David Glenn: Challenges Ahead for UNC Football

DG hits the ground running after his vacation with a report on spring football practices at UNC.  And while we are all going to be very happy with the coaching side of things, based on what is happening in practice there are still some tough times to endure.  It basically comes down to having experienced players and UNC will be fairly short in that department.  There were only slated to be 12 returning starters anyway but that number has dwindled due to injuries and dismissals.  This has led to this rather unflattering picture of the offense:

Unfortunately for Davis, UNC’s practices that week included repeated complications with the center exchange, massive turnover problems and inconsistent play from the offensive line. Overall, the defense dominated, but that may have been mostly a byproduct of the offense’s ineptitude.


And I think we all knew this would be the case and I know I was not expecting eight wins in the first season. Davis and his staff have already made huge waves with recruiting and there are some hurdles to clear.  It may get worse before it gets better at Kenan but at least we have hope that it will get better.

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