Not without joking first

Hansbrough reportedly told the crowd at tonight’s basketball banquet he would stay only if they fired assistant coach Joe Holladay. Ty Lawson started his acceptance speech for the coaches award for most assists by saying he was going to the NBA and apologizing before telling the stunned crowd he was joking.

At this point there is no word on Brandan Wright’s plans which most likely means he is heading to the NBA as expected where he will be anywhere from the third to the seventh pick in the draft. I am not expecting him back.

As for next year’s team, they should be Top 5 even with the loss of Wright and the two seniors. Lawson was obviously the lynch pin to the whole thing along with having the consistent presence of Hansbrough down low, a very talented Deon Thompson getting more minutes, Marcus Ginyard stepping into a key role and Wayne Ellington hopefully finding his jumpshot. A bench of Bobby Frasor, Danny Green, Alex Stepheson, Quinten Thomas, and William Graves means the Heels will still be deep enough to run Roy’s up-tempo style without much fear of tired legs. In fact I am of the opinion having a tad fewer bodies might allow this team to be more consistent and the toughness they acquired in losing like they did to Georgetown should make them an early favorite to win the national title.



  1. […] and Roy Williams. Inside Carolina has pictures of the banquet. Tar Heel Fan writes that the kids had some fun with the crowd. Ken Tysiac notes that Wright’s decision won’t be official until April […]

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