The NBA Draft Workouts

David Glenn(as always) has extensive coverage on the ACC entrants in the NBA Draft and how they all did at the workouts in Orlando. These are the same workouts where Texas’ Kevin Durant failed to bench 185 lbs once which has become somewhat of a big deal although I think it shouldn’t be given his skill package in general. Incidentally Brandan Wright managed to get the bar up twice and Reyshawn Terry did 18 reps at 185. Other tidbits included the fact Wright was actually measured at 6-10 instead of the 6-9 he is listed at. Terry recorded a 37.5 inch vertical leap and Wright’s was measured at 35.5 inches. No shock there given some of the dunks and blocks we saw from these two. Body fat percentage was also measured with Wright showing a downright skinny 5.8% and Terry only slightly higher at 8.9%. The surprise number among ACC players came from Duke’s Josh McRoberts who was at 13.7%. Glenn points out that McBob had his conditioning altered by back surgery after last season and despite leading the Devils in minutes was not in great shape. I would have to say, looking back at Duke games, this is really evident. Duke had so many games they allowed to slip away because they basically ran out of gas because their depth was lacking. If McBob was out of shape that goes a long way to explain why he was simply so bad last season at points.

Glenn also notes that Wright is scheduled to work out with Atlanta, Memphis, and Boston all whom I think are going to pass on him leaving him for Milwaukee at #6. In many respects this bothers me because one of the main reasons given for Wright going now was that he would be at worst top five and should actually be #3. The logic went that there was little difference between being #3 and #2 or #1 so Wright should go ahead. Now it would appear he is going to end up at #6 at best which is a huge difference from the #1 he could be in 2008 were he to return to Chapel Hill for one more season and hopefully a national title. In my opinion this is the one negative about the entry deadline coming before the lottery. Now Wright could have refrained from hiring an agent and left his options open but still, at the point when he needs to make “the decision” he is really lacking the information he needs to make the best decision. Football is not encumbered in this way. By the time the bowl season ends in January the NFL regular season is over and the draft order, based on records not a lottery, has been determined. Granted a lot of things go into how that draft shakes out so early entry decisions are not really impacted but in basketball I wonder if we would see fewer or more entries if the draft order was known when the initial decision to enter had to be made.

4 Responses to The NBA Draft Workouts

  1. Dean Forever says:

    I’m a little fuzzy on the draft rules here….once you hire an agent it’s a done deal, correct? I feel for Brandan because I think that he only committed based upon the fact that he would be a top three pick. According to Ty Lawson (, and I am paraphrasing here) he observed that Brandan really enjoyed being in college and being a Tar Heel. I’ve talked with a lot of my colleagues anf friends about next year, and they all agree that UNC will be tough even without Wright. I actually think that the team will be BETTER with the current squad, as opposed to the team having Brandan. Basically, Deon Thompson and Alex Stephenson can develop much quicker and Danny Green can get more playing time. I’m not sure how William Graves will perform, given the redshirt year and all. Mike Copeland looked a bit slow last year. I’m really excited for the point gaurd play; specifically, Lawson running the offense, Frasor and Ellington shooting the ball, and Marcus Ginyard and Q-Tip being the indespensable players that they are.
    I was watching some of the 1994 Carolina-Liberty game on YouTube and it really helped to make me feel good about next year. Why? For the reasons that I have stated above (more players getting playing time in Brandan Wright’s absence), and also for the sake of chemistry. That ’94 team was the ’93 championship team minus the beloved George Lynch (Mr. Indespensable), PLUS the all-world recruits Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace (and yes, Jeff McGinnis). Yet, the team suffered from an over-abundance of talent, in that players felt they weren’t getting enough playing time. The team had little continuity, with all of the rotating lineups and different players at any given time. For example, Derick Phelps is used to having Brian Reese come off of a screen for a lob, but now that person is a young Jerry Stackhouse. Rasheed played hard and well, but his game was primarliy down low, where Lynch could really spread the floor. Well, you all get the point. You should check out the footage of the game, for posterity.
    In “A Coach’s Life”, Dean (Forever!) describes how Jerry Fallwell (or however you spell his name) said that he though God would help guide his team to victory). Dean lays a huge back-handed smack to that in his own subtle way, indicating that he thought that God does not play a part in the outcome of games.
    You go Dean….

  2. Dean Forever says:

    I should add that the only reason I mentioned Jerry Fall-whatever was in reference to the ’94 UNC-Liberty game (and Fallwell established the university). If one does agree with Jerry F that in his views, that is your right. I’m not wanting to disrespect he or Liberty University, I just don’t know how to spell his last name! Also, that cat was overtly political, and I think that we can all agree that politics should be left out of our discussions 🙂

  3. josh bowling says:

    The only reason I would not talk about politics, or anything else for that matter, is if I thought that my argument didn’t hold water, and instead of discussing the matter, just wanting to make the whole argument go away. You accomplish nothing by silencing something that should be discussed, unless your argument is no good, then I see your point, I would avoid conversation on that matter as well. I am pretty excited about this years team, and I agree with all that you have mentioned Dean, our continuity should be congealed at the start of the 07-08 season. Although I must say, I am not excited about Ellington shooting the ball, I will really miss Reyshawn doing this for us. Hopefully Ellington can do a reverse Donald Williams and get better as time goes on, kind of like Steve Bucknall did in his tenure. Hey Dean, I thought that Liberty game was kind of rough. I remember thinking after that game that “hey, that was our scare in this tournament, and now we are going to dominate the rest of the way”, boy was I wrong!

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yeah, the couple of times I moved the blog into that area it got ugly real fast so I do not tend to go there.

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