville, Wash. St, USC, Tenn, & Indiana (dook, NCSU & Ga. Tech are picked in the top 25). Here’s what Winn says about UNC:

    1. NORTH CAROLINA Provided Tyler Hansbrough passes on the draft to work on his offensive repertoire, he’ll be back with a vengeance for his junior season. After coming within a Georgetown three-pointer of the Final Four in ’07, the Tar Heels’ baby backcourt of sophomores Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington has matured enough to help Psycho T take Carolina all the way.

  6. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    Several assumptions there – that both Hansbrough and Lawson will stay (I hope so!). Even if they don’t UNC will still have a very good team. With Hansbrough and Lawson, the Heels will be great.

    I too feel the loss of college basketball though I am a fan of the NBA and love the playoffs. Lots of Tar Heel connections. How about Stackhouse with the Mavs? I live on the West Coast and don’t see much of Marvin Williams though Atlanta is continuing its long tradition of awful play. I also pull for the Bobcats and think Felton is heading toward All Star status.

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    We gotta have ALL of the team come back to have a chance to win the NCAA Championship. Ellington could go pro and I still think our chances would be as good.

  8. w says:

    we’ll be fine…

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