Lebron was Jordanesque

As a Tar Heel Fan I use the term very, very cautiously.  While the media is ready to anoint anyone who comes along as the next MJ I tend to want to see some freaking proof.  Well, Lebron James presented Exhibit A on behalf of his case last night by scoring 48 points on the road in a double overtime win over Detroit to take a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals.  What’s more than that he scored the Cavs’ last 25 points and 29 of the final 30 in the 4th quarter and overtime.   In fact James only missed three shots over the final 18 minutes of play and the shots he did make were utterly ridiculous including a three to tie the game at 107 and then beat the Detroit defense to hit the game winning layup with 2 seconds left.

I have not been an NBA fan since Jordan retired but play like that is enough to make me watch a little more often.


6 Responses to Lebron was Jordanesque

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    An unwelcome distraction from the “Kobe” show for sure. Who wants to hear about a true team player, when the future of a playa, and “his team” is hanging in the balance?

    Seriously, agreed THF–LeBron, just like Mike really isn’t a pure shooter, but danged if he didn’t “will” those 3’s! King James is the real heir to the throne imo. I really like this kid! I gotta admit tho, that I did want to see Rasheed get another shot at Duncan, as Tim has generally eaten his lunch.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    More than just willing the shots in, it was really about taking a team on his back and saying we will not lose this game. The difference between MJ and LJ is MJ persisted in this mode whereas LJ tends to come and go with it. Of course LJ is only 22 years old. In 2-3 years he might be at that point and given his physical figts it is going to be scary.

    As for the will to win, UNC will need someone with that mentality and the ability to take the team on his back and win the big ones.

  3. josh bowling says:

    To me, Lebron is and probably never will be in the same camp as Jordan, Magic, Byrd, Thomas. He may be more like a Bernard King. Remember, this is only one performance, and the series may go to the great play of 2nd round draft pick Daniel Gibson, who played imo better than Lebron and any of Detroit’s stars. Varajou, Ilgauskas, and Gibson to me are why the Cav’s were able to get over the Detroit hump. However, those heroics of Lebron, while only one game, was crucial to winning the game that ended the series(Detroit loosing in Detroit). Lebron is Lebron and Jordan is Jordan. Why do we say Lebron is only 22, now is when he should be doing most of his damage. I think Lebron is a good kid and I have no problem with him stepping up and becoming as great as he wants to be, but there are better players out there that can seal championships for a team, one he will see very soon, Tim Duncan.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    How many rings he gets on his finger will determine if he is in the same camp. For now he shows all the signs of heading that way by basically taking a team of mediocre players to the NBA Finals.

  5. josh bowling says:

    I am not convinced he took the team to the finals, because any number of people have played as well if not better than him along the way that didn’t get there. I think the team is a team of the finals because it consists of good enough players to be there. To me, one great performance doesn’t diminish the average play he had on other games in which big Z, and Daniel Gibson played great enough for them to win. Regardless, this comes to a screeching halt when they show up in San Antonio. I would really love for Lebron to pull a Jordan and get them over the Spurs, but man, that is a mountain when all he has faced are hills.

  6. josh bowling says:

    Lebron is not jordanesque. He is not Jordan anything. He is LeBron James, an athletic big guy with a decent shot and good passing ability. Both are questionable at times as well. Lets not praise someone for one great game. Even his great game almost had bad consequences for him as he did miss clutch free throws that could have put the game away, and he misses what could have been game winning shots as well in that same game. The final game was won by Daniel Gibson, scoring 19 of his 31 in the fourth quarter, while Lebron James couldn’t find an ocean big enough to throw a sea shell in. Hardly Jordanesque, hardly Lebron Jamesesque, as he himself has had better games in regular season. I would like to see the next Michael Jordan though. Hopefully he will come through the university of NC.

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