Tudor: Yates Impressive

T.J. Yates three touchdown performance on 10 of 15 passing during yesterday’s spring game has created some buzz for the redshirt freshman.

From Caulton Tudor at the N&O:

The game score wasn’t maintained, but Yates completed 10 of 15 passes for 163 yards and three touchdowns. He also flipped an interception to Trimane Goddard, but Yates didn’t just look like a quarterback. He looked like a good one.

Davis didn’t remotely come close to anointing the youngster as the starter against James Madison come Sept. 1, but Yates got plenty of kind words.

“He’s doing some things right now we couldn’t get some of the quarterbacks at the Cleveland Browns to do,” Davis said.

The specific reference there was to Yates’ play management and quick grasp of offensive coordinator John Shoop’s complete playbook.

But at least on this one brisk Saturday afternoon, there was more to Yates’ game than a bright brain and a quick audible. The kid has an arm. He’s big — 6 feet 3, 205 pounds — and reasonably mobile. In short, he looks like a quarterback.

The compliments that jump out at me here are the ones about Yates being a smart player. Yes it helps he has the physical tools but to hear Davis praise him as someone who can pick up the game and the offense in an efficient manner seems awfully impressive to this blogger.

Like I said yesterday, I am not sure what bearing this performance has on the decision Butch Davis will make in early August. I would think it makes Yates a bit of a frontrunner as much as anyone can be at this position. I am sure Mike Paulus will have something to say about things under the hot North Carolina sun when he gets on campus…assuming he is not redshirted.

At any rate, this should be construed as good news as we begin looking down the road to next season.


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