Roy on the NBA Age Limit

From ACC Now:

“The NBA is not our partner; they can act like that all they want to, but they see college basketball as competition,” Williams said. “And every rule they make is what’s best for them. They don’t make rules for the good of the kid; give me a break.

“The rule that they changed that everyone go to college for one year, that enables them to evaluate Brandan Wright against great competition so they’ll make better evaluations. They don’t have to evaluate Brandan Wright against five guys that are 5-11 surrounding them in the post like they have … in high school. And when they make those evaluations in the past, they can make some decisions that weren’t the best in the world, but I think the rule of going to college for one year gives them the chance to evaluate that players against better competition.

“… Ninety percent of the time, it would have been a better scenario for the kids to go for two years — or pick a number, maybe even three — because Brandan himself knows the only negative is maturing, getting physically stronger, building his body up. And you can do that in college much easier, and be more ready to play in the NBA.

“But the NBA drafts on potential and I think every rule they make is what’s best for the NBA. And make sure we understand that.”

Roy nailed it perfectly and I really have nothing to add.


2 Responses to Roy on the NBA Age Limit

  1. Josh Bowling says:

    I think Roy nailed it perfectly as well. All of those that were so big on Brandan leaving for chump change now compared to what a years difference would have made from a financial standpoint might not like this article too well.

  2. Chris says:

    That’s not what Roy said. He said he didn’t like the 1 year rule, and the way the NBA operates. He didn’t say that under the current NBA rules that Brandan should stay another year. Read it again.

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