The Stupidest Question I Have Ever Seen

On there is a poll embedded in the article about Billy Donovan and his attempts to have his contract with the Orlando Magic nullified:


Now, I am not sure who is dumber here: The folks at for posting this question or the 94,000+ individuals who responded “No” to it.  This is no brainer.  Sure he tried to leave but if he comes back he will be locked in for at least five years based on the non-compete clause forbidding him to take an NBA job and since he turned down Kentucky you can bet the farm and chickens too he will not be taking another college job.

Then again, perhaps some people find his behavior here, which was quite unprofessional, was so egregious it is worth sending Florida back to the realm of second class basketball programs.


9 Responses to The Stupidest Question I Have Ever Seen

  1. josh bowling says:

    Well THF, I guess those 94 thousand individuals, although I don’t know how many of those respondants were Florida fans, may have felt betrayed by his initial desire to leave (even though the tempation was great)-millions for him and his family. It is easy for me to call it stupid however, as I am not an inspired fan of that program. I liken it to Roy Williams leaving for a bigger contract. You just feel that as a fan you have offered the coaches and players all the support you can, only to have them leave to start anew somewhere else. I am sure some people would say, if he doesn’t like it here, the heck with him. I would not be in that categorie of the 37 percent. He had a major offer that would be extremely difficult to pass up, he did leave the university in good shape (back to back ncaa championships), and He did desire to come back to his job. If you take that into account, shouldn’t you be pleased that he desires and is willing to take his job back if you are a Florida fan?? I am of the same thinking you are, of course, you take him back!!

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I guess my thing is I do not necessarily buy into coaches or players owing me anything. Yes I support UNC and run this blog but there is a personal level to the decisions they make. I also forgot to account for the fact the vast majority of those who voted No were probably from the other 11 SEC schools.

  3. Dan says:

    I was going to say before you replied that most of the 94K were probably fans of Kentucky, the Orlando Magic, Ohio State or anyone else that got run over by the Gator Hype Machine this year.

    Any Gators fans who don’t want him back are either morons, or think that the attention on the basketball team is taking away from the football team. Billy Donovan owes them nothing and Florida owes him everything for putting the school on the map in basketball. That said, I hope he goes 2-26 next year, only beating Kentucky. (3-25 if the Gators play the Overrated State University Buckeyes again).

  4. josh bowling says:

    You’re exactly right, the contract is with UNC, not fans. You are owed nothing by coaches,staff,players,etc. I can see how a fan could feel betrayed, but I can’t see how a fan could be left with the idea that he is owed something by the coach or its staff. I think in this situation it would be better to look at it from the standpoint of hey, this guy got offered a great situation of big money and locality, and after long hard thought, he chose to stay here anyway. That is how you should look at it as a Florida fan. To Billy Donovan, the University of Florida is more important and holds higher regard than any amount of money or high rank could offer.

  5. w says:

    how so? he did sign that contract and announced he was leaving.

  6. Chris says:

    How many of us have made a reasonably big decision and then regretted it 48 hours later? I suspect that most of us have. As THF alluded to, the ESPN question was pretty dumb……

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yeah, he really got hosed on that deal. Foley was in Richmond to meet with Grant the next day then Billy called and he flew back to Gainesville without having the meeting. However, I think it raises his stock and profile regardless. If he has a successful season, perhaps makes the NCAA Tournament for two years in a row then he will be candidate #1 for a lot of major programs and may actually end up better off by not having to follow-up back-to-back titles at Florida.

  8. 52BigGameJames says:

    I believe in the restaurant trade, that’s known as “jerk-seasoning”, lol!
    good points THF.

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