Bill Simmons on the NBA Suspensions

The Sports Guy delivers an incredibly well written column taking the NBA to task for their handling of physical altercations and what not.  Among the more salient points he raises is a shot at “flopping” which had become an all too used tactic for defensive players to draw charge calls.

The single most disgusting NBA development of the past few years? The flopping. Slowly, regretfully, inexplicably, the sport is morphing into soccer — as exemplified by Kirilenko’s swan dive near the end of Tuesday’s Jazz-Warriors game that fouled out Matt Barnes, or Kirk Hinrich’s perfectly designed flopparoo to draw Chauncey Billups’ fourth foul in Detroit Tuesday. I blame the influx of European players for this trend because flopping has always been an acceptable part of soccer; they grew up watching that crap and understood that it could work in basketball as well, especially if you have a group of largely incompetent referees calling the action. So it started a few years ago, it’s gotten worse and worse, and now, it’s affecting the overall competitiveness of these games.

I won’t disagree with the assertion that flopping is an import from Europe but I would point out that you can also cast a withering eye towards Durham.  Duke players are notorious for flopping in an effort to draw offensive fouls to the point Shane Battier is often called “Floppier” on UNC message boards.  In fact this past NCAA Tournament I posted a video from YouTube showing Greg Paulus attempting draw a charge and falling down without actually drawing contact.  The flop along with the “kick out on a three point shot/pull the defender on top of me” move are common parts of the Duke game(and the Boston College game for all intents and purposes…yes I am looking at you Jared Dudley.)

So while the influx of the “soccer” mentality is probably a good place to start when it comes to the prevalence of flopping, it would be a mistake to ignore the “contributions” of Duke in this area.


5 Responses to Bill Simmons on the NBA Suspensions

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    let’s not paint with such a wide brush–flopping is NOT accepted wholesale in the International Soccer Community, despite “The Sports Guy’s” so-called expert opinion on the finer points of Futbol. I think you would be closer geographically & metaphorically in assigning blame to the Bull City. Simmons probably ascribes to the laughable notion that soccer is a “p**** sport”, and “here’s more proof”. Flopping is a symptom of of a disease known as “poor-sportsmanship” which is Universal to all sports. It’s why they constantly have to finesse the rules. K is a HOF coach no doubt, but the H/H incident this past season also left no doubt in my mind that he could stand some Karmic introspection on sportsmanship, or lack thereof.

  2. Tardy Turtle says:

    You don’t have to dig deep for this story, and you don’t have to pin it on soccer or Duke. Flopping works. That’s why its used. It puts a lot of pressure on the ref to make the correct call, and if they miss only part of the time the defender can still get an advantage because there’s no penalty for trying (except sometimes they give up an easy basket). To solve it you could change the rule and penalize the player who flops. Make flopping a technical (it interferes with the ref’s ability to call the game).

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    You could just let it go if you are an official and the rule book states you can. Currently, I do not believe it does. I personally hate flopping. It used to be that fouls such as that would take place in the normal course of the game, now we have people purposfully putting themselves in position to draw such a foul, and it has made the game more ugly. I guess what I am saying is that I am OK with that foul if it is happening in the normal course of the game, and I completely dispise it when players look to try to get in front of someone for the mere intent to draw that foul.

    Need I say we are always victims of that foul more than beneficiaries of it!!

  4. 52BigGameJames says:

    Steroids work too–flopping is legal, but both are a violation of the spirit of the game, which by definition is unsportsmanlike conduct. I agree that the ref should have the discretion to go either way–I could be mistaken, but I believe a Yellow card can be issued in WC play for flopping.

  5. w says:

    with all the abuse tyler takes, he never flops….imagine how different his game would be if he went to dook….

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