CWS: #2 Rice 14 #3 UNC 4

Well that did not go well now did it?

Rice has some red hot bats. They scored 15 on Louisville in their first game and posted 14 on the Heels tonight. Now UNC faces a tough task having been saddled with a loss and will play Louisville on Tuesday in an elimination game. Assuming they survive they would have to beat Rice back-to-back in order to get a ticket to the title series. Granted this is a difficult position to be in but this Tar Heel team is extremely resilient as evidenced by so many rallies to win games thus far in the tournament.

One Response to CWS: #2 Rice 14 #3 UNC 4

  1. Dean Forever says:

    I must say, this UNC team has been fun to watch. I’ve followed them closely over the past several weeks, and I’ve witnessed a team that is both young and hungry. All of the experience that has been obtained this year will no-doubt benefit the team next year. Rice looks awful tough.

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