From the “Yeah We Already Knew That” Column

Wayne Ellington will be returning for his sophomore season.

Was this really even a consideration?  Ellington was not a great defender, not really that great of a shooter and could not create his own shot off the drive. Why on earth we needed a statement from someone who was not even on any draft projections is really beyond me?

Here is hoping he comes out and has Donald Williams’ sophomore season…Final Four performance included.


9 Responses to From the “Yeah We Already Knew That” Column

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    he can really fill it up in practice tho!

    In a separate statement, Ellington’s Father said Wayne has been in consultation with TO, to choreograph his post-3 point shot celebrations FY/07/08, in anticipation of assuming his rightful role as UNC’s clutch shooter, and to enhance his NBA marketability.

  2. Triadboy says:

    Ellington is going to be great!

  3. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    While Ellington’s ability to hit 3’s with consistency certainly needs to improve, I’d also like to see him work offensively on mid-range jumpers (a la Richard Hamilton) and drives to the basket, which he showed flashes of this past season. Defense has to be his big focus, however. I agree that he can be great – he had a good overall freshman year, all things considered

  4. Mark says:

    Chad Ford of ESPN still had Wayne as 50/50 in his projections of who will leave for the NBA so I guess this statement from his father is not so far-fetched in the eyes of an “early departure crazed” national media. Ford also has Ty and Brandan as having their “foot in the [NBA] door”. See this half-baked list at:

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    I don’t understand this infatuation with Wayne Ellington. He scores most of his points in blowout games where his production is hardly needed. Clutch? Are you kidding? When we needed a shot he could not be relied upon. The times that he has taken it to the basket he has missed. Fortunately for us Wright or Hansbrough were able to put them back on offensive rebounds. I am not saying he can’t be great. He has just shown no evidence to me that he will be as of yet. Who can’t do what he does? Danny Green can shoot 3’s at a better percentage than Wayne and has the propensity to play a hell of a defense as well. I hope when next season gets here you all are right and I am wrong though. I wish he would enter the draft though. We lost in the tournament in my opinion by hurrying up 3 point shots instead of going inside and milking clock. Who on our team do you thing has the greatest potential to hurry shots? You guessed it-Wayne Ellington and Danny Green. I don’t want to lose Danny Green because of his defense and driving ability.

  6. 52BigGameJames says:

    Josh-really now, come on—yes I was kidding—-TO??–or “joshing” if you will. The ONLY reason I have ANY hope whatsoever in E, is because Roy apparently sees something, which is good enough for me. I’d have kicked him to the curb long ago, but I would’ve said the same about McCants at various points too. I do believe that with better on-court judgement, both E & Green can become key players, but without that, they might as well be glorified Clemson players, which is where they’re at right now imo. Green does have more moxie than E. Wayne is a pretty poser imo. Will that change? We’ll see.

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    I know you are only kidding BigGame. But there are some out there that are high on Ellington. You put it better than anyone in your last post. _Poser. That’s right. Your first post was pretty funny I thought. After he shoots those 3’s, he needs to keep his shooting arm up longer so everyone can see it was Him that made that shot, and it would help while he has his shooting arm up to curl his fingers down as if to say, Yeah, I made it!! How about a little head wagging as he jogs down court to watch his teammates play defense? I loved how after McCants would hit a tough shot he would stare into the camera and give it a little devious smile. I liked that. Maybe Wayne will work on that kind of mojo in the off-season. It would really be intimidating for other teams to see Wayne do some of this stuff. Seriously though, if he would continue to work on the mid-range game that he improved on in the second half of season, he would be in great shape to take over Reyshawn’s role in the lineup. God knows we will need him big next season. Looking forward to seeing what William Graves has to offer as well. Should we run 3 bigs next year if Wright stays on board? Wright, Thompson, Hansbough, Ellington, Lawson. Or will we take out Thompson for Graves. My brother is a stat-keeper for NC State and he said there are rumors on other blogs of Thompson transferring to another school. Playing time I guess.

  8. 52BigGameJames says:

    I can’t think of a better role model for E to emulate than Corey Brewer. God, we should be so lucky if he were to halfway approach that. Brewer is the real deal–in E’s mind, he’s already there. Size-wise they’re about the same, but Brewer has total confidence in his shot, and is a stopper extraordinairre. Tough player! I think his stroke is there, he just needs better shot timing/selection judgement, and obviously more mental toughness. I know absolutely nothing about Graves, but if Deion is seriously considering transferring, then he doesn’t get what Tarheel hoops is about anyway. I say consider the source(s) of the rumor. I heard the same about Green. I think the biggest impact players will be Ginyard, Green, and Lawson, in relation to their maturity, and increasing role. Frasor & E to a lesser extent. Of course if Wright stays, his improvement could be the major factor. If Lawson somehow stays for the full 4, and works his butt off, he could end up being the best PG ever at UNC imo.

  9. Josh Bowling says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your Lawson statement. Especially if you consider the “post Phil Ford” era. It really ticked me off when I was watching ESPN and heard that commentary about the most prestigious positions in college sports and a point guard at Duke being one of them. Like we haven’t had our great point guards in the past as well. Lawson, given 4 years and continued play at this level, should rank among our highest at UNC. He can take over a game. He did at Cameron this year, and in the ACC tournament. No knock to you Reyshawn as you did the exact same thing. You are right about understanding Tarheel basketball. Green and Thompson will provide just as much as what is needed for us to win as any other teammate will. Given that, they should understand their role is going to be big regardless of how much pt is distributed. The NBA has always given consideration to UNC basketball, and has recruited players that have been “below par” stat wise because they understand how we use our players in rotation, and that our stats always under-estimate player abilities. Look at MJ for a second. Carolina basketball prevented him from having “big time” numbers in college. But the NBA understood UNC basketball and awarding him in high pick, knowing the only reason his college numbers weren’t higher was because of UNC type of ball. Excellent point BigGame, and I hope Green & Thompson understand that.

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