Spring Football Practice

UNC is fully engaged in spring football practice for the first time under Butch Davis with the spring game to be contested this weekend.  ACC Now has some notes here and here.  Also, Adam Gold at 850 AM interviewed Davis on Monday.  The two most important tidbits for me were…

1. Joe Dailey will not be playing QB this season.  Dailey has been moved to WR which is really no surprise considering his mobility and the fact he was downright awful when it came to making a decision anytime he dropped back to pass.  While the jury will be out on this one for awhile I would think a former QB would make a good receiver since they understand both ends of the passing game.

2. The QB situation is wide open.  Cam Sexton, B.J. Phillips, and T.J. Yates are all taking snaps and competing for the job.  Throw in freshman Mike Paulus(assuming he does not redshirt) and the battle for the starting job behind center should be fairly lively in August.  However Davis expects to settle on a starter not later than 10 days into training camp.  In Davis’ mind it is important to have someone in place learning the offense and it also allows the team to get comfortable with that individual running the offense.

Now let me say that considering just the handling of the QB issue and nothing else I already have infinitely more confidence in Davis as the head coach in Chapel Hill than I ever did in John Bunting.  No two QB system. No drawn out QB battle in the preseason. No constant shell game with the media about who will play when.  And no rampant uncertainty for the offense as to who will be the man under center.   Davis plans on getting his starter in place and getting the offense in sync from the early stages of camp.  Of course it is not like this is rocket science but the fact that Davis seems to handle the different aspects of the game so well already brightens the horizon where football is concerned.

Coaching does matter and Davis is doing a great job so far.


2 Responses to Spring Football Practice

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  2. Wayne says:

    Amen to the comments about Davis’ handling of the QB situation vs Bunting’s. I think there are going to end up being more differences than similarities between Davis & Bunting and IMO that’s a very good thing.

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