If You are a Junior Why Not Declare?

UVA’s Sean Singletary and Clemson’s James May tossed their names into the NBA draft but neither plans to hire an agent or do anything to jeopardize their amateur status.  So now they can go through the workouts and draft camps to get a measure on where they might fall and what they may be missing in their game.  If June 18 comes around and the draft experts are projecting them somewhere south of San Antonio’s pick then they can head back to their team.

Now I am fairly certain both of these guys are coming back.  I think they are doing what a lot of juniors should do and that is use the process that is available to them to gain a better understanding of what the NBA scouts are looking for so they can do a better job of preparing themselves for when they will go to the draft after their senior season. 

So while Cavalier and Tiger nation are probably feeling some pain right now, I would expect by June 18th they will see both these guys returning.  If not UVa for sure and Clemson as well will be in a world of hurt.


One Response to If You are a Junior Why Not Declare?

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry to change the subject, but it certainly has been a pleasure listening to Hubie Brown do the commentary on TNT for the NBA as compared to listening to the
    [UNNAMED ANALYST] on the college games………….

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