David Glenn: Terry Doing Well at NBA Camps

David Glenn has his take on some of the ACC talent participating in pre-draft camps.  Here is what he had to say about Reyshawn Terry:

2. Reyshawn Terry, North Carolina — Unlike most camp participants, Terry was not the best player on his college team. At the request of the UNC coaches, he played a complementary role for the Tar Heels, while deferring to Wright and Tyler Hansbrough. As a senior, Terry averaged fewer than 10 points per game. In the eyes of many scouts, that background made him difficult to evaluate as a collegian, and it made his appearance in Orlando even more important than it was for most other prospects.

A 6-8, 228-pound wing forward, Terry displayed at camp a familiar blend of impressive offensive skills, mixed defensive success and questionable decision-making. That may not sound like much, but in this setting and against this competition, his scoring prowess — on 3-pointers, mid-range jumpers and drives to the hoop — set him apart as one of the top 10 prospects who participated in the camp games.

Still to come for Terry and many other campers are individual workouts for various NBA teams. The New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks and Washington Wizards are among those known to have scheduled Terry for private workouts. His performances there likely will determine whether he is picked in the first (late) or second round on June 28.

Excuse me, but I think the line about “questionable decision-making” is humorous.  It is interesting see that part of his game transcends college.  That being said, I still think he should have taken the last shot at the end of regulation against Georgetown.


8 Responses to David Glenn: Terry Doing Well at NBA Camps

  1. Dean Forever says:

    Reyshawn is a lot like David Noel. Although not as solid defensively as Noel, he did have to sacrifice much of his offensive potential to make room for last year’s freshmen (namely, Wayne Ellington). Noel had the potential to be explosive, but who knows how he would have performed has defenses set out to stop him. I am glad to hear that Reyshawn is performing well. Even if I did not have a Carolina bias, I would still bet on him to be a solid contributor at the professional level. Speaking of Carolina guys in the pros, has anyone out there caught the clips of both Ed Cota and Joseph Forte in the European league? I still can’t figure out how Forte lasted just one season in the NBA.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Forte had MAJOR maturity issues and was not getting along with his teammates in the NBA.

  3. Dean Forever says:

    And Cota?

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    IIRC Cota’s lack of scoring doomed him in the NBA. He was a great distributor of the basketball but not having a shot will give you problems in the NBA playing PG.

  5. Dean Forever says:

    What are your thoughts on David Noel? Specifically, do you think he will last in the NBA, or will he be 2-3 seasons and out?

  6. josh bowling says:

    I definately second you on Terry getting the last shot against Georgetown. He is the only one in my book that gets a green light on 3’s with our team. I think he has the skill set to do well in the professional league (nba). He should go high second round. Hopefully better!

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think David Noel’s work ethic and general likability could keep him in the NBA. He is also a great athlete and I think NBA teams can find a place for a guy with his size and skills.

  8. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    I agree that David Noel could have a long, solid career in the NBA because he does so many things well, sort of along the lines of George Lynch.

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