Roy Discusses Wright, Hansbrough and Lawson

Roy Williams addressed the media following the basketball banquet this evening.  The full quotes can be found at Inside Carolina.  Here is the THF executive summary and commentary on his remarks:

  • Hansbrough and Lawson decided 10-12 days ago but held off out of deference to Wright.  They reached a tipping point as far as people asking so they announced tonight.
  • Wright is still really and truly undecided which surprised me but if you consider that other players may have moved ahead of him then it becomes less of a lock than everyone thought it was.  According to Roy, Wright also does not appear to be overly worried about the decision.
  • Since Roy is heading to London to visit his son, no decision will be announced prior to April 20th.
  • For basketball reasons and reasons pertaining to relationships Roy is happy to have both Lawson and Hansbrough back.
  • Roy explained that the benching of Lawson for the Georgia Tech game in Atlanta was indeed a result of a bad practice and not other issues people speculated wildly on.
  • Roy also said he thinks Lawson might be “the perfect point guard” for his system.

My own personal opinion is that Wright ends up going.  As much as I would LOVE to have him back, I just do not see him turning down the money and the high draft status.  Then again much of the discussion in favor of him leaving centered on him being a lock at #3.  This could very well have changed and he might be projecting lower which might give Wright pause to consider the options a little more closely.  If that is the case, Wright could be considering another year to see if he can make himself into a bona fide top three pick without question.  I also think that if he returns this team which is already going to be in the top tier of teams in 2007-08 might move into the flat out scary category.

But honestly I think he is going and in order to avoid disappointment let me go believing that he is leaving and be presently surprised if he does end up coming back.


6 Responses to Roy Discusses Wright, Hansbrough and Lawson

  1. C. Michael says:

    I’d like to see him back too, but that’s just me being selfish. Anyone projected to be drafted in the top 5 picks should always go, and if they need any proof why, just show them a clip of Shaun Livingston’s need imploding in February.

  2. C. Michael says:

    I meant to say “knee imploding,” not “need…”

    Probably the most grusome sports injury I’ve ever seen.

  3. 52BigGameJames says:

    THF–absolutely nothing about the lure of enjoying college life another year at UNC? I am disappointed-you guys have become much too jaded! Or is this like watching a game and using the reverse jinx mojo? If the kids at UF set the example this season, why is it such a stretch for Wright to consider the same path?

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Probably the latter. I think it is simply a matter of going when you stock is highest and it cannot really get much higher than right now. Like I said the only reason he has for coming back is to make himself a solid top 3 and gain more experience. Maybe he will surprise me and if he does this team will be scary.

  5. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    I too hope Wright stays but think the time is right for him to go to the NBA. His skill set fits well there. Hansbrough would have been a lower first-rounder but think he’s making a great decision to stay. He needs to develop a consistent 10-15-foot jump shot so when he does play in the NBA he can step away from all the giants at the hoop. I live near Seattle and have been watching a former Williams’ player who reminds me a bit of Hansbrough in his determination and competitiveness – Nick Collison with the Seattle Sonics – and it has taken him awhile to develop a decent NBA game, and he still lacks that short ump shot to make opponents worry about him away from the basket. Lawson also needs to develop a great mid-range jump shot that will make him more versatile in the NBA. Both Hansbrough and Lawson will benefit from one more year at UNC; Wright would too but I doubt he’ll go higher in the NBA draft next year.
    Even without Wright we’ll still have a great frontcourt with Hansbrough, and I was continually impressed with Thompson. I think he complements Hansbrough well.
    With both Hansbrough and Lawson back next year, and possibly Wright, watch out! UNC will also be motivated by their collapse in the Georgetown game.

  6. Chris says:

    Wright should go if even demoted to number 10 on the pre-draft predictions. Hansbrough from an NBA and economic standpoint should also go because he has nothing else to prove in college. It’s nice that he’s staying but the Carolina system isn’t going to give him the chance to show anything more than he’s already shown. He won’t be shooting any more midrange jump shots next year than he already has. Of course they’ll be great next year, they probably have more highly ranking players by far from high school than any other team, loss to Georgetown or not.

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