The Real Carolina

From Joe Ovies at 850 the Buzz:

And so is Chapel Hill for today’s super-regional with South Carolina, the battle for the “real Carolina”. Could there be a more ridiculous discussion this week? South Carolina can’t get their own identity, so they latch onto other schools’ monikers. Outside of that state, when someone says “Carolina” it means UNC, and when someone says “USC” it means Southern Cal. No question, case closed, enough already.

Absolutely.  I might also point out there is one concrete and inescapable historical fact the makes the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill the real Carolina: We were here first.  UNC was founded in 1789 and is considered the oldest public university in the nation.  So, my advice to South Carolina is find another nickname, this one is already taken.

And on a side note, I have a somewhat tenuous connection to South Carolina baseball coach Ray Tanner.  We attended the same high school and we also both received an award given at that school to honor the best all around senior athlete for four years of athletic excellence.  Of course Tanner also coached at NC State before he went to Columbia so all bets are off.


6 Responses to The Real Carolina

  1. Dan says:

    I’ll add only this. The only phrase that I know of that everyone associates with S. Carolina is “cocks,” and boy is that a fitting moniker.

  2. David W says:

    ESPN always dubs lesser carolina SCAR in the scorign box during brodcasts. One of the few times I will agree with ESPN on something. Lesser carolina should stick with SCAR so they do not have to get themselves all bent out of shape being compared to the real Carolina and the real USC. Lesser carolina could not even name themselves Columbia because that same is already in use by the real Columbia.

  3. politicalopinion says:

    While Chapel Hill was founded in 1789, the claim that it is the oldest public university in the is somewhat in dispute. The College of William & Mary was founded in 1693 by orders of the Crown and while it was initially a private university its administrative powers were eventually taken over by the Commonwealth of Virginia and is now considered a state school. So, while William & Mary is older than UNC by a hundred years, Chapel Hill has probably been a “public” university a longer period of time.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think the claim is based on the fact UNC was established as a public univ and has been so ever since. At any rate we were here before South Carolina in Columbia.

  5. Dan says:

    The biggest dispute apparently is between UNC and Georgia, which was chartered before UNC as a public school, but didn’t actually open until several years. I got an earful about that on my college visit to Athens, Ga., in 2001. (Hey, I needed a fallback in case UNC didn’t take me since I was out-of-state).

  6. w says:

    very sad that it has come to this but north carolina sits between two great puffed up states that have always thought they were better than us…

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